Ishqbaaz Tuesday, 23 November 2021 On Atinka Tv: Episode 32-33


Ishqbaaz Tuesday, 23 November 2021 On Atinka Tv Shivaye went to Anika and held her close, assuming her to be Tia. He said I know you feel I don’t have emotions in me, that’s not true, it’s just that I can’t express it. He didn’t see her face. Anika turned and the curtain came in between then and Shivaye moved the curtain. Rudra and Om smiled and said Shivaye is businessman and also a Ishqbaaz. Tia came and asked Shivaye what is this baby. Shivaye became shocked seeing Tia. Rudra and Om asked Shivaye to tell them what is this. Shivaye and Anika together said it was darkness and they did not see each other, they did not know of each other’s presence. They together explained. Flashback showed Anika getting scared of darkness and switched on the lights. She thinks of her work to get the forms back. She said I don’t like to see Shivaye’s face, but I need this job for Sahil’s case. Priyanka came and asked what is she thinking about. Anika said Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Priyanka asked what. Anika said you all should keep the directions board to reach everyone’s room. Priyanka said I will manage the left wing, you manage the right wing, happy now. Anika said fine.

Tia surprised Shivaye. He said Tia, I don’t have time for aura cleaning now. She said I give you time for family and work, can’t I be selfish and steal you for myself. He said ofcourse. She said Shivaye baby, I am staying here tonight to spend quality time, we both should care for each other, I am giving my 100%, come on show me your care. He said you are right, I was busy, we should spend time together. She asked him to freshen up and come, she is waiting here. She switched off the lights and left.

Rudra told Omkara about Ruhi/Rumi not giving him attention. Om said maybe she has no interest in you. Rudra asked will she have interest in you, I have biceps, style, what do you have. Om said I have Riddhi ..maa…. and laughed. Rudra said what was that. Om said a famous line, you are dumb. Rudra said girls find chemistry with me, don’t know what Shivaye and Tia has between them. Om said they are marrying. Rudra said so what, I think I should romance on the entire family’s behalf, you are intense, why are you wasting life, you and Shivaye got committed too early, don’t know when will romance come in Shivaye’s life again.

Anika came to Shivaye’s room and was worried seeing the darkness. She looked for the switch and went towards the lighted area. She went behind the curtains. Shivaye came there and thinks that’s Tia. He said Tia and her candles and smiled. He went to Anika and held her close. He didn’t see her face. He held her hands too close while hugging her from behind, and her bracelet’s tiny hanging moon gets stuck to his watch. He said I know you feel I don’t have emotions in me, that’s not true, it’s just that I can’t express. She recalled their moments and turned to him. A curtain was between them. He moved that away and turned to Rudra hearing him. Rudra did shayari.

Rudra and Om smiled. Shivaye looked at them. Tia walked into the room. Shivaye was shocked seeing Tia, and then turned to Anika. He became angry. Tia asked Shivaye what is this baby. Rudra and Om ask Shivaye to tell them what is this. Shivaye said Tia you there. Om also does shayari. Rudra said what a bonding, I understood your shayari for the first time. Shivaye and Anika together say it was darkness and they did not see each other, they did not know of each other’s presence, they both explained together.

Anika said Shivaye came and started complaining a lot. Shivaye said shut up, let me talk. He told Tia that he was confused and thought it’s was her. He asked Anika why did she come here. Anika said I came to take the forms. He said burn that. Anika said but Dadi said it’s to be filled. Om smiled seeing them still holding hands. Om asked Shivaye to leave her hand. Shivaye asked what. Om said leave her hand. Rudra opened his mouth, Shivaye left Anika’s hand. Om said you wanted to romance of the entire family, see Shivaye, he is doing much romance. Rudra joked. He said Shivaye’s idea was right, the girl was wrong. Om said no, maybe both ideas and the girl were right. Tia said it’s much negative energy here in this room, I am going and she left,Shivaye went after her. Anika took the form and told Om and Rudra that she should also leave. Rudra asked what’s happening and Om smiled.

Pinky asked Jhanvi did Tej liked the pink shirt surprise. Jhanvi thanked her. Pinky asked Tej’s reaction. Jhanvi said Tej remembered that day, I was thinking how he remembered. Pinky said it means there is still spark. They heard Tej asking Shwetlana to increase the security. Shwetlana said I can’t come there myself, but I will get security checked and done. He said fine, I trust you. He looked at Jhanvi and left. Jhanvi cried and said there is no spark left now Pinky, Tej can never be mine. Shivaye heard them and left.

Shwetlana was on the way and recalled Om’s words. She said Tej, your son insulted me and made me leave, I haven’t forgotten that, I will come into that house with respect, untill then I will stay at my place. Anika told Sahil that the house is very big, and joked. She told her about Shivaye, coffee fell on him and he was staring at me, he spoiled the forms today, I did not say anything, I have manners. He said SSO is mad. She asked what. He said Shivaye Singh Oberoi. She said he is a crack type, and recalled their moment. She said I don’t know why he keeps his room lights switched off. He said if you dislike him, why do you talk to him. She said he talks to me, I don’t talk to him. He said but you are talking about him now. She said no, I am complaining about him.

Anika asked Sahil about his friend Preeti. He said she is fine. She looked at her bracelet and said where did one moon go. Shivaye talked to the lawyer and asked how is this possible, that woman confessed her crime in the police station. The Lawyer said we don’t have proof against her, she is a helpless widow, we can’t keep her there for a long time. Anika recalled that moment and said Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Sahil said his name again, you mentioned his name 22 times, I will keep Shivaye meter from tomorrow to count how many times you mention his name. She said I had to mention his name as he took my moon. Shivaye’s watch has that moon hanging. He held his hand up, and didn’t see his watch. He worriedly said he has to do something to solve this problem about Ashok’s wife.

Om talked to Riddhima on the phone. She is making some documentary to save trees. Riddhima said if you come here, the focus will get on you, I can’t be selfish. Ishana looked on. Riddhima then uses Om’s name. Ishana said wow Om, you chose her, when I make you free from her, you will thank me.


The Episode started with Anika and Shivaye telling each other that they don’t want to talk. She said but my moon…. Shivaye held her and left. She said my moon is missing. Om and Rudra looked on and said what’s happening. Gayatri shot at Shivaye. Om pulled Shivaye and Rudra was rather shot. Flashback showed, Shivaye recalling the lawyer’s words and thinks I am not afraid for myself, I am afraid for my brothers, I won’t let her do anything. Om and Rudra came there and talked to him. Om asked why is he worried. Shivaye said I am not worried, I am busy, make egg and have it, I have to go for some work. Rudra said with Anika.

Shivaye said I was talking about my lawyer, I should be at office before he gets there. Rudra said you can’t go, hear the crow sound, if you lie, the crow will bite, I don’t want the crow to bite you. Om laughed. Rudra asked why are you touchy. Shivaye said you both are touchy, I don’t care. Rudra said Anika went to your room and then through the curtain, I am thinking from where will she come now. Om laughed. Shivaye said stop it, Tia is annoyed and not talking, I had to apologize to her. Om asked why, you don’t care. Shivaye said yes, I don’t care, have the egg, it’s cooked.

Anika walked that way. Shivaye went back to the kitchen and drank water. Om and Rudra looked at Anika going. Shivaye said fine, I was avoiding her. They ask why, you don’t care. Shivaye asked them to have water.

Riddhima was with some people to protest for saving trees. Riddhima sat under an umbrella and talked to Om. She made the others protest and acted like she is working hard. The media came to cover the protest. Riddhima protested to save the trees. Om heard her and found her words very honest. Ishana looked on and said what a sautan.

