Ishqbaaz Final Episode 6 May 2023 Update On Satuday

Shivaansh remembers what Shivaye said. He shuts his eyes when he sees Sahil moving. FB shows Shivaansh sees Sahil close to the frozen yogurt slow down. Sahil tells Pramod that he will give him a lot of money and handle everything if he shoots Shivaye and kills him. Pramod sets out to film. Frozen yogurt seller sees him pointing the firearm and runs.

Shivaye looks around and sees PK. He says PK, put the firearm down. Shoot him with PK, Sahil yells. Pramod moves aside and states that I cannot. Shivaye remarks to Sahil, “Sahil you.” His heart is shot at by Sahil. Shivaye backs up. Shivaansh yells at Papa and weeps. FB ends. According to Shivaansh, Sahil killed dad.

Sahil inquires as to for what reason do you want cash, he is alive. The shooter declares, “I will take payment in advance, I will shoot him in the head this time, he will die on the spot.” Sahil agrees. Shivaansh yells at Mannat when he sees her standing over the pole platform with a noose around her neck.

He checks and says, “My account is blocked. How can this happen? It means Shivaansh.” Sahil inquires, “I was waiting, come.” He drops the bolster and strolls easily. Shivaansh asks him to leave Mannat after being shocked. Sahil requests that these papers be signed. Shivaansh inquires about it. Sahil claims that you are transferring everything to me, including your business and property papers.
Shivaansh claims that you were motivated by money when you destroyed your sister’s home, killed her husband, and killed my father.

Sahil asserts, “I’m smart; I killed your father and Mannat’s father went to jail,” and “if I can kill my sister’s husband, it’s easy for me to kill your wife.” Shivaansh says never, I won’t ever give my father’s hardwork to his killer. Sahil claims that I have set up a bomb in this house, and that even if you save her, you won’t be able to save the others; if I press this button, they will die. He asks Shivaansh to sign while pointing a gun at him. Shivaansh signs the papers and tears them up. Sahil asks you what you’re doing and whether you’re mad or trying to be smart. Shivaansh tells him to shoot him because Shivaye gave him a place in this house and said, “Why did you do this?” Shivaansh:

“You killed my dad on this day. I want answers from you.” Sahil replies, “Yes, I killed Shivaye because I wanted to exact revenge for my insult; your father sent me to jail; Anika slapped me because of him; I needed his permission for anything; I was a beggar here; that coward couldn’t do this; I had to kill your father.” I believe that history will repeat itself today.

Shivaansh takes the gun from him and tells him that this time, history won’t repeat itself, my dad will get justice, and the person who killed him will be punished. According to Sahil, I will blow up the entire house. Shivaansh fires into the rope. Mannat tumbles down. He exclaims, “You killed my dad, cheated me, got Varun here, ruined Radhika’s life, blackmailed Mannat, and forced her to marry me,” as he fires in the air. Sahil says your projectiles are finished, you will not get saved from this bomb. Shivaansh promises to blow up the bomb for you. Families accompany the police.

ACP claims that you were threatening with this bomb; we quickly located and defused it, and Shivaansh helped us locate Shivaye’s killer. Facebook shows that Shivaansh froze Sahil’s bank account and told ACP that Pramod is innocent, and that Sahil killed Shivaye. He requests that her assist with causing Sahil to admit the wrongdoing. FB ends. Sahil is teased by Nani. Sahil is taken away.

Shivaansh says, “Sorry, I misunderstood you.” Shivaansh asks why you confessed to a crime you didn’t commit. Pramod asserts that I lied in order to ensure that nobody hurts my daughter because I was unable to bring happiness to her. Mannat gives Pramod a hug and weeps. Let go, she tells me. Shivaansh inquires about your destination. She refers to my home. He claims that this is your house.

She says no because it’s your house. He says disarray is clear, what’s the issue now. She inquires, “Can you guarantee that you will not again suspect me or oust me?” He apologizes, saying that I should have believed you because of my behavior. She claims that I met my father after many years, but I still trusted you. He apologizes profusely and advises not to leave the house. She says you change more quickly than the seasons, so we can’t be together.

He asserts that regardless of the season, I will remain the same; he requests that you allow him some time to demonstrate this. Mannat is summoned by Khanna. She queries why you brought me here. Khanna requests that she see it herself. He exits. It begins to rain. She partakes in the downpours and grins. Tanha sa kuch… .plays… It begins snowing. Occasional changes are shown. Tree limbs lose their leaves. She plays with the butterflies. Jaanejaan…plays….

Shivaansh says you have every one of the four seasons now. She looks at him. He says that Shivaansh and Mannat’s union is like the union of all four seasons—it sounds impossible, but I made it possible only for you. You want to leave me because you think I change faster than the seasons; how can I explain that I feel like all the seasons are the same without you? I don’t like any season, and the monsoon doesn’t please me. As the seasons change, he takes each step.

He claims that I don’t like the cold in the winter, that the leaves and flowers of autumn don’t seem to have any scent, and that spring doesn’t make me happy. He approaches her and asks, “Do you know why?” He says, “Because you are my seasons. Since you have come into my life, there have only been problems. You hit me with a stone, you dropped noodles on my hair, and the chocolate ice cream in my shoes. Even then, I didn’t wish you to go from here.” He walks over to her and says, “Do you know why?”

She wonders why. He says that you are my Mannat, that I have become accustomed to you, that I exist if you are with me, and that if you are not with me, I will be nothing. She advises saying more. Despite the fact that I am a romantic film hero, he claims that I will not go down on my knees and propose in that manner. He goes kneeling down. He asserts that I have not brought a ring, that I will not hold your ring, and that I will not place this ring on your finger. He puts the ring on her and holds her hand.

Tanha sa kuch… .plays… . Mannat, please do not faint, he declares, “I will not look into your eyes and say that I love you.” He holds her and she faints. She asserts that I do not wish for you to awaken me from this dream. He asks when our love story will begin and how the dream will be realized if you don’t wake up. She stands and gives him a hug.

He inquires, “Did you say something? I didn’t hear you say anything; you should say something.” She asserts that you are speaking as if you are unaware that I love you. When I first met you, I fainted, and when I would meet you again, I would imagine balloons and hear music—that was love. He says OK however that should be love of a fan, not of a spouse. She inquires about wifely love. He inquires whether I should explain that, okay? Jaanejaan…plays…. He kisses her.

Mannat and Shivaansh visit everyone. Everyone applauds. Let’s take a picture, Shivaansh says. Shivaye, Anika, Gauri, Omkara, Rudra, and Bhavya are all depicted in his image. Moments from past seasons are shown. Shivaansh sees happiness in his family. He thinks thanks father for showing me the correct way.

I guarantee that the manner in which you have integrated the family by adoration, I won’t let this family isolated, similar to you and mother set an illustration of affection, Mannat and I will carry on with that way all life, we will be Ishqbaaz, we are the ones who sing the songs of our souls, who train love to cherish, we are those Ishqbaaz. He waves to Shivaye when he sees him smiling. Everybody gets pictures taken. Ishqbaaz Forever is chanted by everyone.


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