Ishqbaaz Friday, 3 December 2021: Episode 48-49



Ishqbaaz Friday, 3 December 2021 Anika told Dadi that she can come back to work, but she has some conditions. Shivaye asked really. Dadi asked her to say it. Anika said you know I am friendly, I want my working environment to be good, I want that man to greet me with a smile, crack a joke and my day starts happily. Shivaye said you think I will do this. Dadi said he will do it. Anika said Dadi, you know my ideas, I want Shivaye to praise me. Shivaye asked shall I give you both my kidneys. She asked him to stop taking black coffee, that’s why he is so irritated. Flashback, Anika asked Shivaye why did he come. He said I have come to say. She asked what. He said I have found out, you did not leak that chip. She asked why are you saying it to me, I know this. He asked her to listen, and said I checked security lapses, all blames on you were wrong. She smiled and asked him to say what she did not do, so that there is no confusion.

He said you were not wrong with the security incident, you were right in saving Tia, you saved Rudra from the current wire in water, you were right. She became glad and said you are saying you insulted and tortured me, that was totally wrong, right? He said I was saying… she said you say what I will teach you, say you were wrong. He asked her to listen. She said you listen, you were showing attitude to me, I was not wrong, I did not cheat your family and you, so you will apologize to me. He said I came to say, everyone wants you to come back home to work. She said you forgot to say please, when you speak hi fi English. He said just come back. She said you are angry and still asking me to come back to the job. He became angry and said take job, if you want you can leave it, I did my work. She acted like him and joked on his dialogue. She said Shivaye is bending infront of me. He asked why is she smiling. She said because I won.

Dadi came there and said I would have said crore times sorry, you could not say once, I was waiting in the car. She apologized to Anika for doubting and insulting her. Anika asked what are you saying. Dadi said it’s an elders’ responsibility, I am sorry, I request you to come back and help me in Billu’s marriage. Anika looked at Shivaye.

Rudra was angry and said Rumi is a big challenge for me, love angel help me in getting Rumi, then I will show Soumya. Soumya looked on and said he is calling me Sumo wrestler, I will make him cry, get ready for love devil. She went onto the fm and said hello friends, I came back and started the broadcast soon as some restless soul is waiting for my help. Rudra heard her and said it’s me. He called Soumya and stopped before saying his real name. she asked his name. He said my name is Amar. She thinks he is a big fraud to hide his real name and joked. She asked his problem.

Anika told Dadi that she can come back to work, but she has some conditions. Shivaye asked really. Dadi asked her to say it. Anika said you know I am very friendly, I want my working environment to be good, I want that man to greet me with a smile, crack a joke and my day starts happily. Shivaye said you think I will do this. Dadi said he will do it.

Dadi said it’s done, say more. Anika said you know my ideas are great, I want Shivaye to praise me for my ideas next time. Shivaye asked shall I give you both my kidneys. Dadi said he will do, don’t worry. Shivaye said we won’t listen to any other condition, I will get a better wedding planner. Dadi said she is not asking for the sky, it’s just a simple conditions. Shivaye said she rather has to agree to my conditions.

Soumya asked Rudra why did he not discuss the problem with her elder brother. Rudra asked how did you know I have a elder brother. She said your voice looks younger. He said you are smart. She asked his name. He forgets and she thinks he is duffer to forget what name he said. He said Prem. She said you said Amar. He said my name is Amar Prem.

Shivaye and Anika argued. He said many things against her, and said what will a man do, if not anger, will the man love you. She looked at him. Dadi asked are you saying sorry or scolding her. Shivaye said she can enter Oberoi mansion if she doesn’t irritate me. Anika said what’s this condition, shall I not take breath if you say you got irritated, you stop taking black coffee, you get irritated by consuming it. They asked Dadi on whose side is she. Dadi said the fight is over, shall we leave. Shivaye said tell her not to talk to me, and just mind her work.

Anika asked does he have mind or not, she has to ask Shivaye about his wedding costume, and other things. Dadi said she is saying right. Shivaye said she has to agree to my conditions, it’s very important. Anika asked what. Shivaye said tell her this is the last time. Anika asked what. He said this thing. She asked what, throwing water, did you get fear of water, do you bath or just wear suit and Dadi smiled. Shivaye looked at Anika. Anika said I threw intentionally once and later it just happened by mistake. He asked her not to do mistake again and she agreed.

