Ishqbaaz Friday, 12 November 2021 On Atinka Tv: Episode 18-19


Ishqbaaz Friday, 12 November 2021 Episode started with Tej saying you would be hungry Rudra, you won’t get good food in jail. Pinky went to Jhanvi and was shocked seeing her unconscious. Tej said good news travel fast and bad news travels faster, I know Shivaye has gotten Om and Rudra out of jail, did you guys think I won’t get this news. Shivaye said it was a small thing, come join us for lunch. Tej said no, anyone would say Tej Oberoi is dining with two thieves. Rudra signalled Om and he argued with Tej. Shivaye said food will be made soon. Rudra cracked a joke and laughed. Tej asked what’s the joke. Shivaye said food will be ready in 2mins, don’t be angry, have food.

Dadi, Pinky, Priyanka cried and tried to wake Jhanvi up. They saw the breaking news. Tej talked to Shivaye about the business. Om asked them can’t we stop taking interest in business for some time. Shivaye nodded. Tej asked Om can he take interest in business for some time. Shivaye served food to Tej. Tej liked it. they were surprised. Rudra asked Shivaye to pinch him and he pinched him. Rudra said it’s not a dream, dad really complimented you. Tej said you all feel I can’t compliment anyone, I am some monster, maybe you all said no, I did not hear. Rudra said we did not say anything. Om said but our silence gave the answer and Shivaye coughed. Tej started laughing. Rudra said Papa and hugged him.

Dadi rubbed Jhanvi’s hands and shouted Shivaye. They all heard Dadi and rushed. Jhanvi became conscious. They all saw the breaking news and were shocked. Tej said this video is fake, it’s was morphed, it’s the enemy’s plan. Roop said how did this video come, now Jhanvi will finish many bottles.

Shakti asked Tej do you know how we will get defamed by this video, we will have to bear this punishment for your mistake. Pinky asked what about my son’s marriage, if Tia’s mum sees this news, she will doubt you will sit Shivaye rather in mandap. Tej said shut up, this is not true, do you all think I am such a fallen man. Jhanvi said we don’t think, we know it, you are such a creep. Tej asked are you mad. She held his collar and said what can we expect from you. He raised his hand on her and stopped and they all cried. Shivaye said enough, what are you all doing. Tej said don’t ask me, ask Jhanvi, control her, not me. Shivaye said okay, stop it, all of you.

The Canteen lady’s son asked her how long will Anika stay here. Lady said don’t know, till she finds a place. Anika and Sahil heard them. The boy said my exams are close and this house is small for us. Sahil asked Anika what will they do now, Bua made us leave and we are homeless.

Shivaye asked did you all think of Om, he was shattered, I made him well, if this happens again, I can’t help him. He asked where is Om and rushed. Roop smiled. Shivaye and Rudra tried to find Om. Shivaye said I will check if Om has pills, he would be disturbed. Rudra went and shouted Bhaiya. Shivaye rushed and they saw Om lying in the pool and they became shocked. Shivaye shouted Om and went to him, Rudra still stood in shock.

Anika and Sahil came back to Bua’s house. Bua asked her did she enjoy with Shivaye, why did she come back, you said big things, what happened now. Anika said I understood lately, that this house is legally for Sahil’. Sahil said we are the owners of this house. Anika asked Bua not to say anything to Sahil, else I will call the police and she took Sahil to the room.

Shivaye hits the reporter and asked how dare you air this news on your channel, who gave you this news. The man said a girl came and gave us that chip, she asked for a big amount for this news. Shivaye recalled Anika’s conversation. He went to Anika’s house and she was shocked seeing him.

He angrily held her against the wall and asked what’s your price. She said Shivaye Singh Oberoi, things to be sold has a price, I am not for sale and he argued with her. She said, I had doubt before and now I am sure you are mad. He asked for how much did you sell that chip. She said I sell puri chole, not potato chips. He said last chance, answer me. She said I did not sell anything, I gave you that chip.

He asked do you realize what happened with me because of you. She said I just know nothing happened because of me, are you leaving or shall I remove my slipper and she pushed him. He stopped and walked to her. He held her hand and twisted it. She was hurt and looked at him. She bit his hand and said, I think you did not fly kites in your childhood, else you would know hand gets hurt when you touch sharp thread. He said I know, but it’s necessary to touch thread to break it. She said it’s not easy to break me. He said I don’t like things done easier, it’s fun to break tough things.

Everyone sat around Om and cried. Jhanvi said if anything happened to you Omkara, I would have shattered. Roop said I would have died if anything happened to Om. Pinky asked are you mad. Dadi stopped them. Shakti asked the doctor do we need to take Om to the hospital. The Doctor said no, you are all lucky as things did not get worse, it was a close fall. Tej looked at Om. Om looked at Tej and closed his eyes and Tej left. Pinky said Tej did not say anything today, what a reaction, strange. Dadi starred at Pinky. Om asked Dadi where is Shivaye. He signalled Rudra and asked. Rudra signalled i don’t know.

