Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021


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In this update on Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th March 2021 Pt2, Uma was telling Dadi at the beginning of the episode that someone has thrown this blood stained cloth and showed her a stone which has a murderer written on it. whose cloth is this? She asks. Dadi replies, we will go out and see. Ankit worries. Ravish knocks at the door and Situram opens the cupboard. Ravish comes out and tells him, we will see if anyone gets to know. He said this and went. Dadi tells Uma, I don’t know who has thrown this stone and this cloth.

Ankit still gets worried and looks around. Uma says the murderer is a word used when a person kills someone. She asks Ankit, did Atharv wear this clothes when you  hit him? Ankit nods in consent. Uma asks again, what did you do to him? tell me. Atharv is here, Dadi said, we just can’t see him.

In Ravish’s family house, everyone has dinner. Avinash tells Vividha about ragging as  being part of the army camp rituals. no one will do my bahu’s ragging, suman says. Avinash tells them a joke in the regiment. Ravish can jump in the war alone. This time he has put us in tension. He has got out of a death trap for the third time. and this time he had to come for you. He goes with Ravish. Suman asks Situram to clear the table. no, I will do, vividha says. Suman stares.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th March 2021 Pt2

Vividha works in the kitchen. you don’t need to do this, suman says. I will do, vividha replies. Suman says fine, you have to manage this house. She tells her, everyone went out, and we are going to the neighbor’s house. will you come with us? Vividha answers, no.

Suman asks her, will you manage alone in the house? Vividha asks Suman to go. Vividha keeps the leftover food in the fridge. She hears some sound and goes to check. She sees someone going and the light go off. Vividha takes the candle and a knife. She goes to check what it is.

She shouts, who is there? I’m asking. who is there? She looks outside and tells Atharv. I can just feel you, I don’t miss you. maybe I’m feeling this. She goes but does not see the muddy footprints.

Ravish and Avinash are outside the house and had a talk. I did not do research and do not know about marriage success, