Ishqbaaz Tuesday, 16 November 2021: Episode 22-23


Ishqbaaz Tuesday, 16 November 2021 Episode started with Anika going to the lawyer’s office. A man said the lawyer has gone out of the city for few days. She asked what, he has my money and papers. He said I don’t know. She worried and called that lawyer. His number was unreachable. She saw Shivaye there. He smiled and signalled two. He said, it’s just two days left for your destruction, enjoy and he drove off. Anika cried and said you did not snatch my hard earned money, but the chance to stay with my brother.

Dadi told Jhanvi that the jewelery came and asked her to get the diamonds from the safe. Roop and Pinky planned something and laughed. Om came to some place and recalled Shivaye’s words about the art gallery. Ishana walked in and run to Om. She intentionally collided with him and came infront of him. She said I am sorry. He said it’s alright and left. She dropped her bangle and he turned by the sound. She smiled and run. He called her out and picked the bangle. He went to give her the bangle. Ishana played music and danced with some group. Om smiled seeing her.

Dadi asked what’s this joke, this is our ancestral family diamonds. Jewelery said I am not joking, these diamonds are really fake. Dadi said fine, you go, I will call you later. Roop said these were ancestral diamonds which you gave to your elder bahu to keep in the safe. Jhanvi said I did not even touch them, I kept it as mummy ji said. Roop said but someone would have touched it. Pinky asked the worth. Dadi said 20 crores. They were shocked. Pinky said it’s not an ordinary thing, think well, did you drink much. Jhanvi said I really don’t know.

Shakti said it’s a big amount, you should have been careful, where did the diamonds go. Jhanvi asked why are you asking me, I don’t know. Pinky said you kept it, someone has stolen the diamonds. Roop asked who will steal in this rich family. Pinky’s maid said Tej stopped giving money to Jhanvi, did she…. Pinky said shut up, I will fix your teeth by fevicol if you say anything. Jhanvi asked why are you all looking at me, I am innocent. Roop said yes, Jhanvi can die but not do this cheap work. Pinky asked how will we get the diamonds. Roop said we will check, if the fake diamonds are here, the real diamonds will be here too. Roop and Pinky smiled.

Shivaye called his friend and talked well. His friend said it’s my wedding anniversary tomorrow. Shivaye said congratulations. His friend said my wife asked for 5 crores painting, you have to come to dinner. Shivaye said I will come to see your 5 crores painting, and dinner catering from my side.

Ishana said Om was looking at me during the entire performance, he has come. Om said excuse me and she started acting. He gave her the bangle and left. Ishana talked to her friend on the phone and stopped Om to thank him. She said he is still going, what do i do. The girl asked her to talk to Om. Ishana stopped Om and asked his name. He said Omkara and was about to leave. She said my name….. look at his attitude, my magic did not work, SRK’s magic will work, I will say turn thrice and he will turn, let’s try. She counted and waited for him to turn. Om stopped and she was glad. Om sat to do his clothes well and left. Ishana said I did so much, I got ready and danced, he did not stop, I am ruined, he did not even ask my name, I will break this bangle, Om has to fall in love with me.

Pinky said Roop is saying right, we should search. Jhanvi said you all doubt me, if my family thinks I am a thief, it’s better that I leave from this house. Roop said no, we just want to find the diamonds. Dadi said we will not search, as that will break trust, which is more than 20 crores. Roop said you have a big heart to save the thief. Dadi asked Roop to shut up. Jhanvi said the trust broke, I am sorry, I can’t stay here. Pinky stopped her and said no need to leave this house, as you did not steal anything, someone else did that. Roop became tensed.

Pinky removed the hair pin to open Roop’s hair and all the diamonds fell down on the floor. They all became shocked. Pinky said Roop did all this and smiled. She told Jhanvi that I fight with you and sharp tongued, but I am your Devrani, I will never leave supporting you. Tej said it’s not your mistake Roop, it’s our mistake that we thought you changed, you showed your colors after coming here, you know the exit way, get out of my house. Roop cried. Anika recalled Shivaye’s words and cried.

The man called Anika and asked for catering service for a private party. She said sure, tell me where to come. The man said I will send you the address. Shivaye made his manager call her. Shivaye heard her and said from today, all doors will be shut for you.


The Episode started with Sahil telling Anika that everything will be fine. She asked him to tell that to the Lord, I lost the canteen contract, your custody, it’s much bad luck and she cried. He told him about Piku’s nani, whose hearing ability got less. She said it’s as per her age. He said even the Lord will hear your prayers soon, you just keep praying. She got a call from Shivaye’s manager, who asked her is she available for catering service. She said yes, where to come, and menu. He said I will send you message, and menu what you make the best. She said I make chole puri best, but how do you know and the man ended the call. Shivaye told him to speak about the college canteen. The man called her again and said sorry, the call got disconnected, I got to know from college canteen. She asked who told you.

