Ishqbaaz Thursday, 4 November 2021: Episode 7-8


Ishqbaaz Thursday, 4 November 2021 Episode started with Shivaye lifting the ghunghat. Anika and Shivaye became shocked seeing each other. Rudra came there and took their pic. Tia came to give a surprise and was rather surprised. Rudra said Tia was surprised by Pinky, Dadi, Jhanvi came there. Pinky said who is this girl instead of my high fashioned bahu. Tia said she is the caterer girl, right baby? Pinky said caterer, she came for rehearsals, how dare she take my bahu’s place. Priyanka was surprised seeing Anika. Pinky asked Anika to leave. Anika placed the ghunghat there and left.

Tia asked Pinky not to scold her, she did a mistake. Shivaye became angry. Priyanka said she is my good friend. He said friendship or enmity, it should be done with equal people, there is a reason why junk is dumped on the road, it belongs there, junk is not brought home. Anika stopped listening and cried and left.

Tia went after Shivaye and asked him not to be upset, that girl is a bad Karma, she will be punished. He said I am not upset, I am worried for Priyanka, she has to understand the lineage and class. She said I know Priyanka and Rudra disappointed you. He asked what did Rudra do. She said nothing. He asked again. She said promise, you won’t say anything to Rudra, I guess Rudra planned this, he made that girl stand in my place, it was his prank, don’t mind this, he is just a kid.

Anika was on the way in an auto and cried thinking of Shivaye’s words. She saw the meter and checked money in her purse. She stopped the auto and payed fare and started walking. Shivaye scolded Rudra for insulting Tia. Om asked Rudra to insult Tia as Shivaye likes. Rudra laughed and asked Shivaye how can you like Tia, which girlfriend will give medicines to her boyfriend as gift. He teased Shivaye. Shivaye asked him not to do kiddish things and grow up. Rudra said I will always remember younger one when if I grow up, what’s the need to grow up then. Shivaye said you will fall in problem by this childishness, those medicines are high end one. Rudra asked don’t I have right the to say anything. Shivaye said yes. Rudra asked why, because I am not your own brother. Shivaye asked him to think anything and Rudra left. Om asked Shivaye to explain to Rudra with love, he is young. Shivaye said he has to grow up.

Anika walked on the road and recalled Shivaye’s bitter words. Dirty water fell over her and she went home. Bua ji demanded her earnings and threatened her to call the inspector Madhuri. Bua ji asked where is the money. Anika said I came by auto today. Bua ji scolded her and asked her to get ration. She pushed her on the ground and said you are not here to eat for free, you are just road junk, nothing else.

It’s night, Tia told Shivaye about chef Leo. She said we are going to a party, I hope your mood gets well, you are thinking about Rudra right. He said yes, he is immature. She said you can meet him if you want. He asked are you sure. She said yes, I want your focus to be on me at the time of dinner. Shivaye went to Rudra’s room and did not find him there. He called Rudra and saw his phone there. He called Om and asked for Rudra. Om said I think he went out, I was also calling him. Shivaye said his phone is here.Om said it means his anger is high. Shivaye said last time, he had an accident when he was angry, we have to find him. Om asked where. Shivaye said I know where he will be. Rudra was at some pub.

Shivaye went to Tia. Tia asked shall we go, do you have to find Rudra. Shivaye said if you don’t mind, can we have dinner some other day. Tia said it’s destiny, go. Shivaye told Om that this is called understanding partner. A girl smiled seeing Rudra. He pulled a chair and she falls down. The girl’s boyfriend got angry. Rudra said sorry. The man scolded him for pulling the chair. Rudra saw Om and Shivaye coming there and became confident. He asked the man not to get angry, and to sit and talk. He pulled the chair again and made the guy fall. He said I made your GF fall like this. The man said you are gone today. Rudra said beat me, who will save me. Shivaye and Om smiled seeing his drama. Rudra asked the man to beat him and gained sympathy from his brothers.