Om told Riddhima that you work for big things, I am just playing with soil. She said I am doing this to save the soil. He said I am coming there. She said no, you are not just Om, but Omkara Singh Oberoi, I want to protest on my own, if you come here, all focus of media will be on you, I can’t be selfish, I am working hard for the environment and to save the trees. He said I feel short when I see you doing great things. She said I will talk to you later and ended the call. Ishana saw all this happening and said what a drama queen. Riddhima mentioned Om’s name and got the media attention. Ishana said wow Omkara, you chose a good sautan for me, when I make you free of this girl, you will thank me, I will work by my plan and make my way.

Anika went to her room and Dadi surprised her by lighting the place. She said I know you are scared of darkness, so I came before and switched on the lights. Anika said but I have to fight with fears and win. Dadi said yes, but no war can be fought forever, tell me the work today. Anika told her about the lists and saw her bracelet moons. She recalled Shivaye and said Dadi I will meet you in 10 mins.

Shivaye talked to the lawyer. The Lawyer said commissioner spoke to Tej and took permission to free Gayatri. Shivaye said how can Tej do this. Anika came to him. He asked what’s your problem, how did you come. She asked shall I send the servants to inform you, am I a movie, that first trailers will come and then me. He asked why did you come. She said I need to talk to you. He said I don’t want to. She said my moon and stumbled and held him. Om and Rudra came there.

Shivaye asked what’s wrong with you. Anika said I am killing mosquitoes. Rudra said I think Shivaye did some big thing. Om agreed. Shivaye asked her to stay away. She said I stayed away but you hugged me. He said it was amisunderstanding, else you and me… She said I would eat poison better than hugging you, I will add poison in gajar halwa. He asked why. She said if anyone is dying, he will eat his/her favorite thing. Shivaye asked is poison your favorite thing. Rudra said no, she is saying gajar halwa is her favorite and Shivaye left. Anika said my Chand…. Rudra said Anika called Shivaye as Chand. Om said maybe we heard it wrong. She said my moon went… Rudra and Om said what’s happening. They asked Shivaye.

Shivaye asked them not to worry. The manager told him about the press conference. Om asked for what. Shivaye said I will handle it, you both don’t need to worry. Om said w baby says Maa as first word when he starts talking, we said Bhai, we are grown up now, you don’t need to bear the burden alone, you can share it with me. Rudra said share it with us. Om asked what’s the matter, tell me. Shivaye said that woman, Ashok’s wife Gayatri. Rudra said the one who was at hospital. Shivaye said she is released from jail, she wants to meet me, I am going. Om said I will come along. Rudra said we will go together. Shivaye said I will be back soon. Rudra said we will go together, as you say one for all and all for one. They joined hands. Shivaye became emotional and said okay, lets go.

Shivaye, Om and Rudra got to the press conference. Shivaye saw Gayatri. His brothers stood with him. Gayatri became angry seeing them. Shivaye looked at the numerous reporters. Gayatri said I want to expose the true face of the Oberoi industry. My husband got to know their secret, before he could not bring that secret out, they killed him. Shivaye said enough, we did not kill your husband, he cheated Oberoi empire, shall we keep a fraud in our company, even then Tej did not fire him from the job, Ashok felt guilty and committed suicide. She said this is not true. Shivaye said this is the truth. He asked the reporters how would they feel if he called them and made news of their family, there is no truth here, just leave. He told Gayatri that his weakness and guilt killed him. She said the Oberoi family killed him, I will take revenge today and aimed gun at Shivaye. They all became shocked. Shivaye looked at her and she shot. Om pulled Shivaye to his side. The bullet injured Rudra’s hand. Om and Shivaye became shocked. Rudra saw his arm shot and fell down. Shivaye and Om held Rudra.

Shivaye became angry. Gayatri aimed the gun and asked him to back off, else she will shoot. Shivaye held by bodyguards, angrily tried to reach her. Om looked on worried.


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