Ishqbaaz 2nd November 2021: New Atinka Tv Telenovela


Ishqbaaz 2nd November 2021 Episode started with Rudra asking why is Shivaye not making this girl leave. Dadi said it’s his weakness. He called Shivaye and said Dadi is saying she knows our weakness, does she have xray. Om said experience. Shivaye said weakness and me?

Dadi said yes, Shivaye’s weakness is to be proud of family, he did not fight with that girl, as hatred is also a relation, Shivaye has enmity by first checking the person’s family background.

Anika met Pinku and asked about the party, they would be lying to be rich, there is no superstar here. She asked Pinku how do you know them. Pinku said this is my family and my house’s puja. Anika said it means he is your brother.

Omkara and Rudra told her about Shivaye and Anika, they hated chemistry. Shivaye said it won’t happen. Dadi said love has process to break control, love vehicle doesn’t see red signal. Rudra said when Dadi was daring, we will also be Ishqbaaz.

Shivaye said why is Shivaye’s aarti happening, tell Omkara’s weakness. Om said I am independent, I am artist, I believe in truth, there is no strength than truth.

Dadi said there is no weakness than truth, my dad has a gold factory, gold doesn’t shape without mixing, life needs some lie mixed with truth. Om said I can’t lie. She said your life partner will add lies. Rudra said I have everything and Maa too, what’s my weakness.

Dadi said your weakness is you don’t see anything, why do you run after girls, what do you see in them. Rudra said how can I tell you what I see. She asked him to see the goodness. He said paratha eating girl can’t come into my life. She said you all won’t know when love will enter into your life.

Pinku/Priyanka introduced Anika to Dadi. Dadi recalled the video. Priyanka praised Anika and said she has much esteem, she does three jobs. Dadi said your parents raised you well with good values. Anika became emotional seeing Dadi loving Priyanka and said Priyanka is lucky to get such a loving family.

The Minister came to meet Tej and indirectly taunted for doing favor for him. Tej got miffed. His Girlfriend calmed him. Rudra said this girl is brave and asked Om to come. He called her brave. She said it’s nothing like that, you can do this too, and assumed he is talking about making rotis.

He said I can’t, how did you do this. She said you will get habitual if done daily, it’s my profession. They recalled the video and asked what, are you not scared. They saw Shivaye. Anika said no. Rudra asked do you do this yourself.

She said yes, then shall I keep assistance, once I get belan, I don’t see anyone, have this from my hand, you will have fun. Rudra said no thanks, and they left.

Pandit told Tej about giving food, clothes and money as Dakshina before maha aarti. Tej did a big charity. He threw gold coins. Everyone picked it. The Minister too picked the coins. Tej threw more. He asked his girlfriend to see carefully, who is bending infront of whom.

His secretary/GF was called Tej’s wife by some guest. She cleared out that she is Tej’s secretary. Jhanvi looked on. They had an argument. Lady asked Jhanvi about Tej’s car obsession. Jhanvi taunted the secretary for just being Tej’s toy, he dumped her in few days. His secretary went to him and sticked and Jhanvi became sad.

Pandit said like I said the one who does maha aarti will be the hair, who will do it, Shivaye or Omkara. Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra come together. Om Shanti Dadi smiled seeing them. Pinky and Tej worried. The media stopped Priyanka and asked who will do maha aarti, tell me. She became nervous. Anika saw this and helped her.

Pinky asked Shivaye to do maha aarti. Tej asked Omkara to go ahead, come on. Anika consoled Priyanka and said why is the media dying to know who will do maha aarti.

Priyanka said the world wants to know the business heir of our family, even small thing gets into the media, all three brothers stay together, whoever does maha aarti will become the heir, our house will break today.

Anika pacified her. Dadi came and asked what happened. Anika said don’t worry, Priyanka is fine, media went after her.

Pandit said aarti time is passing, who will do aarti. The brothers looked on. Shivaye went ahead and his mum smiled. Tej said I told Omkara to do maha aarti alone, but he doesn’t listen.

Shivaye forwarded his hands to Omkara and Rudra. The brothers smiled and held hands. Shakti, Jhanvi and Dadi smiled. Pinky hits her head. Dadi said my grandsons are united.

The brothers held the aarti diya together, and did the maha aarti united. Everyone smiled. Dadi wished they always stay united. Tej’s girlfriend informed him about Ashok/man present here.

A man came there with a kerosene container. He called out Tej and poured the kerosene on himself. The brothers continued doing aarti, as they didn’t see that man.

Everyone at the party became shocked seeing the man lighting himself. The man used the lighter and got shocked seeing the flame, instead dull spark as per his plan. He dropped the lighter and caugt fire. Shivaye, Om and Rudra turn and became shocked seeing the man burning.

Omkara said it’s a big news that the man died in the aarti function at our house, yet it’s nowhere in any newspaper, it’s just coverup which our family does.

Shivaye said it’s about business, it’s done right, as that man’s death was a scheme against us. Omkara said you sound like our parents. Anika’s Maasi insulted her and pushed Anika’s little brother. Anika shouted and held Maasi by her neck. The lady constable held Anika.


The brothers hold the aarti diya together, and did the maha aarti united.Everyone smiled. Dadi wished they always stay united. Tej’s girlfriend informed him about Ashok presence there. Ashok called out Tej Oberoi. Ashok came there with a kerosene container.

