Shivaay Cancels The Wedding. Ishqbaaz Thursday, 18 November 2021: Episode 26-27



Ishqbaaz Thursday, 18 November 2021 Episode started with Shivaye coming to meet Anika. Shivaye said I broke you in 72 hours, accept your failure, take this blank cheque, write any figure, check mate…. Flashback showed Shivaye asking Dadi not to get sad, she can meet Bua anytime. Rudra joked and said my hair got dry, I think I need treatment. Shivaye asked him to get it done and Rudra left. Dadi said Roop broke my heart doing that. Om said I think we rushed to judge Bua.

Shivaye reminded what Roop did with Jhanvi. Om said every coin has two sides, we know what Bua did, not why she did this, we never know why person is helpless. He recalled Ishana’s words and said when person has money, it’s easy for him to become a nice guy, when person doesn’t have money, we can’t imagine what they have to go through. Shivaye thinks of Anika. Rudra came and asked Shivaye to massage. Shivay said fine, ready Rudra, and sent the massage to Dadi. Rudra said I am not feeling anything and saw Shivaye sending the massage to Dadi’s hair. Shivaye asked him to come and continue. He got a call from Anika. She said I want to meet you. She recalled his words. He thinks of her words and smiled.

Anika stood in the rain. She was in the middle of the road. Shivaye came there to meet her. He got down his car holding an umbrella and walked to her. He smiled and saw her shivering in the rain. He acted to call an ambulance, as she acted to call the fire bridage. He asked can you come, Miss Anika’s ego is breaking. He said this rain has hid tears, not failure, you have lost. He said it’s just 72 hours, I did what I said. She recalled his words. He said I broke you within 72 hours, what’s your price…. He showed her the cheque.

She said you really did a lot in 72 hours, you snatched my tender. Flashback showed their arguments. She said you made my lawyer run away with my money, now you snatched my house too, but if you are thinking you have made me lose, you are mistaken, my enmity is just 72 hours old, but I have strong enmity with life, if life could not fail me, what will you fail me, I called you here so that I tell you that your time is over and even then I am standing head high infront of you, you have lost Mr. Shivaye Singh Oberoi, you have lost. Shivaye looked at her.

He threw his umbrella and stood in the rain and she was about to leave. He held her hand and stopped her. He clapped and said brilliant, you spoke well, even if it’s good, your stomach can’t be fed by it, it can’t turn failure to victory. She said I got victory, I think you failed for the first time, so you did not realize, it’s fine, you will be habitual. He said we will see who gets habitual of what, there is few hours for 24 hours to end, when you don’t have roof on your head, this attitude won’t work, money will work. She recalled Sahil.

He asked her to accept defeat and showed her the blank cheque. He asked her to fill any amount she feels right. She thinks of Sahil and held the cheque. Shivaye smiled and said check mate. He recalled her words and did his signature step and he went to his car. Anika became sad. She sat down and cried. Shivaye got in his car and looked at her in the mirror and left.

Ishana’s sister asked her did she meet Om, what happened, why are you refusing the noodles, did he say anything. Ishana said no, I was upset. Her sister asked did he call you Madhuri or Alia. Ishana said I met him just as Ishana. Her sister said you don’t even meet yourself as Ishana.

Om made the statue. Shivaye said it’s good. Om said person becomes an artist when he has much pain, he gets his pain in his art. Shivaye asked why don’t you show this to the world. Om said it’s valuable when it’s in the eyes. Shivaye said I think you got a new inspiration and muse. Om said maybe, how was your day. Shivaye said I understood again that everything can be bought in the world, price should be right. He thinks of Anika.

Ishana said Om was concerned about my wound and wanted to help, he said the world can see wound but no one sees pain. Her sister asked what’s your plan, you have to break him. Their dad said no, Ishana has to break and go to him, some people like to join broken things, Om has come to Ishana seeing her in pain. Her sister said some guys are sensitive. Ishana said he is a nice guy, I don’t want to break him. Her dad said he is nice and rich, focus on your aim. She thinks of Om’s words and said he is really a nice guy, I don’t like to hurt him, who is already broken within wants to join others, I don’t want to break him more. Her sister asked her to do anything, but first eat this food and Ishana smiled.

Om asked Shivaye why does he look sad. Shivaye joked at Rudra. He said I am very happy, someone tried to hurt our family, I showed her place. Om asked why is your happiness not seen. Shivaye asked how do i express happiness, I qm not artist to play piano, I am happy. Anika looked out of her window. Shivaye was thinking.

Shivaye spined the rolled flat flour and saw Anika at home. The flour flat fell and got over Tia’s face. Rudra, Om and Shivaye looked at Anika, and neglect to see Tia. Shivaye went to Anika.


The Episode started with Shivaye refusing the engagement. He said I feel Tia and I should directly marry. They all were shocked. Shivaye, Rudra and Om talked about Anika, and Rudra pointed to them Anika outside. Shivaye went to her. Flashback showed Shivaye looking out in the rain and recalled Anika. Anika also stood looking at the rain and was sad.

