Ishqbaaz 1st November 2021: New Atinka Tv Telenovela


Ishqbaaz 1st November 2021 episode 1 started with started with Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra doing maha aarti.The family stood behind and looked on. A man came there and burns himself. The brothers turned to that side and saw that. They rushed to save the man. Shivaye did not let his brothers come ahead, and went to blow off the fire, but the guards stopped him too.

Eight hours before, a girl called Pinku practiced to tell about Oberoi empire’s 50th anniversary and her Dada ji Late Prithviraj Oberoi’s birthday. Dadi asked her why can’t she say this infront of the press.

The girl said I become nervous for everything, and have to take medicines. Dadi said we all have weaknesses, so Lord the made us in pairing, when I met your Dada ji at first.

I was flying a kite, and he was also flying a kite, we both tangled the kites, the next day he came to my house gate by following me, I told him that my Bau ji is an angry types, think of this gate as a danger sign, the next day, he came inside the gate, and said I am Ishqbaaz.

The girl kissed Dadi and asked what happened then. Dadi said love teaches life, but both partners should be equal, I wish you also get a nice life partner, and your brothers too. The girl hugged her and asked will you make Dada ji’s favorite sweet and make a video diary for him? Dadi said it’s 30 years now that he left us.

Dadi recorded a diary and said our elder son Tej is the richest man in the country, but you said one who has just money is the poorest man.

Tej Oberoi was shown, with numerous bodyguards. He entered the mansion. The manager said its good, you came before the minister.

Tej said ministers wait for king, king don’t wait for ministers. Dadi told her about her younger son Shakti, who believed in Dharm and Karm.

Shakti did charity and greeted the pandit. Pandit blessed him. Shakti said I have much money, and I pray for my family’s peace, I have been running away since some years. Tej came there and the pandit left.

Tej asked Shakti to forget that matter now. Shakti said we can forget it, but not those who have gone through all that. They stood facing the other sides. Dadi said both bahus are also too much, they went to get flowers for aarti.

One of the bahu Pinky poured water on herself and said mummy ji is too much to send me to get lotus. She asked her maid to get the flowers from the water.

Another bahu walked there drinking wine and said bravo Pinky, such drama in getting puja flowers. Pinky asked her to check her out first, you are drinking on maha aarti day. They both had an argument.

Dadi/Kalyani said when bad happens in life, there is something good too, our grandsons, you would have told me to directly have grandchildren, than sons. She told them about Shivaye.

Shivaye reached the temple. A girl Alka danced there with the kids and looked cheerful. Shivaye did not see her and left.

He rang the temple bell and told the pandit that there should be nothing less in puja and he prayed. The guard stopped Alka saying the VIP is inside. She called Shivaye and asked him why is he showing attitude. She asked the pandit how can anyone break line and go.

Pandit told her about big names and world bows down to such rich people. He asked her to go and do rehearsals with the kids. She said you pray to Ganpati, can you tell me his surname, no one knows his surname, why is the family name so important. Shivaye heard her.

She called him again and asked him does he not care, answer, why did he break the line. Shivaye opened his eyes and went to her. He hit her face with money bundle and said the thing I can pay a price for, I break it. he asked her to distribute sweets and left. She looked on stunned.

Tej called his wife and asked her to call her son if she comes to senses, everyone knows the one who does maha aarti will become the heir. His wife asked him to call Omkara himself.

Pinky said they want to make Omkara the heir, Shivaye is my son, he is the elder, he will become the heir, where is he.

Alka came to Shivaye and she broke the car front mirror with a bat. He became shocked. She hit his face with the money bundle, and says the thing I can pay for, I also break it and she walked away smiling. Shivaye threw the money and got angry seeing her.

Shivaye got a call from Pinky. She asked him where is he, reach here before maha aarti. She said you are the eldest son of this house. He angrily threw and broke his mobile phone.

Dadi told about her second grandson Omkara, he became an artist, the statues he makes are sold in crores. Omkara was somewhere in an isolated place and made a Ganesh idol.

Tej called him and asked where are you, I told you clearly that you have to reach in maha aarti before your brothers, I want the media to see the heir of Oberoi group. Omkara and Tej argued. Tej said, you can’t change truth that you are my son, stop the nonsense and come soon.

Pinky told Shakti that Tej is planning to make Omkara the heir. Tej told his wife that he called Omkara. Pinky said I called Shivaye and asked him to come alone, before his brothers. Dadi recorded it and became sad. She said your sons are making their sons run as horses run in race.

A girl wearing a short dress asked Pinky about Rudra. Pinky scolded her. Dadi told about Rudra, who is ahead of Dada ji, he never stopped when he was asked not to run after girls. Rudra was shown dancing with some girls in a club.

Rudra got a call from his sister Pinku. She asked where are you, I called Shivaye, he is unreachable, get Shivaye and Om. He asked her to calm down, be strong. Tej said I hope Omkara comes first. Pinky wished Shivaye came first, so that the world knows Oberoi’s heir.

They heard some sound and saw a boat coming. Pinky smiled seeing Shivaye. Omkara and Rudra were along Shivaye. Dadi smiled seeing them united. Dadi said your grandsons have come, are you seeing this.

I wish that they always stay like this, they get love in their life, Ishqbaazi should be equal. Rudra, Omkara and Shivaye reached together. Media took their pics.