Rudra asked what shall I do to convince the girl. Soumya asked him to advertise. Rudra did one. She said not this, follow her on social media, on road and everywhere, reach her and he liked the idea.

Rudra said I like this. Soumya asked his name. Rudra forgot and thinks what did he say, two words, Vishal Shekhar, Abbas Mustan, no, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, that’s three words, what was that name. He said Shiv Omkara. Soumya said you said Amar Prem. He said I can’t hear you and ended the call. He said now her love advice will help me. She said this will spoil your love life.

Dadi asked Shivaye to come. Shivaye gave Anika her phone, and said it was left at home and their hands touched. She said so we will meet tomorrow, will you greet me. He said good bye and was colliding with the cupboard and left. Soumya told about giving wrong advice to the guy to learn that girls are not objects, I will keep you updated with this story. Ishana heard love angel and got some idea. She said now Ishana’s idea will start.

Soumya said I will play a song while going, stay strong and don’t be losers. Soumya danced with Rudra’s pic. Anika and Ishana also danced at their homes hearing the same song on radio. Ishana said my hawa hawai formula starts. She called Riddhima and told her about a secret visit of princess, you should go there and impress the princess, she can give you donation for good a cause. She called Om and said my landlord is making me leave the house, he is going to meet me, I have to take my ill dad to the hospital, if you could help me.

Om said sure, but I have to meet Riddhima at 11am. Riddhima said I have to meet Om at 11am, but this opportunity is big. Ishana asked Riddhima not to miss this chance and not tell anyone. Riddhima said sure, Mala Om is calling, I will call you back. Om asked Riddhima are we meeting at 11am tomorrow. Riddhima lied to him and said sorry I can’t meet you. Om said no problem, I have work. Riddhima told Mala that she will come at 11am. Om told Bela that he will come and Ishana became glad.

Rudra asked Om and Shivaye to choose a pic, he has to impress Rumi. Soumya chose one and Rudra liked her choice. Soumya said see what happens now, cry baby Oberoi.


Shakti and Tej had a cute brotherly moment. Shivaye said it’s a senior O bro moment, like we have our Oberoi/O bro moments. Tej asked is there anything else apart from saag and Makki ki roti. Shivaye named the dish, and there is a Oberoi family moment. Flashback, Shivaye is cooking and talking to Rudra and Om. They asked him about Anika. Om said I am glad things are fine between you and Anika, what happened there, can you say in detail. Shivaye recalled her, and said can we not talk about her, I have to deal with her again tomorrow. Rudra acted as Anika and Om laughed.

Om gave water to Shivaye and asked him to drink it, he would have gotten mirchi by hearing Rudra’s song. Om and Rudra laughed. Shivaye asked them to taste the exotic saag. Shakti came and said I think Shivaye forgot to add onion into the saag, why are you all looking at me like this. Om said we never saw you in the kitchen. Rudra said I never saw you talking to Shivaye, anyone would not know Shivaye is your son. Shakti said our relation is like every father and son. Rudra said Shivaye looks like Tej’s son, they both talk about big things on the phone, Shivaye looked identical to Tej, they both are rude. Tej heard him. Om and Shivaye looked on. Rudra asked what are you signing, who is behind. He saw Tej and sang, mere handsome Papa. He praised Tej and kissed him. Tej gave a stare and Rudra said sorry.

Shakti smiled. Tej saw them and laughed. They all became surprised. Tej said wow, Sarson ka saag, remember Shakti, when we went to the village with Papa, we had this. Shakti said yes, we had Makki ki roti, lassi. Tej said yes, we fixed your relation there. Shakti said yes, there was jagrata and Bau ji invited Pinky’s family there, everyone was saying Jai Mata di, and one voice was such, Pinky said O my Mata. Tej said don’t know where did those days go.

