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Ishana said a man burnt himself in your maha aarti, why is the news channel now showing it, your family power has hidden this news and the secret which that man knew, you talk about idealism, you will also become your dad when time comes. Om shouted Ishana. Shivaye and Rudra stopped Om. Pinky asked the maid to get hot water tub and medicine from Shivaye’s room. Jhanvi asked what happened. Pinky said Shivaye happened, he gave me tension since his birth, everyone asked me about his wedding, he doesn’t give any date, pandit ji said marriage will happen in a month, but I don’t think so. Jhanvi said that’s the truth, I noticed Shivaye did not commit to any date. Shivaye and Om left. Pinky said see them, they look like they are discussing a big issue. Jhanvi said yes, Om looked worried, as if he is going to face an issue. Pinky said I am worried, when will Shivaye give the date, i don’t know.

Shivaye asked Om to follow the plan and assure Ishana that you got trapped, she is clever, do this to make her say the truth. Om asked how will I do this, is this drama necessary, can’t I confront her. Shivaye said imagine you are Rudra, sometimes you have to think from mind to win, not heart. Om asked how are you an expert in all this. Shivaye said I do this every day, business is also a game, where you should know the opponent’s trick, after knowing everything, his strength and weakness, and then hit him at the right time, every deal happens this way, every relation is a deal. Om said I believe in heart, not deal. Shivaye said such people become fool, this chapter will end today, don’t worry, I am there, come.

Anika told Dadi that Bua spoiled things, will you fire me now. Dadi slapped her light and said if you say this again, I will slap you hard, this is not your mistake. Anika said I can’t return the money, what will I tell Billu ji. Dadi said just tell me, not anyone else, you can return it later. Anika said it’s 30 lakhs and count zeroes. Dadi said it has 6 zeroes, you have 3 zeroes, think I gave you loan and pay 1000rs every month. Anika said that will take long time and counts…. Dadi said it will take 25 years, I am sharp, I will live for more than 25 years to get the total money, I am Oberoi and I don’t leave accounts incomplete. Anika thanked and hugged her. She said I don’t know why Bua ruined big amount. Dadi said it’s good, lie doesn’t go long.

Shivaye asked Om not to worry, Rudra and I… Rudra said agent Rudra… Shivaye said we will be standing there, all the best. Ishana came to meet Om and acted innocent. Shivaye and Rudra looked at her. Ishana said sorry I was late. Om said it’s okay, sit. She said I was late because… Om said maybe your boyfriend has beaten you or your landlord troubled you, you are a helpless girl, who else will anyone trouble. She said yes. He asked her to have tea. She said I have come to share your pain, not mine. He thinks of her words. She said whatever happened between you and Riddhima, you can share with me, I told you I am a good listener. He became angry and poured tea into the cup. He thinks of her and the tea overflowed. Ishana said you will get burn. Om said I got burnt already, by your lie, because it has burnt my friendship and trust. Shivaye said Om can’t lie. Rudra said he hates lies.

Om said I got to know everything, you lied to me, tell me one thing, shall I call you Bela or Ishana. He clapped and got up from his chair. He said you played Bela’s part well, I got many liars but first person to make lie look true. Ishana became shocked and got up. She said Omkara ji…. Om shouted enough, no more lies, don’t you dare lie to me anymore. Rudra saw people looking at them. Ishana said sorry, I lied, I cheated you, I am Ishana, I am Bela and Mala too, you can’t understand why people like me lie, talking true things sitting in rich homes is easy, saying true sitting hunger on road is tough, truth is luxury which you guys can afford, I can’t afford it, when poverty opens the doors, truth has to run away from the window. She cried and started leaving. Om said truth is not luxury, it’s a choice, poverty and richness do not decide if a person is true or a liar, person’s values and upbringing decide it.

Ishana became angry and said you have no right to tell this, how are you talking about values and upbringing, you are an Oberoi, the world knows how is this empire was made, I am a thief, but you guys are bigger thieves, the difference is big thieves are not caught and we…. I have done research on your family. Ishana said a man burnt himself in your maha aarti, why did the news channel now show this, your family power has hidden this news and the secret which that man knew, you feel your brothers are true and honest, that Rudra who cheats the girls every day and hurts their feelings, and that Shivaye Singh Oberoi, you think he runs his business by truth and honesty…. Om shouted enough, don’t say anything about my brother. She shouted what about you getting my family in between, your girlfriend is a bigger fraud, bloody social worker.

