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Tej says that car? breaks were failed. Shivaye says how its possible your car? was serviced. Tej says my car? tires was puntured so I took your car ?. Anika say it means Shivaye, you were the target?.

Some time? before-

Tej say I should leave as you all are on Om’s side. Jhanvi say do not go please; but Tej leaves. Pinky says that both father and son should leave the house. Dadi and her husband ask her to keep quite.?

Shivaye goes behind Tej and Anika behind shivaye. Shivaye tries to stop tej but anika stop shivaye.
Tej ask driver for keys? but driver informs about tire punture, tej ask for shivaye car? keys ?and goes.

Servent informs Romi and Shewtlana about break fail and tej leaving in car?. Romi says that Priyanka MMS? is with me now. Now Rudra will agian come to me.

Shiavye says to Anika that I was fool that I allowed you to spy Tia and call? tej but he did not pick. Anika ask about break glass and ask Shivaye if he is hurt. Shiavye ask her to relex but she do not and servent come and inform that it was due to frame was losen. Shivaye ask Anika to relex and tries to call? Tej. Tej do not pick up his call.

Shewtlana calls? Tej and ask him to meet? her, just than tej realises that his car? breaks are fail. He tries to control car?.
Shewtlana on confrence call with Tia and Romi and inform about car accident? plan. Tia says its risky di. Shewtlana ask them to remember swear to take revenge from oberios for destorying our family and Robin’s life.

Tej tries to control car? but in vain and just than Shewtlana car? come infront of the car.
Tej hits Shewtlana car and she get injured?, tej pick her up and take her in his arms.

Anika ask Shivaye to listen to her.Shivaye says that its your assumption only. Anika ask her to listen? to her that its Tia who want to kill you. Shivaye do not believe her and say that she is upset with you thats why she is behaving like this. Anika says that sleeping? pills? and now glass break but Shivaye says that she want to marry me for child?, than why will she do that? Anika repeats same. Shivaye says do not make “Dimag ki Dahi?” and leaves.

Rudra and soumya talk. Rudra says what has happened, mom-dad fight and now bhai and bhabhi. Soumya says that bade bhaiya will do everything fine and says till we are together everything will be fine soon.

Randhir and Priyanka talk to each other. Priyanka ask if he is fine and do his dressing on wounds. Randhir says that you gave me lot of pain and this pain is nothing infront of that. Priyanka appologize to him. Randhir say that I want to take revenge but without spoiling anyone’s dignity. Priyanka hold his hand and appologize to him and thank him for saving her dignity.

Anika and Shivaye fight but suddenly Jhanvi comes and inform that Tej is not picking call? and no one knows where is he now? Shivaye goes to find but Tej comes back with Shewtlana in his arms. Anika calls doctor?. Jhanvi and Dadi ask what happened to her? Tia sees her and cries? and calls ?Romi. Tej says that she sved my life from accident. Tia says to Romi we can’t lose di. I need to go to her, Romi stops her and says Shewtlana di plan will fail, please clam down. Tia cries ?seeing her state.

Tej tries so that Shewtlana gain conciousness and shout where is doctor?. Anika says that doctor? is coming soon. Shewtlana regain conciousness. Some looks in anger and some in tension.

Om ask if she is soo much hurt than why didn’t you took her to hospital?. Tej replies that I value oberios dignity more than anything, unlike you. Om says yes, thats why you went to her after leaving house?. Tej shouts Om. Jhanvi ask them to stop. Om says why should we..

Shivaye interfer and ask how did all this happened? Tej says that car ?breaks were failed. Shivaye says how its possible your car was serviced. Tej says my car tires was puntured so I took your car?. Anika say it means Shivaye, you were the target?. Shivaye thinks.?

Anika says its some really big plan. Tia says our arrow has hit the target, now no one can save Oberois from their destruction. Some time before, Shivaye and Anika see the knife stuck in the car tyre. Shivaye removes the knife. Anika says now you believe it, I m saying truth, someone really wanted to kill me. He says its not my car. She says so, your car brakes were failed too, that person did not know Tej is going to take your car, it means they wanted to do your accident. He says I can’t believe this. He shouts to security and asks don’t they know if anyone harms the car, did you notice anyone, check CCTV footage and tell me who is it.

Rudra says I have doubt on them, I will check and come. Shivaye calls Tej. Anika sits in shock. She says glass, brakes….he does not understand his life is in danger, if anything happens to her. Shivaye asks what happened. She cries and asks why don’t you understand. He says nothing will happen to me. She says if you leave me like everyone, then tell me. He says Anika, listen to me, I will not go anywhere and I will not let you go away, did you get that. He holds her.