Ishana recalled Om’s words and her dad’s words. Om sat making some sketch and recalled Ishana’s words. Shivaye thinks of Anika’s words while Anika cried. Ishana and Om took water drops in their hands. Shivaye and Anika held the grill and stood looking at the rain. The similarity between both couples were shown.

Tia’s mum talked to Shakti, and said Tia and Shivaye’s engagement got postponed many times, I can’t go here and there, I take along Robin when I need to go anywhere. Shakti said it’s good, Robin takes out time for parents. Rudra joked at Robin. Pinky asked Tia to call Shivaye, we will fix the engagement date. Shivaye was on a call and Tia came to him. She said you said you need 72 hours for some important work, now that’s over, can we discuss our engagement date, come on, we will decide, mom has also come. He said we can get engaged later, what’s the hurry. She said my social site followers ask me. He said that’s their work to ask, what’s all they do, I am stuck in an important day, I can’t do engagement till I do that work. She said fine, I will inform mom and she left. Shivaye got to know that Anika has encashed the cheque. He smiled and said great…..

Tia went to everyone and said Shivaye said he wants more time for the engagement. Rudra laugh’s, and stopped seeing everyone. Pinky asked how much time more, he can wear two watches if he wants more time. Om asked Rudra to stop joking. Pinky asked what does Shivaye wants. Shivaye came and said I don’t want to get engaged. They all look at him shocked. Shivaye said I don’t want to get engaged. Rudra danced and Om stopped him. Shivaye said because I think Tia and I should directly get married. Everyone smiled. Om and Rudra looked at each other. Rudra asked why. Tia’s mum asked when. Shivaye said within one month. Pinky asked him to give a grandchild soon. Shivaye recalled Anika’s words. Rudra asked what’s happening Om.

Dadi asked Shivaye did you think well, we were talking of engagement and you spoke about marriage. Shivaye said I have to marry, why the delay, I think Tia is perfect for me, I can stay with her. Dadi laughed and said you should give heart to one, without whom you can’t stay. He said I don’t think of all this. She asked him to think about himself, person who takes risk succeeds in business, one who loves wins in life. He said I don’t know love, even relation is a deal. She said deal is to win, and love is to lose, there is difference, you have to lose heart to become Ishqbaaz. He said then I won’t become Ishqbaaz, as I can’t lose. She said you will know love when you lose heart. He said I know you are concerned, I feel I will be happy with Tia. She asked what else do we want, we will start the marriage arrangements, are you sure. Shivaye said sure.

Rudra and Om talked about why Shivaye agreed for Tia. Rudra complained about the marriage, and girls. He said it’s better than I die than marrying, even Shivaye is marrying and doing wrong. Om said you got emotional. Shivaye asked what. Rudra said Anika was with you at dinner with you. Shivaye asked how do you know. Rudra said Om told me, he is a spy. Om said shut up. Shivaye asked Om how did Anika come in between. Om said we are asking the same. Shivaye said she is gone, over and done. Rudra said you said same the before and she came back like boomerang. Om asked what was she doing at the dinner, why does she affect you. Shivaye asked are your questions over, it’s time for lunch.

Shivaye made the pizza base. Rudra asked his question about pizza. Tia came and asked what’s happening. Rudra joked that they are doing pizza’s aura cleaning. Shivaye asked Tia does she know cooking. She said no. Rudra said she is not matching to Shivaye, and asked Shivaye to do that stunt. Shivaye rotated the base and she asked him to do it again. He did it again and saw Anika outside. He left the flour base and it fell on the flour. The flour got on Tia’s face. Rudra and Om smiled. Rudra asked how did she come here. Om asked Shivaye to listen, before becoming angry young man. Shivaye went out. Tia was unable to see and asked Rudra what’s happening. Rudra said Shivaye is going to attack, Om is growing hair and I am growing flowers, happy. She asked what.

Shivaye went to Anika and thinks of her words. He asked you….. Dadi came there and smiled. She said I called Anika here, for you. He asked what. Dadi said I called her for the wedding preparations, she will help us. Shivaye said wait a sec, she will work in this house. Dadi said yes, Priyanka said Anika runs canteen well, she knows us well, you did bad by sending her to jail, so I asked Priyanka to call her, I had to convince Anika, thank the Lord she agreed for the marriage. Anika said how can I refuse Dadi, I had to come. Dadi said this is her values, she talks sweet, she is so straight, it seems she has no tongue. Shivaye looked at Anika and recalled her words.

Tia said I can’t see anything, what’s happening. Rudra said don’t disturb, let us watch the match. Tia said you guys don’t leave match. Anika asked Shivaye won’t he say anything today, you are silent at home, what’s the matter. He said no need to say anything, you already lost, you have encashed that cheque, next time throw your attitude outside my house and come. She said why outside, I will throw it inside the house, on your face, every day. He became angry. Dadi called Anika. Anika said our talk isn’t over yet and left. Rudra and Om looked on. Shivaye said this talk isn’t finish yet and looked her leaving.

Anika told Dadi that she got all the items. Dadi asked the man to get the payment done. The man said Anika made the payment. Dadi asked Anika did she pay. Anika said I paid, but money was from Shivaye. Shivaye looked on.


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