Ishqbaaz Wednesday, 3 November 2021


Ishqbaaz Wednesday, 3 November 2021 Episode started with Pinky coming to the kitchen. She told Shivaye about his girlfriend Tia arriving from London. Shivaye said I will meet her tomorrow. Pinky said fine, meet her. Rudra told her about Tia, Lady Baba, she talked so spiritual. Shivaye asked him to talk with respect about Tia. Rudra asked do you love her. Shivaye asked do you two have any doubt. Rudra asked did you chat or talk to her from 3am at night, did you talk to each other with love. Om asked did you both look into your eyes for few hours. Shivaye asked why, we just talked, we don’t know what problem you guys have with her, she has looks, class and bloodline. Om said you know if a person has no good family, it’s no human for Shivaye. Shivaye said yes, she is beautiful, well travelled and educated. Om said we know Shivaye doesn’t love Tia, he loved the 15 crores business deal between the two families. Shivaye said yes, love is a deal, true love is nothing. Om said I really hope that Shivaye, you have true love in your life. Rudra said I hope it happens before your marriage, else it will raise complications and they looked at Rudra.

Dadi brought Ashok’s belongings. She got a phone and called back on a number. The phone rang at home. Dadi said it means someone from this house spoke to that man. She recalled her son’s swearing by keeping his hands on Ramayan. She said my sons lied to me, I regret that they lied by keeping hands on Ramayan.

Anika got a bad dream of her younger sister taken away from her. Anika woke up and shouted Chutki. She looked in the darkness around. Sahil made her rest on her lap and pacified her.

Anika and Shivaye were on their way and on calls. She stopped seeing the road barrier. Shivaye asked has a landslide occurred? Her slipper tore and she sat on the road. Shivaye saw her after getting close and applied the breaks. His car turned round and she went back, when she was too close to his car. He came down from his car and said you… she said atleast you identified me today, you acted like you don’t know when you met me in maha aarti. He asked did you targeted my car to get under and die. She said why, I will die in the middle class way. He asked did you just get my car. She asked whats special in it. He said it’s worth 2 crores, do you know zeroes in one crores. She said yes and counted. She said seven, you are a fool, if anyone gives me 2 crores, I will run taxi business, and make it 6 crores, I am not saying anything as you are Priyanka’s brother else and He asked else? She asked why do you scare like a ghost.

Om and Rudra spent some brotherly time. Dadi came there and smiled. She thinks if I tell them the truth, will they stay happy, no, plants need sunlight, it’s good to save them from this truth. Rudra asked Dadi to save them. She asked does they know about Shivaye. Om said no, he might have reached the farmhouse to meet Tia. Rudra said why are we getting that lady Baba to marry Shivaye, she called me protein shake, her high heels and that look, trust me…. Rudra acted like Tia and said she acted to be spiritual, but she doesn’t understand anything other than her shoes, clothes and car, get Shivaye married to credit card not Tia. Dadi and Om laughed. Om agreed and said when relation is between two companies, not hearts, then it’s a deal, you say Shivaye should marry someone equal to him else….

Anika asked what else… Shivaye said thank God you did not see my anger. She asked who do you think you are. He said Shivaye Oberoi. She said you mean the world should stop and salute you?. He said it happens. She asked the buffaloes to stop and salute Shivaye, he is Oberoi. She said what’s the need of such name, when the buffaloes don’t stop. He asked who is she to tell him, who is she, what’s her surname, what did her parents do, did she do anything in life. She asked him not to go on her parents. He said I am on top of the world and you are here on the ground. She asked are you signing to the cow dung, am I cow dung. He asked what and went to his car. She threw the cow dung at his car. He signed her to stop.

Om said sorry Dadi, I can’t lie. Dadi said Shivaye doesn’t understand that business deal can be undone, but heart’s deal can happen just once. Om said Shivaye doesn’t think of heart, he thinks just of business. She said he looks like heartless, but he has Ishqbaaz hidden in him, one who loves his Dadi and brothers so much, think how much will he love the girl he chooses. Shivaye asked are you an idiot. Anika said yes, everyone has to stop here, Oberoi or anyone else. He said no one can stop Shivaye. She asked why, will you fly and go. He showed her the chopper coming and she became shocked. He walked off in style and boarded the helicopter and flew off.

Tia’s friends Laila and Shivani showed off their new earrings and shoes to each other. Tia came there and talked to her friends about her London trip. They took selfies. Tia said I have to fix the wedding theme, many called to plan my wedding, everyone wants to know about my wedding plans. They asked about Shivaye. Tia said my prince charming is coming in a chopper.

Anika told uncle that she will make the order reach on time. She saw police there and asked for directions to the Kapoor farmhouse. The inspector said it’s 12 kms away, you have to push scooty and go. Anika reached the Kapoor mansion to deliver the food. The man asked her to do food arrangements well, it’s for Tia and her fiancé Shivaye Oberoi. She thinks Shivaye is meeting her everywhere. She heard that Shivaye will be landing in very soon. She asked the guard why did the chopper get delayed. He said because of bad weather and she smiled. Shivaye’s chopper landed and he got down. Anika smiled and went to the house. He was surprised seeing her. She advised him to sell helicopter and buy 100 scootys, he can reach on time, you said something. She recalled his line and said no one can stop Shivaye, no humans and not even nature. She asked him to remember he is also a human, if you are Oberoi, it doesn’t mean the Lord will give you more sunlight and less rain. She danced when he started leaving. He turned and saw her dancing and acted like him and he left.

Shivaye told them about Anika and Anika told about him. They both hoped not to see each other’s face again, but unfortunately they met again.