He called out Tej and poured the kerosene on himself. The brothers continued doing aarti, as they didn’t see the man. Everyone at the party became shocked seeing the man lighting himself.

Ashok used the lighter and was shocked seeing the flame, instead of dull spark as per his plan. He dropped the lighter and caught fire. Shivaye, Om and Rudra turned and became shocked seeing the man burning. Everyone rushed to see. Shivaye, Om and Rudra run to save Ashok.

Shivaye stopped his brothers and pushed them away. The guards held Rudra and Om. Shivaye runsl ahead and tried to blow off the fire. The fire caught Shivaye’s hand.

Tej stopped Shakti. The guard held Shivaye away. The media took pictures of Ashok getting burnt. The moment was shocking for everyone witnessing it. Shivaye looked at the fire.

Later, Tej asked Shwethlana to use her contacts in the press, but this news should not go out of here and she left. Shivaye sat with Dadi. Dadi saw his hand and asked him how is his hand.

Shivaye said it’s fine. She said our first factory also caught fire, the material was inside, the men went to save the material, your Dada ji stopped them, the men asked is the material not of value to you, your Dada ji said….

Shivaye said he said value is of humans, material can be made anytime. She said a man got burnt here on his birthday. He said as long as I am here, this family’s name will not get erased. She said I am not worried for the name.

I am worried for this family, the family is bigger than the name, it’s said that flowers is affected by soil, children are like parents, promise me that you won’t become like your parents, this time flower will fall very far from the tree, you promise your brothers will always stay united.

Oberoi family should be remembered by you three, not that burning man. She cried. Shivaye promised that Omkara, Rudra and I won’t become like thier parents, whatever happens, we three brothers will never get separated, we will always stay united and he hugged Dadi.

It’s morning, Tej told Shakti to stop the water supply, farmers will leave the land on their own. Shakti asked what about the farmers then. Tej said your problem is that you want money and ethics both.

but money and ethics don’t stay together, remember you chose money when it came to choose between money and ethics, we are not different, you also want what I want, I lie to the world, you lie to yourself, we are equal in everything. Dadi looked on.

Om asked Shivaye how did this big news disappear, no newspaper printed this news, just our family can do this coverup. He said if that news came, our family would have lost it name. Om asked are you protecting our family. Shivaye said I am protecting our lineage, people will try to sabotage us, that man’s death was a setup to defame us.

Om said you are talking like our parents. Shivaye said I am talking like an Oberoi. Om said I wish you were just Shivaye, not an Oberoi. Shivaye said there is nothing important than name. They argued over the incident. Rudra came and stopped them.

Pinky and Jhanvi came arguing. Dadi asked them to go, as she has to talk to her sons. Pinky said I am your Dharm Karam good bahu. Dadi asked both of them to leave. Rudra said I need to ask you something, just tell me the truth. Shivaye asked what happened. Rudra asked about his weight gain.

Shivaye and Om smiled. Rudra said it’s a cheat day of my diet, what are we cooking today. Shivaye said I will cook. Om asked how will you cook with this hand. Shivaye said I can do anything if I decide. Om and Rudra teased him. Shivaye pulled Rudra’s ear.

Dadi said a man got burnt and died in our house yesterday, are you both involved in it. Tej said ofcourse not, how can you think so. Shakti said no. Dadi said this is Ramayan, it’s my belief, swear by keeping hand on this. Tej said I don’t believe all this.

He kept his hand on Ramayan and said I am not involved in that incident. Shakti kept his hand on Ramayan and said the same. Dadi smiled and said I knew my values are not so weak that my sons lie to me by keeping hand on Ramayan and she left.

Anika helped a little kid Sahil and asked why do you walk without support. Sahil said I don’t like anyone calling me handicapped. She hugged him and lifted him to take him home. She saw the police constables with her greedy evil Bua ji. Bua said she is Anika, it’s good I knew on time, else she would have taken my brother’s only child Sahil.

Anika asked what are you saying. Bua said Anika is doing black magic on Sahil. Anika said she is lying. Bua said I belong to a good family, you are calling me a liar, you don’t have a mum and a dad, you are an orphan.

Sahil became angry. Bua said your sister has some bad blood in her veins and pushed Sahil. Anika got angry and held Bua’s neck. Theady Constable pushed Anika and held her neck by the stick.

Shivaye, Om and Rudra smiled and went to the kitchen. They wore the chef’s caps and started cooking together. They danced and enjoyed while cooking. The lady constable scolded Anika and asked her to lower her eyes. She hurts Anika by pressing the stick at her neck.

She asked where will you run, thank your Bua to give you roof here, if she kicks you out, you will be sold in two days. Bua said Anika was brought from the orphanage, just tell her to stay here calm, I don’t have problem if she stays here. The lady constable said look at her big heart, if you do anything, I won’t leave you.

Anika held her neck and sat. Sahil run to her and cried, asking her to go away, don’t worry for me. Anika cried and said I will surely go, but I will take you along whenever I go. She hugged Sahil. Bua talked to the lady constable andAnika cried.

Shivaye said every relation is a deal, love is nonsense. Om said I really hope you fall in true love. Shivaye applied the car breaks seeing a girl sitting in the middle of the road. He saw Anika and said you. They both started arguing.


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