Ishqbaaz Monday, 15 November 2021: Episode 20-21


Ishqbaaz Monday, 15 November 2021 Episode started with Anika opening the door. Shivaye threw water on her face. Flashback showed Shivaye talking to his brothers about relations. Rudra joked to say his logic. Shivaye asked Om, did you say this to Riddhima. Om signalled no. Rudra asked who is Riddhima, oh, that one, she roams a lot, I forgot her, her name is funny and he joked. Shivaye said you have a problem with Tia, not Riddhima. Rudra said I have problem when girls become something more than girlfriends. Shivaye asked what’s the problem, they had a talked in silence. Rudra said as long as we are together, we don’t need anyone, I mean we can need anyone biologically. Shivaye and Om pat on his face, and they laughed.

Anika asked the man how did she not get the contract. The man said you got it, but it got rejected by college’s new trustee, you may meet him, he just left. She run to stop the trustee. The guy/Shivaye left in his car. Anika worried and told the man that she did not meet the trustee. He said fine, I will give his office address, go there and talk to him and she thanked him.

Jhanvi saw Om sleeping and smiled. She covered him with a blanket and Tej stopped her, saying Om doesn’t like to sleep with face covered. They talked about Om’s childhood. She said our fight has affected Om, we wanted to save him from everything, we wanted to make him sleep early. Tej said he used to stay awake and become part of our conversations. She said when our fights increased, Om went to the temple with Dadi, he used to pray that he fails, because if he passes in exams, he has to marry soon, and he did not like to fight after marriage. She cried and said we did a mistake Tej, we both changed. Tej said there is no use to discuss this, I live in the present, let’s deal with what we have today and he left.

Shivaye and Tia talked on phone. She talked about her many followers, they are giving us best wishes, their Karma is linked with ours. He said I don’t know about others, but she got linked. She asked what. He said nothing, and asked for three days time. She asked him to take time, but what’s your problem. He thinks of Anika and Om’s state. He said I just need three days and she said fine.

Anika went to meet Mr. Mukherjee. The lady asked her to wait. Anika said I will wait, I have much time. Rudra saw Om sleeping and took selfie with him. Om asked what are you doing. Rudra said I am taking a selfie, pout. They took selfies and Rudra hugged him. Shivaye came and said this proximity is not good for brothers. Rudra pulled him and asked him to pose for selfie. Shivaye asked Om to explain to Rudra not to joke about Tia. Om said I had a dream today, mom and dad were talking normally. Rudra said this can happen just in a dream. Shivaye said you promised me, you won’t think about this again. Om said I am trying, what do I do, I can’t fight with my thoughts, like you, even you can’t stop thinking about that girl. Shivaye asked who, Anika. Om and Rudra smiled. Shivaye said I don’t think about her. Rudra said lie. Shivaye said she doesn’t matter to me, I forgot everything, the temple incident, the landslide and hee recalled and said when I threw her into the pool, when I went to her house, all of that, I have forgotten. Om said exactly, you don’t remember anything. Rudra joked on Shivaye.

Shivaye asked Om when is Riddhima coming. Om said she is coming next week, she is shooting a documentary in Jharkhand. Rudra said interesting. Shivaye asked don’t you have any jokes on Riddhima. Rudra said no, that’s just for Tia. Shivaye jumped to beat him and they laughed. Anika said I have been waiting for three hours. The lady said he would be coming soon.

Pinky sent her maid out. Roop came to Pinky and said it’s fake right. Pinky said strange, the earrings are worth 12 lakhs. Roop said I am talking aboutTej and Jhanvi’s relation, I can’t see Om’s tears, this time it’s the end. Pinky said it has already ended. Roop said there is nothing in a joint family, it’s all joint, this divorce will affect you too. Pinky said it won’t matter to me, don’t talk nonsense. Roop said Oberoi heir’s decision will be made after divorce. Pinky asked how. Roop said think if Tej and Jhanvi get divorced, Om will be shattered, he won’t be able to do business, Shivaye’s way will be clear. Pinky said you have far sight, but it’s not sure about their divorce. Roop said but we can break their relation, it’s your profit. Pinky asked why are you saying this to me. Roop said because of Shakti, Tej has done injustice with him, I won’t let him do injustice with Shivaye.

The lady told Anika that Sir is here, and asked her to meet him. Anika thanked her. She went and opened the door. Shivaye threw water on her face and she was shocked seeing him there. He said this was the principal and walked to her. She looked at him. He threw the remaining water on her and dropped the glass and said, this was the interest.

Anika returned the money to Shivaye. He said the award for best actor in ‘self esteem’ role goes to Anika….?, what’s your surname? and they argued.


