Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st April 2021 Pt2 On Adomtv- Episode 71

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

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The Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st April 2021 Pt2 episode begins with Ravish regaining consciousness. He sees Atharv isn’t in the room and Sujata is also unconscious. Ravish tries to wake up Sujata and asks her, are you fine?” Atharv went out and saw Vividha but vividha didn’t see him. Daddy ji comes to Vividha and asks her to come along with her as she wants them to discuss some important issue.  Vividha shuts the room door and goes. Ravish sprinkles water on Sujata. Meanwhile Atharv switches off the room lights and begin playing.

Sujata Regains consciousness and asks where is Atharv? find him. Ravish asks her to get up. Sujata asks Ravish to go ahead and find Atharv. I’m fine, she said. Ravish replies, yes, I will find him. Aditi send Ravish a message and asks, where are you? mum is feeling unwell and was admitted to the hospital. Ravish gets shocked, hearing this.

Suman sees Ramakant’s picture. Aditi calls her and asks her to come inside the hall, Ravish….  what happened to Ravish? Suman asks, she rushes to the hall and asks what happened? Ravish comes and asks are her, are you fine? I came feeling uneasy after seeing your many missed calls. 

Aditi says sorry mom to give you tension, we wanted to give you surprise. Suman replies, I’m fine, the blood pressure got low. Vividha took me to hospital alone, where were you Ravish? She asks. Ravish replies, there was a briefing in the cantonment, and my phone was on silent. Meanwhile he was thinking about how to find Atharv, he would be here, he said.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st April 2021 Pt2

Suman asks what’s all this dishes. Daddy ji explains that we don’t regret anyone’s death in the army, it’s Ramakant’s one month death anniversary, and we should think of his good memories. Suman agrees, we should celebrate his good life. Daddy ji tells her Vividha did all this. Suman thanks her.

 Vividha makes her take her seat. Kalindi’s son noticed how Vividha is always ready to help and speaks about it. Suman replies she is my daughter, not just an inlaw. Vividha goes to get cold drinks. Ravish sends Situram a message to be alert as Atharv has run away.  

Daddy ji asks Ravish to come. Ramakant was a true soldier, he said. Suman added, and a true person. They all cheered. Aditi asks Ravish to sing a song but he refuses. Aditi asks Ravish not to go. Ravish gets worried. Suman asks Aditi to play the Kishore Kumar song. Sujata hears it and reveals that Ramakant liked this song. Suman weeps. Atharv hears the song and dances in the room. Ravish sees Vividha.  I will put my phone on charge. Bhoomi said and went. Bhoomi sees Atharv in Ravish’s room.

She gets scared thinking it might be someone dangerous, she shouts at the thief, he is there in Ravish’s room. Everyone gets shocked. I will handle it alone, Ravish said. And don’t panic, he said. Ravish goes to his room and shuts the windows and door. He informs Atharv that we have a dangerous situation here, we will go to the secret place. 

Atharv salutes him and dances. Ravish tells him, the enemies can come here anytime, come fast. But Atharv didn’t listen. Bhoomi continues saying, there is a thief. Vividha asks, how was he looking? Bhoomi replies, he wore blue kurta and there was something in his hand.  it means Atharv is not my illusion, vividha said. he is here. Situram comes and Ravish asks him to get ropes. Vividha runs upstairs.

Ravish ties Atharv’s hands. He asks him to come. Vividha knocks on the door and calls Ath……. Ravish and Situram tries to take Atharv. Vividha calls out Ravish and asks him to open the door. Situram ties Atharv’s mouth so he wouldn’t shout. Kalindi and everyone comes there. 

please don’t beat the thief, vividha said. we should give him to the police, else the blame can be on you, are you fine? She asks, Kalindi’s son Vipul says I think we should break the door. Atharv pushes Ravish and Situram.

Vipul breaks open the door. Ravish worries seeing Atharv lying on the ground. Everyone gets inside the room but doesn’t see anyone. Ravish lied that Situram was cleaning the room and it was him Bhoomi had seen.  Kalindi asks, we called you out so many times, but you did not answer. Ravish replies, I said I’m fine. I think you all did not hear.

 I think this door is jammed, we were trying to open it. Vipul teases. Bhoomi got scared seeing Situram. He said and laughs. Meanwhile Atharv is hidden behind the sofa. Ravish asks everyone of them to go, as he will change and come. Situram asks Atharv to stand straight. He takes Atharv back. Sujata tells Ravish, you are bearing the troubles, and I can understand, you are a newly married couple and hiding all this from your wife.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st April 2021 Pt2

Atharv stares keenly at Ravish. Ravish asks what, explain to him I’m doing this for his good. But Atharv says, I was going, and you got me here. He behaves like an annoyed kid. everyone is bad, Atharv said and cries. Ravish tells him, if you don’t talk to me, then I will get annoyed with you. He forwards his hands to Atharv to get friendly with him.

Precap: Atharv opens a laptop and tells Sujata that the girl is here. Sujata sees Vividha. Bhoomi gives him the sweets. we went to Vividha’s house, Kalindi said. We were even meeting their neighbours Sujata and Atharv. Ravish and Vividha get shocked.

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