Tej stay with Shwetlana. Pinky and Jhanvi look on. Pinky says matter looks serious. Jhanvi says she did not get conscious till now. Pinky says I m not worried for her, I m worried for you. She signs her to see. Tej covers Shwetlana. Pinky says she has come in our house. Jhanvi says she saved Tej’s life. Pinky asks did you believe this, if you say, I will suffocate her with pillow. Jhanvi says please, how can you say this. Pinky says I m saying this for your betterment, your wish, remember, Shwetlana came here, but she is not one to leave. Anika comes and hears them. Pinky asks what’s this coincidence that just her car came in front and collided with Tej’s car, how did she save Tej. Anika goes.

Shivaye and everyone see the CCTV footage. Anika recalls the servant and says he is same man, who gave me tea which you were supposed to drink, he told glass fell as frame was loose. Rudra says it means someone is planning against us staying in our house, I will find out, come Soumya. Anika asks what to do next. Shivaye says I have to change security staff first, I can’t trust them any more.

Anika stops Tia and asks where are you going. Tia asks are you Shivaye’s bodyguard. Anika says wife has to become bodyguard to save husband from bad sight, I don’t think you should meet him now, his mood…. Tia says you are desperate to know, I will tell you, I m taking Shivaye on lunch time so that we can spend quality time. Anika says oh, fine go….

Shivaye asks Tia have you lost it, my brother is saying he will leave home, Tej met with an accident, Shwetlana is injured and then security reasons, and you want to go on a date, I want to make things fine here. She says sorry. He says I m busy, you go on date, you need rest in this state. She gets angry seeing Anika and goes. Anika goes to cupboard and smiles. Shivaye says don’t assume things, you would be thinking I refused to Tia as you said all that I did not feel like eating and going on date. Anika asks why are you giving explanation.

Shivaye says I was just saying. She says I did not ask anything. He asks why are you smiling, I can see it, you are enjoying this situation right. She says I don’t know. He says you don’t understand, right. Anika says leave it, you can’t dine outside, but you can have food at home, or will you show Nakhre Noorjahan ke/ attitude. He asks her what words does she use, Bagad Billa, Tadi….. She smiles and asks shall I get food. He says you are so…. Anika…. They both turn away and smile.

Its night, Shivaye, Anika, Om, Rudra and Soumya meet. Rudra says Ajay is nowhere. Soumya says no staff member know about him. Omsays I spoke to window maker, he said someone broke glass by laser. Anika says Ajay lied, it means he is behind this. Om says no, someone else is playing real game. Rudra says yes, someone is making Ajay do this. Shivaye says let me call agency, I will get detail info. He calls agency and asks about Ajay Verma’s details.

He asks what, are you sure… He ends call and says they are saying they have no one by this name in their records, they did not send Ajay here. Anika says it means someone else has sent Ajay. Shivaye asks who can it be. Tia looks on and smiles. Tia goes to Shwetlana. Tia says our arrow has hit the target, now no one can save Oberois from their destruction.

Anika says whoever it is, he is clever, he is playing game and not coming in front of us, we have to find out, this is surely some big planning.

Its morning, Shivaye gets ready. He calls out Anika slowly and asks her to get up. He shouts Anika. She wakes up and asks what happened, is there any fire. He says its morning, good morning, I had to wake you up like this, as you sleep like a log. She asks who people. He says log… She says I don’t want to talk about anyone, you punctured my sleep. He says you felt you will come inside room before anyone comes in. They argue. He asks her to get ready fast. She asks why. He says I m going to make breakfast for you. She says fine, add good amount of chilli, wait, are you going to make breakfast for me. He says yes, I said that in hindi.

She asks why. He says so that you realize what’s good food, what you make is not food. She asks are you praising yourself or saying bad about me. He says my food talks of me, come fast. She says what happened to Bagad Billa. He calls her out and throws the gift saying its for you. She asks what is it. He says open. She checks the gift and sees a phone. He says Daksh broke your phone, you were using Sahil’s phone, I thought he will have inconvenience, use this and return Sahil his phone, don’t start about returning every penny to me. She says thanks, I accepted this, I don’t have Nakhre Noorjahan ke like you, you don’t know how to invite for breakfast, can you do anything by love.

He asks do you want to say by love… He says I want the rest of the morning after this fight to become good morning, so I m making breakfast for you….. He holds her hands and says by my hands, and this gift which I got, I chose this myself for you. She looks at him. He says I will like it if you have my handmade breakfast and use gift. He moves her hair. She gets nervous. He asks was this by love, or shall I try again. She smiles. He says get ready fast….. use phone… He comes back and says Anika you blushing again. She says I will brush when you let me go. He smiles and says ya… I got to go. He goes. She says what’s this blush, I m doing it and I don’t even know. O jaana…..plays………..

Anika, Soumya and Rudra promote/talk about Dil Hai Hindustani starting on Star Plus.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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