Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021


In the beginning of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd March 2021 Pt1, Vividha was calling out Atharv loudly waking Ravish up from sleep. Ravish turns to her and removes his head plugs. 

I’m sorry, he said. My workout timings are early. I will be careful from tomorrow in order not to disturb you. Vividha gets up. He laughs seeing her eye kajal spread under her eyes. Noticing the look on vividha’s face, He apologizes to her and then vividha asks what happened and why he is apologizing.

 She looks into the mirror and recalls Atharv’s words. Vividha starts crying. I am sorry, he said. I should have not laughed, Ravish thought he might have hurt vividha. you look funny, like a commando going to war, I’m so sorry. Please wipe your tears. H gives her the tissues to wipe her face with. Vividha takes the tissue and goes to the washroom.

Uma comes to the temple and sees the blood marks, metal rod and beads. She recalls Kailash’s words and asks a couple about it. They replied to Uma that some goons had beaten Atharv, when they came to the baraat.  we came to help and then went back. They added.  

I heard he was beaten up a lot. Uma asks about the whereabouts of Atharv. The couple replied, we heard he was left nearby and almost at the point of dying. We don’t know if he survived or not, the said. you got your daughter into a rich house, if you had to do this, why did you fix the marriage with Atharv? He is the only breadwinner of his family. your daughter will not be happy, you all got the curse, be afraid of the Lord’s hit.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd March 2021 Pt1

Uma touches the blood on the ground and holds the beads. She cries. Uma recalls Vividha’s words. Vividha washes her face and cleans the kajal. Uma calls Vividha. Vividha asks her if she found out the whereabouts of Atharv. is he fine, she asks. Uma replied. I couldn’t find Atharv and Sujata. none of them returned home for the past 2 days. I asked the nearby people here and they told me Atharv was badly injured. But not to worry. Am trying my best to find out. Vividha drops the phone and keeps thinking about the past with Atharv.

She stands in the shower and her sindoor washes out. She thought of Atharv and cried. Ravish’s family sits to have breakfast. Ravish joins them too. Suman offers to wake Vividha up. She is awake, Ravish replied.  She got up when I was leaving for work. He explained. Then why did she not come here for breakfast, they asked, and did you inform her it is time for breakfast? She was upset because I laughed at her. Ravish replied. She  asked what happened.  actually her kajal spread on her face, I could not help it, she was looking funny. So I had to laugh. They laughed also. Suman goes to talk to Vividha.

Kailash asks Dubey how can this happen? and further asked about the whereabouts of Atharv. where is he? find him. No accusing fingers should point at us, just find him out if he is in any hospital. Ankit comes and tells Kailash,  “that day. I was also in the temple, and I was getting angry at Atharv. Kailash asks what did you do? tell me.

Suman looks for Vividha in the room and hears her cry from the bathroom. Suman asks what happened, why are you crying? is everything fine. Vividha answered, yes, I’m fine. Suman asks her to freshen up and come for breakfast because everyone is waiting for her. Vividha answers that she will be coming soon. Suman goes to Ravish and tells him, you are eating food here while Vividha is crying in the bathroom? 

Ravish replies, I did not laugh intentionally.  it is her first day with her inlaws, she will be homesick, you should be sensitive towards her feelings, she needs you, I don’t want her to get hurt. He said and further advised. she should feel at home and also feel she is special to all of us. she should not have any sense of incompleteness or think that your love is less. why are you sitting here? go and get her so that you two would have breakfast together.

Suman is right, Dadi hi replies, this war is won after losing, go for it. there is no field training for this, I’m sure you will do it. you have to learn on your own. Ravish replies okay and goes. Kalindi says the new bahu’s nuances started soon. Suman answers, this is called sensitivity, we have to make Vividha feel comfortable, she is our responsibility. 

Daddy ji agrees with Suman. Ravish goes to the room and thinks on what he should tell Vividha. He knocks on the bathroom door and calls out Vividha. shall I get something for you to eat? He asks. Vividha…….He calls and knocks again. Vividha…open the door, else I will come inside. He said.

He turns and sees Vividha coming out. He  I’m sorry for whatever happened, he said.  Come and let have breakfast. But vividha tells him she isn’t angry. He says if you do this…..he was about saying something when  His sister comes and greets her, asking her to join them for breakfast. Vividha finally agrees. His sister says, we will be waiting and goes. Ravish got lost in her thoughts.

Kailash asks Ankit what he did.  Ankut replies, I have hit the hammer on his head. Kailash gets shocked and asks, did anyone see you? Ankit tells him, Sujata was there. Kailash thinks there is no police report filed till now, maybe nothing happened. Uma looks on. Ravish comes down with Vividha. 

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd March 2021 Pt1

Suman asks her if she is okay. Daddy ji asks her to sit. Kalindi says to Vividha, how did you come, you are a newly wedded bride and its your first day at home, no sindoor and mangalsutra. 

Suman says sindoor and mangalsutra become part of marriage and body too, your simplicity is really lovely. She says Ravish, this mangalsutra and sindoor are your responsibility now, make her wear this. She gives her the sindoor and mangalsutra.


Daddy ji asks Suman to explain to Vividha about the Mu dikhai ritual. Suman tells Vividha to be ready on time, punctuality is followed like Dharm in this house. Suman tells the guests that Vividha would come. Vividha talks to Uma about Atharv. Atharv says he was beaten up brutally. Vividha gets shocked and everyone hears the glass breaking sound from her room.

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