Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

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In the beginning of the Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd March 2021 Pt2 episode, Suman was giving the sindoor and mangalsutra responsibility to Ravish. Suman turns Vividha to Ravish. Ravish took the mangalsutra and helped Vividha wear it. Suman then gives the sindoor to Ravish. He takes it and applies the sindoor to Vividha’s hairline. Vividha holds her saree cloth tightly, and holds her breath angrily. Tears started holding in her eyes.

Kailash asks Ankit not to use his tongue or else he will use it off. Kailash says this and goes away. Ankit turns and sees Uma. Uma questions him, what did you do to Atharv? And where is he? Ankit asks, why are you asking me? Don’t ever think of talking to me again. He said this and  went away.

Suman asks Daddy ji if he should organize caterers for mu dikhai. He agreed but  said. We have to first talk to Vividha and explain to her what the Mu dikhai is about. I did not tell her, but she is matured enough to understand, she said. she didn’t come from our background, he reminded her. she will stand up to our expectations, I’m sure very much sure Vividha and Ravish are soul mates and she will shower her love on Ravish. Ravish looks on.

the Lord can’t be unjust to me twice, Suman said. I have seen Vividha’s face, it seems like a blank page of a new book, now Ravish and Vividha will write together on it.

Uma stops Ankit and asks him about Atharv. Ankit replies, I don’t know who he was. a milkman? it’s good he and his mum are gone. Uma slaps him and replies, he was nothing to you, but he was my son. if he was my only son, I would have been glad. And if I slapped you from birth, it would have been good, you would not be like this, people restrict girls. but the restrictions should be on guys like you.

At least you can learn to respect your mum and sisters, I will rectify my mistake, tell me, but where is Atharv? Dadi and Guddi look on. Ankit worries and says, I don’t know. Uma then said. you will know it and you must remember.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd March 2021 Pt2

Ankit starts screaming and crying after she beats him with a broom. Guddi asks Ankit to confess. Where is Atharv,? Dadi shouts at him. Ankit replies, I will tell you. That day when Papa and Vividha left the temple, I was there. and I was the one who beat Atharv with a hammer. They all get shocked hearing this.

Suman gets Vividha ready and tells her, I know you didn’t feel good at Kalindi but don’t feel bad either. mistakes are to be learnt from. you are beginning your new life, and i’m with you. I will never ask anything, just show love to my son. you already love him, don’t you?

Suman explains to her about how the ladies are addressed by their surnames, and how they are  ranked by their commanding posts. She asks Vividha if she understands all what he is saying. punctuality is regarded as Dharm in the army, he said. come on time at 5pm, if anyone asks anything, answer politely, come on time, don’t forget. Suman goes and sees the arrangements getting done. Bhoomi says such arrangements did not happen at my mu dikhai time. Suman welcomes the guests. 

The lady tells Mrs. Vashisht, you did not come to our association to meet with us the last time, we accumulated money for assisting the army families. Ravish comes and greets them. The lady congratulates him and tells him, your Colonel told me that you shot down those terrorists and your name is recommended for an award. He thanks her. The lady asks where the bride is. she would be coming any moment now, suman replies.

Uma calls Vividha. Vividha asks about Atharv, where he is? She asks. Uma asks her, are you alone there. Vividha replied, yes. I don’t know, but i guess something bad happened, after you left. She told vividha. Atharv was beaten brutally at his head, and maybe…. She reluctantly said. Vividha shouts, what? I don’t know, and no one is able to confirm whether he is alive or….. Vividha shouts Maa…..

Everyone waits for Vividha. Kalindi finds Suman feeling tense and thought to himself. Suman should  not have told Vividha about punctuality. I think there is some misunderstanding, suman said. Vividha was ready, I think she was waiting for Ravish. She asks Ravish to go and get Vividha.

Vividha asks,  how come Atharv’s whereabouts are unknown? where is he? Who had beaten him and why? Papa told his goons not to touch him. Uma asks her to talk in a low tone. Vividha answers no, till Atharv is found, I will not sit in peace. Uma asks, what if anyone hears you there…  I don’t care, vividha cries. Ravish comes and shakes the door hearing her shouting.

He asks Vividha, what happened? tell me. Vividha asks Uma, how did that happen and who did it? She moves back and the vase falls. Uma gets worried hearing Ravish and the breaking sound of the falling vase. She quickly ends the call. Ravish asks Vividha, what is the matter? tell me. She steps ahead, and he puts his hand under her foot to save her foot by getting hurt by the broken glass. She moves back. He turns his hand and she cries seeing the glass piercing his hand. He removes the glass piece.

The lady said, I think we will come here some other day. Daddy ji said. Vividha would just be coming. Ravish has gone to take her.  I’m really sorry, Suman says, I will go and see her. don’t worry, the lady said. We are one family, go and see what happened. and all the ladies leave. Kalindi asks Suman what’s happening, what is Vividha doing? what was the sound from. I will go and find out. Suman tells Kalindi, no, you wait. I will go and see.

I’m asking you again, what is the matter? see, leave me alone. I can’t leave  sad. you are alone, since you met me, you are lost and silent. you were talking angrily on the phone. Please tell me the problem. I can’t say anything, just leave from here. I told you, you did not listen, I won’t go till you tell me the problem. I don’t need to tell you anything, she said. Suman calls out Ravish. Ravish asks Vividha not to say anything, else the problem will increase. He injures his hand with a glass piece. 

Vividha asks what are you doing? He asks her to be quiet. Suman comes in and asks what happened. Ravish replied, as Vividha was shouting, I came here and my hand had hit the vase. And this is why my hand is bleeding. I asked Vividha to go and meet guests, but she is not ready to leave me alone.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd March 2021 Pt2

Suman says it’s just a small cut. There is nothing to worry about. you are married to a soldier. the lady went from here and this will become a joke, but don’t worry, I will call her and explain. She gives her a first aid box and asks Vividha to dress his wound. Soldiers usually get small wounds, but don’t worry.  Ravish if she gets tense seeing your small injuries, you should be extra careful. Suman said and went from there. Vividha looks at Ravish in awe.

Precap: Ravish says you are my wife, i am an army soldier, I don’t want you to talk indirectly, I just want to ask you one thing, just say yes or no, did this marriage happen against your will because you were helpless?  yes or no? Vividha looks at him.


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