Om and Shivaye walked to him. Rudra said I am enough alone, but now we are three. He asked his brothers to attack. The man laughed. Rudra became shocked seeing the goons holding him. Rudra saw his brothers sitting away relaxed. Rudra said actually, I was joking. The men beat Rudra. Om and Shivaye sat drinking and were cool. Rudra waited for them to save him. Rudra asked the goons not to hit him on the face. Om stopped the goon and said not on face, he is a lover boy. He fought with the goons, along with Rudra. Shivaye looked on. The goon shot in the air to stop Om and Rudra. Shivaye reacted now. Shivaye came in between. The man asked who are you, move else I will shoot. Shivaye said shoot and removed his jacket. Rudra said stop Bhai, he has a gun. Shivaye asked the goon to shoot and walked to him. He hit the goon and Rudra jumped happily. He shouted music and danced. Om and Shivaye also posed as kung fu warriors and they beat the goons. Shivaye gave a look and got his jacket. All the brothers smiled and get together. They walked in style.

Anika was on the road. A thief run and collided with her. The men followed the thief. The vegetables bag fell down. Shivaye, Om and Rudra were on the way. Shivaye said whatever happened, it was not Tia’s mistake, it was that girl’s mistake, she looked innocent and was manipulative. Om said how, she was insulted. Shivaye said poor people don’t feel bad of anything. Shivaye’s car passed by, and crushed Anika’s chocolate. Anika looked on, while picking the tomatoes. She thinks it was just one chocolate for Sahil, and cried. Shivaye said there are no emotions for them, she would have tried if she got hurt, such people just has survival instinct.

They got home. Rudra wore glasses and said Om, you look like Dadi. Dadi slapped him and said I am Dadi. Dadi asked why are you wearing black glasses. Rudra said shayari. Dadi removed her glasses and saw his wound. She asked did you fight. Rudra said not me, Shivaye and Om were fighting, I went to save them. She said shut up, you cry on mosquito bite, why will you save them, tell me how are you hurt. Rudra said on my heart and blamed Shivaye. Shivaye said dramatic, tell him Dadi not to risk himself next time, else I will kill them. He gave him medicines. Dadi said see Shivaye loves you. Rudra said I have seen his love, Tia has come in between, he is not like before. Om smiled and kissed Dadi, saying good night and left. Shivaye told Dadi that Rudra is big Dramebaaz, don’t worry. He greeted Dadi and left. Anika cries while sitting on the road and recalled Shivaye and Bua’s words.

Shivaye asked Sahil to give him tissue. Sahil asked him to get it himself. Shivaye scolded him, and Anika threw water on Shivaye’s face.


The Episode started with Shivaye asking Sahil to pass him a tissue. Sahil asked him to take it himself. Shivaye asked do you have a problem, are you handicapped. Anika threw water on Shivaye’s face. Some time before, Anika talked to Sahil on phone and asked him to promise he won’t cut cake, you will get a party today. She ended the call and said I promised him, but how will I get money for the party. She served wada sambar to a girl and stopped her from eating. She smelt tasted it. She said wait, I will get another one for you. The café owner lady saw this and said you do my loss, this won’t work, you will do your loss now.

Tia talked to the servants and told them about the vase, whereas the servant thinks she said upvaas/fasts. She cleared the point to him. Rudra and Om talked that there is 15mins –half an hour for explosion and bet. The lady told Anika to fill the tender and managed this college canteen. Anika was glad and said everything will be fine if this happens, but aunty I don’t have money for tender. The lady gave her tips amount, just decide and the Lord will make way, fill the form. Anika filled the form and became sad when it came to writing her father’s name. The lady said they have to make you run the canteen, not your father. Anika thanked the lady. She thinks she can celebrate Sahil’s birthday with this money. Tia got a call. Rudra said it’s just 5mins left now. Om said wait, there is still time. Shivaye came and asked what are you talking about. Rudra said look there, you have seen how Lady baba has scolded the servant. Shivaye asked what problem do you both have with Tia, the engagement is a special occasion for every girl, Tia wants perfect things, Tia is very calm and composed. Tia became angry and scolded a girl. Om said you were saying something, calm and composed. Shivaye said you guys are impossible and left. Rudra asked Om to give him a car till evening, I am going to collect my second prize. He went to that girl and asked her to share her life’s problems with him. Om signalled him.

