Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

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In the beginning of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd March 2021 Pt1, episode,  Ravish asks what’s wrong with her.  Vividha replies saying this has got nothing to do with him. It has got nothing to do with me before but it is now. 

Ravish replied, and asked vividha to tell him.  Uma cries saying, how will Vividha have a new beginning without forgetting about Atharv. I’m worried, she said. Dadi asks Uma, do you think she can ever forget about Atharv. Vividha made me give her my word that we will find Atharv.

 Guddi replies yes. we all have to know where he is, we must find out if any bad thing has happened to him. don’t say this, dadi shouts at her. Uma says if it’s the worst news, if Atharv is not alive, then what will I do? till Vividha knows where Atharv is and how she will not be able to move on in life.

Ravish tells her, you are my wife. I can see it, you don’t look happy. I will share your life’s happiness with you, look at me. i am a military man. I talk straight, I want a yes or no answer, if you think I can understand the expression on your face, it won’t happen that way. I will only understand whatever you tell me. 

I want to ask you a question, and I want the reply in a yes or no answer. Did this marriage take place according to your wish? She replied, yes. this marriage took place per my wish. He further asks, what problem do you have with me or my family? you were shouting on the phone. 

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd March 2021 Pt1

no, I was talking to my mother, do I need to tell you everything. She asks. no, never, I respect your private talk with your mum, I just wanted to know your wish. If you said this marriage happened according to your wish, I’m glad. 

My mum is very happy for me, her smile and happiness matters a lot to me. she feels we are made for each other, and she should feel so. I hope you will support me in this? He asks. She remembers Atharv’s love for his mum Sujata. She goes from there.

I don’t want to know what state  Atharv is in, just see if he can become a threat for me or not, Kailash is standing at the top of the mountain when a small jerk can make him fall. I will succeed, Atharv should be alive anyway. Uma hears him. why didn’t you get scared when you assaulted Atharv? 

But now fear is written all over your face. I have got prove that Ankit hit Atharv with a hammer. I will call the police and ambulance for you as well. He sacks her to go. and remember, vividha whom you want to help is under my control. Kailash said. this is your last chance, if you want to save yourself and your son, find Atharv, else your life will spend the rest of your life in jail, she replied.

Vividha sees Ramakant’s picture and thinks to herself, he looks familiar. I think i have seen him somewhere. He is Ravish’s father, Suman replied. He chose you. He would have been glad if he was here. Daddy ji asks Vividha to come and have dinner. 

Bhoomi asks vividha, I heard you got worried seeing Ravish’s small wound. Kalindi asks Vividha to become strong. Daddy ji also tells Vividha not to worry, your Dadi Saas was also a civilian, when the General asked everyone to have drinks and do cheers.  even Dadisaa stood up among the army men, she said. I think she did not like your joke, kalindi said.

No, but rather, she did not understand it, suman said. she will understand this when she understands the protocol. Vividha recalls Ravish’s words. She takes the water glass, and Kalindi jokes. They laugh. Suman tell them that Vividha’s eyes is finding Ravish, right….

Guddi tells Uma that there is no hospital record of Atharv and Sujata, and asks if she should check the graveyards. Dadi replies no.  that’s not needed. He is here. Uma asks, what are you saying? Dadi replies though he hasn’t been seen, my heart can feel that he is here. And I can also hear his footsteps.

Ravish’s sister goes to Vividha and asks her, did Ravish not inform you where he is going? oh, we thought he told you. you must scold him when he comes, the army’s wife is a rank higher than her husband’s. 

Actually, he had to leave as one of his team soldiers was ill. for him, his soldiers are his priority. this should happen, Suman said. Army soldiers have a strong relationship between them. I got a warm milk for Vividha just as Uma told me. Vividha sou can sleep now. Ravish will come in morning. They leave.

Uma recalls Vividha and Kailash’s words in a nightmare. She becomes restless. She wakes up and hears some sound. She goes out to check what it is. She sees the door open and says. Atharv and Sujata are here. She goes to their house and switches on the lights. 

 she calls them out. She thinks what’s happening and sees a shadow. The door gets shut. Uma knocks the door and says open the door, is this you Atharv? She asks.  She opens the door but didn’t see anyone. She thinks. where did the idol go.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd March 2021 Pt1

Vividha recalls Atharv’s words and wakes up with his name on her lips. She sees someone and goes. Uma looks for Atharv and Sujata, and asks, where are you both? She sees the gate open and runs to see who it is. Uma sees the cows restless, and thinks. Did Sujata and Atharv come here just now?

Vividha goes out of her room and sees someone covered in a blanket. Uma says the house door was open, but where did they go, no item went. She sees the Krishna idol gone too and gets shocked. Vividha gets shocked seeing that person.

Precap: Uma shouts to Dadi and Guddi. She tells them that the idol is missing. Vividha wakes up saying Atharv. She sees someone behind her. Someone comes to her and covers her mouth.

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