The Episode started with Shivaye throwing water on Anika’s face. Anika was shocked seeing him there. He said this was the principal and walked to her. She looked at him. He threw the remaining water on her and dropped the glass. He said this was the interest. Shivaye said I am businessman and always settle scores, what happened, won’t you say anything. She said I have to meet Mr. Mukherjee. He said this is your problem, you want to meet small people, when Mukherjee’s boss is here, what’s the use to meet Mukherjee. She looked at him.

Ishana, the girl who fooled Rudra and made the car deal, plays song and danced on. She researched on Om, Rudra and Shivaye. Her dad asked why is she happy. Ishana said I did all the research on the Oberoi family. He asked her to start the show. She told him about the eldest son Shivaye. Another girl said he will be right, he is the eldest. Ishana said no, he is getting engaged and is very rude, it’s complicated, and this is the youngest one, Rudra. Other girl said he is easy. Ishana said no, he changes four girls a day, this is my target, Omkara, he is an artist and selfmade crorepati, its tough to trap him but it’s not impossible, once he is trapped, he will be totally trapped, so he is final, be ready Omkara.

Anika asked is this your office, are you the trustee of this office. Shivaye said yes, this is my office, I bought this office and college. She said it means you got my contract rejected. Shivaye said you are much foolish than you look. She turned and thinks of her promise to Sahil. She said I deserve that tender. He said I will decide that.

Om traveled on a train, and the girl got him. She said there are many cars and he is travelling on a train and she followed Om.

Anika said I quoted the best price in my tender. Shivaye walked to her and said I will decide what’s the price of everything, won’t you give a speech on your self esteem, honesty and hardwork. She recalled his words. He asked what happened to your self respect today. She returned his money and said that day you threw money, Bua picked some of it, I was having this to return to you. He said and the award for best actor in Khuddaar role goes to Anika… what’s surname and She looked at him.

Ishana followed Om. Om looked at the sea and she recorded him. Anika said Shivaye Singh Oberoi…. I am helpless, that’s why I qm silent, else you know I have a tongue too. He said attitude, what did you say when we first met, I told you I will break this attitude in three days, you said you are not one to be sold out, you will come to me and beg me for money, then I will tell you your price, get out. She cried looking at him and left.

Om sat somewhere and made some drawing. Ishana hid her face and gave him tea. He payed her some money. Ishana got a call and said Om is very strange, but it’s fun. She was glad and left.

It’s night, Shakti told Pinky that they should not interfere in Tej and Jhanvi’s divorce. She said it’s about Shivaye’s future. He said don’t worry, he can make his future on his own. She asked why, if he can get readymade future, Shivaye followed all this, the other two guys are useless, but Tej is the elder to you and will make Om the heir, if Roop wants to help me, what’s the harm. He said you don’t know Roop, she is my sister, I know her, Roop can’t be anyone’s friend, it’s better if you stay away from her. She said you have placed me in a big confusion, what shall I do now.

Sahil troubled Bua and tied her with a rope. She asked him to leave her. Anika came home. Bua asked her to see what Sahil did. Anika freed Bua. Bua said he is my real brother’s son, he gave me sorrow, he agreed to you, it’s enough. Anika said you won’t touch him, and asked Sahil not to treat Bua badly. She asked Bua to go to the room. Sahil said my exams are coming, Bua is not letting me do my homework and she sent him away. She said how long will this go on, I want Sahil’s custody. She got a call from the lawyer’s. He said your petition is ready, meet me tomorrow and get 50000rs now, you just need to sign.

Shivaye, Om and Rudra took care of Jhanvi. Om served her food. Jhanvi said I am glad, my three brothers take care of me so much. Shivaye asked three? Rudra asked why, am I not responsible. Shivaye added chocolate syrup and asked her to go ahead. Jhanvi called Shivaye a food artist and Rudra joked. Tej came asking where are the servants, I have to rush for the office. Jhanvi offered him her food plate. He said I will have food in the office. She said you are getting late. Tej sat and ate. All of the three were shocked and puzzled seeing things fine between Jhanvi and Tej. Tej looked at them and asked what. They nodded nothing and left.

Rudra asked what’s happening. Shivaye said relationships are complicated. Rudra said they look strange when they are not fighting. Om said I dreamt there. Shivaye said strange that we dream for small happiness. Tej liked the food and said I want one more. Shivaye said sure.

Anika said I saved this money, will I surely get Sahil’s custody. Lawyer said don’t worry, come to the office and take the papers in evening. She asked today’s evening? He said yes and she thanked him. The lawyer called Shivaye and said I did as you said, I took money from her, now her case… Shivaye said I am not interested in knowing the details, take the money and leave. Om said what’s happening, you do your signature step when you have something in mind or you show style, you won’t show off style to anyone here, so… Shivaye said your IQ is getting less, as you are being with Rudra.

Anika complained on phone about Shivaye and called him a mad blue eyed male cat/Billa. Shivaye heard her.


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