Shivaye said like our O bro moment, this is senior O bro moment. Rudra said Papa has a heart. Om said it looks like such sometimes. Tej asked them to make him taste Saag. Om forwarded the saag. Rudra asked him to make him feed Tej. Tej took the spoon and said we should not have such expectation that disappoint us. Jhanvi came and asked can’t believe seeing Tej there in the kitchen. Tej talked to her and told her about saag. Rudra asked Tej to feed saag to Jhanvi. Om said Tej’s line. Tej passed the spoon to Jhanvi. She liked the saag. Pinky came and said all men are here in the kitchen, sorry Jeth ji I did not see you, my hair came in between my sight, what are you cooking. Om said Shivaye made saag, just like everyone had in the village at your alliance time. She liked the saag and praised Shivaye. She said Tia is very lucky and they all dined together.

Tej got a call from Shwetlana. Jhanvi saw that and asked him to pick up. Om became upset. Tej disconnected the call and everyone smiled. Tej asked Shivaye will he just serve Sarson ka saag and Makki ki roti, is there any sweets. Shivaye said we have gajar ka halwa. They all laughed and dined like a perfect family and Shivaye smiled.

It’s morning, Sahil drank milk. Anika asked how did you drink one at a go today. Sahil said I have to beat a boy. She said fighting is bad. He said these words don’t suit you, you fight with SSO, that boy was fighting with me and saying rats bit my shoe, my bag is torn, he said my tiffin will fall and dogs will eat my food. She said sorry, I will get all items for you on this Raksha bandhan, don’t fight. He said what will you gift me, brothers give gift. She said who said that, you just protect me. He said I will protect and already did. She hugged him and said I will always protect you and she cried. He said be away and show emotions, my hair get spoiled. She spoiled his hair and smiled.

Shivaye greeted Om. Om asked him to come to the morning walks and showed the sunrise pics. Rudra came there. Om recited the poetry. Shivaye asked Rudra did he not go to the gym. Rudra said I was working all night. Om asked what work. Rudra said I prepared my pics, see me, what a great body. Om said you know we are rich and can afford clothes. Rudra said these are awesome pics. Om said this is awesome and showed the sunrise pics. Shivaye said I will show this awesome pic and showed their stocks rise in the newspaper. Rudra said sunrise and our stock rise happen everyday, tell me which pic will impress Rumi. Om asked how will we know. Soumya came and greeted them and she looked at Rudra.

Om said Soumya, Rudra is selecting a pic to make a girl mad. Shivaye asked Rudra to show the pics to Soumya. Soumya checked the pic and commented on his pics and Rudra argued. Soumya laughed on other pics. She said this pic is perfect, it can work to impress stupid and brainless girls like you, I mean I prefer classy guys who wear clothes. Shivaye said I agree. Soumya said I think this will help you Rudra. Rudra said I don’t need your help. Soumya said I helped because Omkara said it and left. Rudra asked Om why did he ask Soumya to choose, but she chose the perfect pic, I want to put impact on Rumi, it will come by this pic. She smiled hearing this and said now you will know, baby Oberoi.

Rudra asked his friend to put his pic everywhere. Soumya heard him. Rudra said I am uploading the pic. Soumya saw his laptop and hid behind the tree. Rudra said what’s this tree doing here. Soumya edited his pic and thinks Rudra wants the college to talk about him, don’t worry, let this pic reach your friends, all colleges will talk about you then.

She danced and left along with the tree. Rudra’s friend said I haven’t gotten the pic yet, is it heavy. Rudra said yes, it’s mine. He saw the tree gone and said where did tree go, Om is mad. His friend said I got the mail, I did not see such pic, are you serious, do you think Rumi will get impress seeing this. Rudra said yes, 100%, she will see and come running to me. His friend asked shall I paste this pic everywhere. A guy saw Rudra’s pic and laughed. His friend asked Rudra who gave you this idea. Rudra said my love angel and ended the call. Rudra said now my and Rumi’s love story will begin, and kissed the pillar.

Anika came to Oberoi Mansion. Dadi thanked her for keeping her words. Anika said it’s a big thing you came to my house. Dadi said you said you want salary every 15 days, go to Shivaye and take your cheque. Anika asked is it necessary to go to him. Dadi said I told Shivaye, just go, I have to see the card samples too. Anika said I will come with the diary.

Riddhima was with that princess and Om saw her. Om wondered what is Riddhima doing here and Ishana smiled. Rumi hugged Rudra and called him hottest hunk of the college. Rudra smiled. He saw his pic and got a big shock.