Shivaye slowly said tender form. The man also said the same to her. She said oh, I lost that tender because of some mad blue eyed male cat, I was just getting the milky layer and the cat ruined it jumped over. The man said you should have kicked that cat. Shivaye heard the conversation and looked at him. The man understood and told Anika to greet the cat from his side. She asked what. He asked her to come to the address and ended the call. He said sorry Sir, I did not know she was talking about you. Shivaye said all doors will be closed for you from today. Anika told Sahil that he was right about praying to the Lord, and the Lord answering their prayers. Shivaye heard Pinky and Shakti talking about Roop. Shakti said you dealt well with Roop, I told you about her. Pinky said I am Pinky, Roop can’t fool me, I have gotten her kicked out. Shivaye was puzzled seeing them talking well and left.

Tej went to Jhanvi and talked well to her. He said I wm proud of you, Pinky won, and you are no less, I felt you will leave today. She said yes, but this house did not let me go. Rudra and Om looked on and were surprised. Shivaye came to them, and they said their parents are talking well today. Shivaye said marriage, Om said complicated and Rudra said very complicated, I don’t understand why people marry. Om said why not, if two people love each other, why can’t they spend all thier life together. Rudra said one can’t hear the same song always, marriage is the same, logic. Shivaye asked how are you expert in relationships. Om said you don’t know real relationship. Rudra said you know a lot right and they argued. Shivaye said, wait a min.

Dadi cried and asked Roop why did she steal in her own house, you can’t stay here now, you are my blood, I will send you money for your expenses, diamonds can shine, but they are stones, happiness is by family, not stones. Roop apologized and Dadi left. Roop starred at Jhanvi and Pinky.

Shivaye asked Om did you see the art galleries. Om said yes, I chose one. Shivaye asked him about his paintings. Om said I am preparing, one left, will be completed tomorrow, it was a great day. Rudra asked them to ask him too and told them about his girlfriend. Om asked Shivaye about his day. Shivaye said great. Rudra asked how, when you did not meet Tia. Shivaye said I mean work wise, I am showing someone their place. Om said you are doing something wrong, what is it. Shivaye said nothing. Om said you gave that wicked grin again, Rudra did you see. Rudra asked Shivaye what is he upto. Shivaye said you guys will know it soon.

It’s morning, Anika came to Khanna’s place. She was glad seeing the kitchen. She liked the clean kitchen and said it’s like Katrina Kaif, so white and fair. Shivaye’s manager Khanna met her and asked, how do you see the kitchen. Anika said it’s really nice, I wish to stay here and keep my stalls here, I wish to settle here, this kitchen is bigger than my house. Khanna told the same to Shivaye. Shivaye said I don’t want this irritating details, know something important. Shivaye ended the call and said this day will be costly for Anika. Anika told Khanna that she knows just aloo puri and chane, she got other items, I will make aloo puri, you just eat that and then tell me what you think. Khanna said fine and told Shivaye. Shivaye asked have you lost it. Khanna asked is this not important. Shivaye waited for some useful information.

Ishana was ready and acted and her friend complimented her. Ishana was glad and said I hope this typical look works. Her friend called Om as Jiju. Ishana said just Varun Dhawan is your Jiju, Omkara is just a target, once my work is done, I won’t see his face, once I stick to someone, I make the person mad, and this Omkara is going to become mad now and she smiled.

Anika cooked aloo puri and asked Khanna to taste the dish. He liked it and said it’s very tasty. She said even my slap has taste, this is aloo puri, just see, I will ignite fire at dinner tonight.

Om told the man that he likes the gallery and asked him to solve some problem. Ishana came there and waved him and he turned. Ishana’s friend said he did not notice you. Ishana said he did not see my typical look till now. She asked Om about his next exhibition and smiled. She said you, and passed by her. Om hugged Riddhima and Ishana became shocked.

Om asked what are you doing here. Riddhima said I wanted to surprise you. He said I am so happy to see you. She said I am not, you did not tell me anything. He said sorry, I did not wish to disturb you, now everything will be fine, as you have come. She said we will be together. Ishana’s friend told Ishana that your love story has ended, how did you miss this in your research, Om already has his girlfriend, what will you do now. Ishana became worried.

Shivaye reached his friend’s anniversary party and hugged his friend. His friend also spoke like Anika. Shivaye asked what kind of language is this. His friend said sorry, why did you get angry. Shivaye recalled Anika and said nothing, I recalled someone. His friend asked anyone special. Shivaye said no, where is that painting. His friend asked him to wait. Anika collided with Shivaye and looked at him.

Anika said this pasta burnt, no one should eat this. Shivaye asked her to give him the pasta. She tried to stop him, but he insisted. She asked him to have it then and served him,he ate the burnt pasta and looked at her.


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