Tia cried and told Shivaye that she should have not scolded that girl, it’s my bad deed, I am a bad person. Shivaye said no, the girl did not do the work right, you are going to become Oberoi, you deserve the best. Om served her tea and Tej became irked seeing this.

Bua saw the decorations and scolded Anika. Anika asked Bua not to do anything today. Bua removed the balloons and decorations. Sahil gave her an electric shock. Anika asked Sahil what did you do. Sahil said Bua was saying she got shocked seeing all this, she got a real shock.

Tej told Omkara that I have seen you with Shivaye, you don’t feel difference between brothers and servants. Om said I feel strange that you don’t know this difference. Tej said Shivaye treats you like a servant, he gives you orders. Om said it’s called rights. Tej said when it came to power, brother is your biggest enemy. Om said Dadi taught me brother is your biggest friend and they argued. Tej said Shivaye chose such a girl and family that he will raise in height, he will become owner of 1500 crores. Om said life is not a race, I will be glad if Shivaye goes ahead, I will run to make my brother win, not to make him lose, I won’t let you snatch my brother from me and he left. Pinky heard them.

Sahil said Bua will be unconscious for two hours. Anika said she is older, don’t worry about the party, I will make a great cake for you. Sahil asked Aloo puri. She said fine, I will learn from the internet. Anika started preparing and said I will send this to Nilofer bakery for baking.

Tia disliked the cake and scolded the chef. Dadi and Om smiled. Dadi asked whats happening. Om said Tia tried so many cakes and she doesn’t like any of them. Dadi said enough of this, I will order cake. Dadi ordered a cheese cake and cheese bun from Nilofer bakery. Anika got the cake delivered. Dadi got Anika’s cake. Anika said this is not mine and called the bakery. The man said your order got changed. Sahil said it’s fine, we will cut this. Om told Dadi that I will order another cake. Dadi said no, see how people praise the shop, not cake. She went to Tia and said I have made top chef make this taste, have this and tell me how is it. Tia liked Anika’s cake and said grandma I love you, this is great. She told Shivaye that universe has sent a great cake for them. Shivaye refused. Rudra asked Shivaye to have it, he will get positive energy. Rudra tried the cake and liked it. Te made Shivaye have it. Shivaye liked it. Tia said it’s fine then, I will want this cake, grandma got this from a five star bakery. Shivaye said I understood this chef would be really good. Dadi said taste came from makers’ hand, this cake is from a small bakery. Tia said universe taught me a new lesson, that bigger places don’t always mean better taste, I want this cake. Shivaye said I will make a call and order this. She asked him to personally go and get it. he agreed. Dadi said I will come along.

Shivaye asked Dadi why is the road narrow. She said when car gets big, road gets narrow. He said Lord gave everything to one who is deserving. She said this is the bakery, stop. He said this place is dirty. She asked him to come. Dadi talked to the man about the cake. He said sorry, we did mistake, we did not make that cake, a girl who stays nearby made that cake for her brother, that cake was just baked here. Dadi took Anika’s address. Tia called Shivaye and said I want five layer cake and our photos on the top. Shivaye said think it’s done.

Shivaye went to Anika’s locality and got his clothes spoiled. He rang the bell. Sahil’s birthday party was going on. Shivaye entered and the kids run out spoiling Shivaye’s clothers. He asked Sahil to pass him the tissue. Sahil asked him to take it. Shivaye said there are no manners here, you guys throw junk on guests and don’t pass tissue. Sahil asked him to take it. Shivaye asked do you have a problem, are you handicapped. Anika threw water on him. Shivaye became angry seeing her again. He recalled the past meeting. She also recalled how he insulted her. He asked her to apologize and she looked at him.

Anika said don’t force me to shout. Shivaye broke the glasses and said I will not forget this insult and not let you forget. Jhanvi slapped Pinky. Tej and Shakti decided to live separately. Pinky said Oberoi’s mansion will get divided. Dadi and Shivaye looked on.


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