The Episode started with Shivaye lifting the ghunghat and seeing Anika. He recalled the old moments. Rudra asked why did this happen. Some time before, Tia met Shivaye and hugged him. She said I left you four weeks ago and you are in some style. He said your positive energy could not come to me, but negative energy came on scooty. He recalled Anika. She asked what’s this negative energy. He said nothing. She said I have something to make your spoil better. She gave him some medicines so that he doesn’t fall ill and become only positive. He said you remember all the small things. She said yes and smiled. She said aww, smile, this calls for a selfie. She toom a selfie and told about her FB followers and likes on pics.

Rudra told Om that people stalk others on social sites and he checked FB. Om asked why don’t they do something productive like you do. Rudra asked are you making fun of me. Om said good you understood, and asked what problem do you have with Tia. Rudra said I just dislike her foreign accent. Om said that’s her slang. Om said Shivaye liked her, what we think doesn’t matter. Rudra said Shivaye doesn’t love her, we have a chance to replace Tina. He said some shayari. Om pats on his cheek. Rudra asked him not to spoil his facepack.

Om met Shivaye and asked what happened to you now, did your pulse rate got high. Shivaye said don’t joke, this is called preventive measures, I have an important meetings this week. Om said you know taking medicines without need is not good, new stock again. Shivaye said yes, Tia got this. Om said this is true love, Tia got medicines for you, I am seeing a unique gift. Shivaye said there can’t be anyone perfect for me than Tia. Om asked why do you always say this. Shivaye said to make you believe. Om said it’s to make yourself believe. Shivaye said she cares for me, she is smart and understanding, that’s why she got medicines for me, she knows I can’t afford to fall ill.

Pinky is doing preparations for Shivaye’s engagement. Pinky and Jhanvi had an argument. Shivaye asked Om not to talk like her. Om asked who. Anika told Priyanka about Shivaye. Shivaye said I can’t believe it, she was throwing cow dung on it. Om said that’s called Gobar. Shivaye said I hate that word. Anika asked what problem do Oberois have with Gobar, why do you guys hate it. Priyanka asked what happened then. Anika said then he flew in the helicopter to show me down. Priyanka said it’s called a chopper these days. Anika said I will call it helicopter. Shivaye said then I got chopper to show her. Om said that girl has guts. Priyanka said I think Shivaye should not have done this. Shivaye said I should have called two choppers, I don’t like to see his face again. Anika and Shivaye spoke against each other. Priyanka and Om calmed them down. Dadi heard Shivaye and said that girl has something. Priyanka said it’s Shivaye’s engagement rehearsal, I need to go. Anika asked why, can’t he get engaged at a go. Pinky asked Jhanvi to send her two sons and see, one becomes Dara Singh, and other has woman type hair and makes statues.

Jhanvi asked her to stop it. They asked each other to shut up. Rudra asked Dadi the score. Dadi said it’s equal by now. Rudra said it would be fun if anything breaks. Dadi asked how will we dance when the rehearsals start. Rudra said chill, it’s my brother’s engagement. Om asked Shivaye to think of his engagement decision. Shivaye said I am sure of it, so I decided. Om said you should commit to marry to whom you love. Shivaye said love and marriage, you know our family, Jhanvi drank all day to forget her pain, your dad has a mistress, even then they both stay under the same roof, my mum loves money more than her son, my dad runs from all his responsibilities, everyone hates each other here, even then they are here together, why, you know it’s because of name, money and power are the base of every relation and he cried.

Om said I have seen this, don’t make this mistake, our parents made every relation a business deal, you don’t do this, you don’t love Tia, you know this well. Shivaye said yes and laughed. Om said mark my words, one day your life will be someone’s else, she will get wound and you will get hurt, she will be glad and you will smile, that day no one can stop you from falling in love, you will believe in love after falling in love, that day you will come crying to me. Shivaye said this won’t happen with me, but thanks for the advice. He hugged Om and said elder brother, I have to go.

The gay choreographer came there and Rudra smiled seeing him. Rudra asked are you alright. The choreographer smiled and starred at Rudra. Rudra said your phone. The choreographer said the connection got cut, and it can connect any moment, I am feeling down. Rudra run and the man hugged Pinky. She said at last my choreographer came. He screamed seeing Pinky. He said I need a break and run.

Tia called Om but he was busy. She said Om would be busy in the studio, I will call Rudra. Rudra got her call and said why is Lady Baba ji calling me. She asked how are you, I have sent positive energy for you from London. He asked her to send cash or any of her friends. She laughed and said you are so funny, I am coming home to surprise Shivaye. He asked why, just talk sensible and that will surprise Shivaye. She asked him to joke later and do what she is saying. Rudra said I have to do something of this Tia. The choreographer held Rudra’s leg and said I have thought of some steps for the bride and groom. He asked Rudra will you become the groom for me. Rudra said no, go and teach the bride and groom. Pinky asked the man to teach her. The choreographer explained the theme and got close to Rudra and she became worried. The choreographer said how will I do all this, my assistant did not come, who will take my assistant’s place. Rudra smiled seeing Anika coming home with Priyanka.

Rudra asked what if I make any statue stand instead of your assistant then. The choreographer asked will you do this for me and was glad. Anika told Priyanka that she will leave now. Rudra stopped Anika. Shivaye said I am going for a meeting. Dadi stopped him. Rudra convinced Anika to stand there and assist the choreographer but she refused. He requested her by calling her Didi. She said fine, but just for few mins. Rudra asked Shivaye to come for the rehearsals. Dadi emotionally blackmailed Shivaye and he agreed. The choreographer asked the groom to lift the ghunghat. Shivaye went to Anika and lifted the ghunghat. They became shocked seeing each other and recalled their past fights.

At the pub, a goon aimed at Om and Rudra. Shivaye came in between and asked the man to shoot him. Rudra said the goon has a gun. Shivaye went to the goon and said come on shoot.


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