Anika asked Shivaye could he not keep the chip fine, you dropped it in police the station, the inspector gave it to me and I threw it away, you were dying for it, so I went to the station. He said it’s all your plan. She asked why will I do this. He said why you all do this, you are a gold digger. She asked jewelery? He said gold digger means one who can fall to any extent for money. She asked him to get out but he walked to her. She asked him not to get close and took a glass. He took the glass from her hand and threw it away. He crushed the glass and said just the glass broke today, your breaking and shattering is yet to happen.

Shivaye said everyone is sold in the world, I will buy your honesty and your attitude at a cheap rate, first I will own you and then I will throw you.


The Episode started with Shivaye introducing himself. Bua said Anika, he is a very big man. Anika asked why, does he wear number 11 shoe, this is my brother’s house and I won’t allow anyone here. A neighbors said, this is a good people’s locality, he can’t come here like this. Anika asked will you go now, think again before putting on sale tag on any middle class girl, not everyone rich is ill mannered like you, and not all poor people are on sale, my hardwork, self esteem, honesty and I am not for sale. Shivaye said all these are on sale in the world, your hardwork, honest and self esteem, and you, I will buy all this at alow rate, you will know your price, first I will buy you and then I will throw you and he left.

Tej asked how dare you …. Shwetlana asked what do you mean. He said don’t act innocent, did you not give that tape to the media. She asked do you think I will backstab you. He said the one who is close does the cheat. She said the world is making joke on me, we both are victim, someone is trying to defame us. She cried and said I know it happened wrong, but the matter is true, you were going to divorce Jhanvi, now the world knows this, what’s the big deal. He said the big deal is my son was going to take his life, for me my son is very important, I know I could not become a good father and a good son, but I love him. She said I even love Omkara too, I will die before cheating you. He said I will find out who did this, if you have anything to do with this, you will watch it and he left. She said I gave this chip to Meera, and she is out of Indian, who gave this to the media then. Someone came to meet her. She asked you…..

Anika picked the glass pieces and recalled Shivaye’s words. She got hurt and cried. Shivaye was at his house. Dadi asked where were you. He asked is Om fine. She said yes, he is resting in his room. He said Om will be fine, I amm here. She said I know, everything will be fine as you are here and he hugged Dadi.

Shwetlana asked what are you doing here. Roop smiled and said you are my would be Parjai, our trick worked, we should have sweets. Shwetlana said Tej is angry today. Roop said you know what to do. Shwetlana asked will I do everything. Roop said I did a lot till now, I provoked Ashok’s wife to attack Shivaye, I saved Shivaye to show the family, I leaked the video to the media and then there was a blast in that family. Shwetlana said your entry happened because of me, I broke the security so that you can reach anywhere, I made you reach Oberoi family, now you have to make sure I take Jhanvi’s place. Roop promised and they smiled.

Shivaye went to see Om and cried. He covered him and was about to leave. Om woke up and asked are you so annoyed that you won’t see me. Shivaye said you would have not done this if you thought about us. Omkara said listen to me brother. Shivaye asked him not to call him brother, else he would have thought once, do anything Om, I don’t care and he left. Rudra looked on.

Shivaye went to cook, and Om helped him. Shivaye refused to take his help, and Om kept on trying by passing tea ingredients. Shivaye turned. Om hugged him and cried and he apologized. Shivaye said just leave and take him away. He said I will just slap you, how dare you, did I stop you from anything, everything is allowed to you, except one thing, leaving me is not allowed. He cried and slapped Om, then caressed him saying sorry. Om said sorry, I can’t leave you, else I would have died before, I can’t go away from my brothers. They hugged and cried.

Bua asked Anika what affair does she has with Shivaye, I am losing my name in the locality. She scolded Sahil and cleaned her face with the towel given to her by Sahil. Her face turned face and Sahil laughed. Bua saw her face and became angry. She told Anika that this black color will go, but black color on your character will not get off, i can’t bear you here, leave from here. Anika said I should tell you, I am getting a college canteen contract, I just have to sign, if your drama doesn’t end, I won’t give you anything, remember whose house is this. Sahil said we are house owners. Anika said you don’t pay rent, if you have to stay here, keep your manners and Bua left. Anika told Sahil that everything will be fine after she gets the canteen contract. She promised and hugged him.

Om said I broke down seeing my mum in that state, I was much scared and wanted to run, that’s why I took pills to sleep, I did not wish to die, I took the wrong pills by mistake and he cried. Shivaye said you can’t do this, I know life is not easy, there are challenges, we can fall weak, it’s allowed, but we can’t fall lonely, that’s not allowed.

Shivaye said call me, talk to me when there is any problem, I will be there. Rudra said Shivaye breake the the phones most at times, don’t be tensed, talk to me. Shivaye said we are stories of same story, our names are also linked as us, Omkara, Rudra and Shivaye are Lord Shankar’s ansh, if anything happens to you, I can’t live, I know if anything happens to me, you both can’t live, we are one for all, all for one, I love you guys and they hugged.

Om and Shivaye joked on Rudra. Rudra asked Shivaye are our names as Lord Shankar. Shivaye asked why. Rudra said I thought it’s Ajay Devgan’s movies names. Shivaye pats his face.

Shivaye threw water on Anika’s face. She was stunned seeing him.


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