Omkara and Rudra showed the video to Dadi, about Alka slapping money on Shivaye’s face and thinking of meeting her. Alka came across Shivaye there in the birthday function. Rudra said real fun will start now.


The Episode started with Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra reaching there together. The media took their pics. Rudra told Shivaye that I tried calling you. Omkara asked did you break the phone again. Shivaye recalled Anika breaking his car. He said I was angry on the phone.

Brothers say phone number 78. Rudra asked them why do they beat others when they trouble him, and then they also trouble him. Omkara and Shivaye hold him and say we are brothers, whatever it is, just we will trouble you. They say we are Oberoi and showed brotherly concern and they hugged.

Dadi smiled seeing them together. They greeted her and took her blessings. They surprised Dadi by showing Dada ji’s photo. Shivaye said this is grandpa’s birthday gift for you, grandpa you were the best, I wish I could meet you. Rudra joked.

Tej went to Omkara and got angry. Pinky asked Shivaye why did he get Om along. Tej told Om that you should have come alone, it’s a race. Om said it’s a journey and hands can’t be left out.

Pinky said I did not ask you to leave their hands, no don’t leave your right, you are the heir. Shakti asked Pinky that this family is his dream, don’t try to break it.

Pinky said it’s 15000 crores note for me. Shivaye said I don’t care for dreams or notes, I care for the bond with my brothers, stay away. Pinky asked him to understand. Tej asked Jhanvi why does Om not understand us. She said let him be, he is an artist, he stood on his feet.

Tej taunted her on her stumbling feet, and asked did you find the truth bitter, but I thought you like bitter things, you are nothing but an irresponsible drunk.

Om shouted Mr. Oberoi, I will come into maha aarti when you apologize to my mum. Tej apologized to Jhanvi and Om left. Dadi saw her sons and bahus standing away.

Rudra greeted a girl, and other girl called him. He got stuck. The other girl hugged Rudra and asked why did you wave to Seema. Rudra said she is Chipku types, I told her you are such a cheap girl, who self invited yourself into the function.

He talked aloud and Seema thinks he is scolding that other girl. He went to Seema and hugged her, saying I told her I am not interested in you.

The other girl thinks Rudra is scolding Seema now. Rudra sent Seema and went to the other girl. Both the girls made Saturday plans, so Rudra scheduled one meet on Sunday.

Anika talked on the phone and was sad as she did not have any surname. Her slipper broke. Sethi uncle asked her how is she. She said I am fine, where do I take the order.

He said Oberoi estate. She said superstars come there, you should have told me before, shall I go like this with bears, look at my eyebrows, even scooty stopped, don’t worry, everything will be perfect.

Pinky got the lotus flowers from the ghat and told Dadi that she got flowers by hardwrok. Jhanvi looked on. She caught Pinky’s maid Guggi and asked how did your clothes get drenched, did you enter into the water.

Dadi looked on and told Pinky that you should not lie to whom you trust, the liars are not trusted. She told Jhanvi that bahus should cover up house’s mistakes.

A guard called Rudra and said I have to show a video to you. Rudra reacted dramatic. The guard asked him to see it once. Rudra saw Anika breaking Shivaye’s car and recalled Shivaye’s words. He said so she is your driver.

Pinky said I did mistake, and told Jhanvi that your Sautan is coming. Jhanvi scolded Pinky and left. Rudra showed the video to Om and Dadi. Om said it’s the first time a girl made Shivaye quiet.

A lady talked to Jhanvi about her new venture. Jhanvi saw her Sautan going to Tej, and said there is nothing that is mine in this house. Tej talked to his GF about some business problem.

Shakti came and asked Tej till when will we hide the truth, it’s time to reap what we have sown. Tej said thanks, you knew this right, come with me. He dragged Shakti away and showed him the guests.

Shakti said they are India’s biggest businessmen, they are rich and.. Tej said they talked to their conscious every morning and ask them to shut up, remember this, just keep your conscious shut.

Dadi asked who is this girl. Om said whoever it is, she is equal to Shivaye. Rudra said she won’t be coming here. Anika reached there and her slipper broke again. She removed her helmet. Rudra checked her and widens his eyes to confirm if its really her.

He told Dadi that Lord would have heard any prayer today, and asked Dadi to look at Anika and Shivam coming from either ways. Shivaye and Anika saw each other and stopped.

Shivaye recalled how she broke his car. Dadi worried. Rudra said real drama is going to start now, why did they get mute, they are not talking. Om said sometimes silence speaks. Dadi asked Om to stop Moghal e azam dialogue and look there.

Rudra said I am just a lady killer for namesake, but Shivaye will really become lady killer by shooting her. Om said Dadi, you don’t think Shivaye will make the girl leave.

Rudra bets with them. Om said lets see who knows Shivaye better. Rudra said come on, and waited for Rudra to get angry. Rudra walked away. They became surprised. Tej told his girlfriend that Ashok won’t be quiet, find out where is he and she left.

A man told someone that work will be done, I will pour kerosene on myself and try to burn myself, the lighter will not burn, there will be just smoke, Oberoi will get a shock in maha aarti. Shivaye was on a call. Anika was also on a call and talked aloud.

Shivaye became disturbed. Shivaye tried telling her that this isn’t a market.
and they collided. She said people don’t see while talking on the phone and just walk. The man asked Shivaye about the curd, Shivaye fired him and he left.

A man came into maha aarti, and burnt himself. Everyone became shocked seeing him.


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