Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd March 2021 Pt2 On Adomtv Ep 57

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021


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In this episode of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd March 2021 Pt2, it begins with Vividha seeing someone behind her. She screams and Ravish holds her. He asks her to remain calm as there is no cause for alarm. Vividha sees the man. Uma tells Guddi and Dadi that  theMurari idol is missing, their main gate is open and their doors are; it means Atharv and Sujata have come.

Guddi asks, why did Sujata not meet you? Dadi cries. Guddi asks again, are you sure Sujata came? I don’t know what is happening, Uma says. And where shall I find Atharv? Ankit looks on. Murari ji has made my house lonely, Uma says. She weeps. Ankit goes to Kailash and does not find him in the house. where did Papa go? he asks.

Ravish tells vividha, this is my helper, Situram. Situram greets Vividha. your mum said you will come in morning, she said. Ravish replied, yes. work ended soon, so I came early. She says, your sister said some soldiers are unwell. Ravish replied yes. it was such a situation.

She leaves. Situram says I think madam’s mood is upset, does this have anything to do with me? Ravish tells her. hide all these things. The rope and the hammer. No one should know about  this. It should remain between you and me. He tells the man to stop and be careful as the blood is dropping. The man cleans the drops of blood.

Ravish looks around and then goes to his room. He finds the room door locked and says,  Vividha locked the room and is sleeping. Vividha cries thinking what Uma’s said.. Ravish didn’t knock at the door thinking its not good to disturb vividha because she might be asleep.I will sleep outside, but if mum knows this, I will sleep outside he said. and leave early in the morning. Vividha calls Atharv on the phone. The call gets connected and she waits for someone to answer. But no one answered the call. She goes off to sleep.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd March 2021 Pt2

Ravish is sleeping in the hall on the couch. Suman comes that way but didn’t  see him. She stops and turns. She still did not see him and went. Situram wakes up Ravish. it’s 5.30 already, but why did the alarm not ring? the phone went dead. did anyone see me? Situram replies, no. Suman just passed but didn’t see you. who is there? Suman asks, Ravish hides. Situram says. I had a lot of work and so came.  I have to go before mum comes, ravish said. Situram asks, how will you go? your exercise kit is inside your room. your mum went that way.

Vividha wakes up and calls Atharv. Ravish goes to his room. Vividha sees someone and looks outside. Suman goes to wake up Ravish but he says, don’t wake up Vividha. She knocks on the door slowly and thinks, maybe he is also sleeping till now. She asks if everything is okay.

Vividha goes to open the door. Ravish comes there and covers his hand with his mouth. He signs her to be quiet. He then opens the door. Suman asks, why are you wearing these clothes? and how did the table fall. Ravish gives excuse that he couldn’t sleep. Suman smiles seeing the lipstick mark on his hand. 

Ravish sees that too. And it is fine, don’t sleep late tomorrow, Vividha’s sleep is not disturbed because of you. I’m sure Vividha would have also slept late. She said and went. Ravish asked Vividha, why she locked the door at night. you can’t do this, we share this room. I told you my mum is worried about us. you should never lock the room from now on.

 I felt you won’t come. Vividha said.  will I go if I don’t come to my room, Ravish asks. this is our room, and  I’m asking you for the second time. if you have any problem, tell me clearly.

next time, if you lock the door, I have other ways of opening it, but maybe you won’t like it, alright. Situram knocks on the door, and asks. shall I prepare your breakfast till Vividha gets ready? He tells Vividha, Sir does everything on time. Ravish tells her. breakfast is at 8pm, see you there.

Uma recalls the missing idol incident. who is there? She asks  She is cooking in the kitchen but leaves the gas on. Dadi comes and stops her, asked why he kept the gas stove on.   Uma replies, I thought someone was seeing me and so I went to check.

 Dadi tells her, the house would have caught fire. Uma replies. we all are responsible for burning other’s houses. Kailash says the devils are sleeping well. Ankit tells that Papa is not at home. But  Uma says she doesn’t care about Kailash or his whereabouts.  I just want to find Atharv, she said.

Suman asks Aditi to call Vividha, else Ravish will give her breakfast in the room. Kalindi asks why, new rules for new bahu. Suman defends. Vividha comes and joins them. Daddy ji asks Ravish about the new batch. Ravish replies saying that its tough to mould  a new batc. I told Vividha about it. He said  They all laugh hearing Ravish’s talk.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd March 2021 Pt2

Suman asks Vividha what she would like to have for breakfast.  what will she have? juice or milk. Vividha asks for juice. Suman  I will go and get it, suman said. Ravish says its fine, take this. Vividha drinks the juice. Kalindi asks Vividha about the pag phere ritual. 

call your mum and ask if you don’t know. Suman says. its important and every ritual will be kept according to the laid down  procedure. this rasam means daughter’s Maayka door will always be open for her. Ravish and Vividha will go there. Vividha recalls her words to Uma, and says. I don’t want to go Maayka. They all look at her.

Precap: Suman tells Vividha that Kalindi and Bhoomi are going with him to the army club. are you sure you will manage alone. Vividha replied yes. Suman goes. Vividha sees someone going, who is there? She asks. She sees the blood samples and goes to check the cupboard.