Om said whoever lies, I will always support truth, you are taunting me to be rich and being Oberoi, if I have to choose between my family and truth, I won’t think for a moment and support truth by leaving everything, my brother Shivaye, no one blamed him to be fraud. She asked what about your dad, the world knows he is a liar and a cheater, you talk about idealism, you will also become your dad when time the comes. Om shouted Ishana. Shivaye and Rudra held Om. Shivaye said stop it and asked Ishana to leave.

Ishana said I am leaving, I don’t care what you guys think of me, atleast I know what I am and what is my family, I am not living blindfolded like you all, when you know why I am like this, another face has to be put on the real one to survive, when you understand this, you will think of me Omkara Singh Oberoi. She cried and left and they looked on.

Bua cursed Sahil and Anika came. Bua said don’t kick me out of the house, where will I go, I have no money. Anika said I got to know where you have spent the money. Bua cried and said whom I do have except you two. Anika asked two, I was never yours, I should have been left at the orphanage, save this drama for those who don’t know you, I know you very well, why are you standing with this basket. Bua showed her spoiled hair and said see Sahil gave me a good hairstyle. Anika asked for money.

Jhanvi asked Pinky to relax. Pinky said Shivaye made me forget to relax. Rudra said thank god you came. Shivaye said I ended the meeting and came, how is Om. Rudra said he is in the room. Shivaye said he would be listening to music and would have not eaten food, I will handle it. Rudra asked him to do something, Om became upset for little things. Pinky asked Shivaye to talk.

Shivaye said not now. She asked will you talk on my Chowtha, shall I call the office and take appointment. Shivaye said please give me some time. Jhanvi asked Shivaye to talk to Pinky. Shivaye said I am stuck in important work, I will talk after I end it and he left. Pinky said Shivaye is smart, he knows I will talk about the marriage and avoided, we have to fix his marriage date. Jhanvi said no need to take stress, maybe there is some office problem. Pinky said no, it’s some other reason.

Shivaye and Rudra went to Om. Shivaye asked Rudra to be quiet, just follow my steps. Rudra nodded and walked along. He said you told me to follow your steps, switch on the lights. Om saw them and removed the headphone. Shivaye said dinner time, it’s your favorite food. Rudra joked. Shivaye asked him to shut up. Om said I know you guys came to cheer me up, sorry I want to be alone. Shivaye said we decided one for all and all for one, we won’t leave you alone, have food if you want or leave it, but we will not move from here. Shivaye and Rudra sat with him.

Everyone reacted and said about Shivaye’s ex girlfriend Mallika coming to stay with them. Om said I want to help her, but running is not a solution. Rudra said it means my girlfriend can also stay in this house. Pinky said this is not possible, she can’t stay here. Jhanvi said I think this should be Shivaye’s decision. Shivaye said Mallika is wrong. Rudra said this is exciting. Anika said it will be much fun. Pinky asked how will Tia feel. Shivaye said whether she is right or wrong, I will be always there for her. Mallika walked in.


Shivaye and Anika were on a breakfast date planned by Om and Rudra. Shivaye and Anika felt odd and drank water. She said everything got normal and we are not fighting, shall we talk about marriage. Shivaye spits water in shock. Some time before, Shivaye said we will not leave you alone, we will not move from here. Shivaye and Rudra sat with Om. Om asked will you both sit like this, I don’t want to talk, what shall I say. Rudra said about Ishana. Om said this maybe small thing for you and Shivaye, it’s a big thing for me, I can’t trust anyone easily now.

Sahil asked Anika what happened. Anika said I don’t know, Bua did not change, I can’t leave you alone every day. He said I can take care, don’t worry, Bua won’t do anything, don’t kiss me, tell me what happened at work. She said he was smiling. He asked does work smile. She said will work smile, I mean Shivaye smiled. He asked why do you always talk about SSO in every answer, tell me does he look good when he smiles. She recalled Shivaye and smiled. He said so much time to say no. She said it’s not necessary to say no. He said you like him. She said my slipper’s smile is more cute, stop it.

Om said I felt her problem and pain was genuine, I was wrong about her. Shivaye said I understand. Om said I don’t want to talk about her, she taught me, honesty and truth are such colors which get off in first rain, why am I talking about her, I don’t want to, she could say the truth and ask money from me, but she tried to make me and Riddhima breakup, I don’t know what she wants, if you think I am much affected by this… Rudra said no, continue. Om said I will think before helping anyone, she did wrong. Sahil asked Anika to let Shivaye live, someone has to take the boy’s side, everyone takes the girl’s side, they think boys start fight, it’s not necessary, who started fight between you and Shivaye.

Anika recalled Shivaye and her fights. Sahil asked her to say. She said I felt SSO started all the fights, but now if I seeing video cassette rewind, I feel it was all my mistakes. He said it means all curses for SSO was free fund, it was your mistake. He asked her not to act smart, I don’t want to talk. Om said I don’t want to talk, truth and lie are two corner of river. Rudra and Shivaye held their heads. Rudra joked. Shivaye said you were saying something, I know you won’t talk about Ishana. Om said yes, I don’t want to talk, eat and drink. Rudra saw the food finished. Om asked who has eaten this. Rudra said I won’t talk. Shivaye said I am glad you spoke up. Om asked did I eat this. Rudra said yes and spoke about Ishana for 2 hours saying you won’t say anything, think of my ears. Shivaye said I am there with you. Om thanked Shivaye.

Rudra said thank me too and he thanked him. Shivaye said I know you are sensitive Om, anger clouds judgment, just let this go. Om asked is this Shivaye’s advice, who never forgives anyone, who breaks more phones than work. Shivaye said I don’t keep anger inside me, I make person out of my life despite being angry. Om asked why did you not make Anika out. Shivaye said she is different, what happens with her doesn’t happen with anyone else. Om asked Shivaye to understand this. Rudra asked Shivaye to understand this feelings, is this anger to cover up feelings, is it about Anika that he is hiding. Shivaye said I don’t want to talk and left.

It’s morning, Om and Rudra made food. Shivaye came and said you guys are making breakfast without me. Rudra said we are making it right, as smoke alarm rung just twice, there is just youngsters at home and you. Shivaye asked am I not young and Rudra gave reasons. Riddhima, came and greeted them. Shivaye said we will have breakfast together and Anika also came. Om said we will dine together as Shivaye said. Shivaye read the newspaper. Rudra asked Shivaye to sit at the pool side, we will prepare everything and get there. Shivaye asked the pool side with Anika. Rudra said don’t worry, she won’t push you into the pool, I did all setting with her, go. Anika and Shviaye went. Soumya and Rudra was glad.

Shivaye and Anika saw the decorations. Anika thinks rich people are strange, they have money to keep double bed and placed just chairs here. Shivaye thinks these decorations are so awkward. He said why did they not come till now. Anika said I am also thinking the same. Om thanked Riddhima and Soumya for supporting them to bring Shivaye and Anika together, a normal conversation can end their misunderstandings. Soumya said relationship should not be forced, it should be organic. Rudra said organic, will we add pesticides to a relationship. Soumya called him dumb and said we should give them time. Rudra started about his story. Soumya asked why do you always start your matter. Riddhima said it’s about Shivaye and Anika, right. Rudra said yes.

Anika said it’s your house, you sit atleast. Shivaye sat and asked her to sit and and sat. They looked around and felt awkward. She said it’s strange, when we don’t have to fight, SSS starts. He asked what. She said Sannata sound service, I mean we don’t know what to say. He said yes, I did not read paper today. She said so what, it’s the same news every day. She told him the news. Riddhima said this idea is good and liked the snacks. Om said this is Shivaye’s recipe. Soumya asked Rudra why don’t you eat this. Rudra said I just have protein shake, you won’t understand this sacrifice to become hot, sumo. She taunted back and called him cry baby.

Anika asked do you read English paper. Shivaye said business newspaper. They both held the water jug,their hands touched and they looked at each other. They then asked each other to have it. He pushed the jug and the water fell a bit. She said either of us have to leave it, else the water will fall, he then left the jug and she filled the glass and gave it to him. He became tensed and said no, don’t throw water on me again. She said I should say this to you.

Shivaye took water in a glass and gave the glass to her and she went back. They both took the glasses and drank the water. Om and Rudra got the food. Shivaye and Anika said you both took much time. Om said you guys have been here for 5mins. Anika asked just 5mins. Rudra said when quarreling persons don’t fight, time goes slow. Om said we will go. Shivaye asked them to stay back. Om said we are fed up of your fights, just break the ice, you both have a normal conversation. Om and Rudra left. Anika said they are crazy to ask us to break ice, and did not give us any ice. Shivaye said it’s a phrase, they meant we should sort our issues. She said why don’t you guys talk straight. Shivaye asked shall I serve food and served food to her. He said they worked hard, I think we must…. She said yes, we should also… Shivaye took the water. She said everything is normal, and we are not fighting, shall we talk about marriage. Shivaye spits water and looked at her.

Shivaye said I think when two people decide to marry, planning and all is not needed, they should marry right away, I mean marriage should be normal, no need of all guests, but my brothers should be present, just bride is missing, if she comes, I will marry right away. Mallika walked in.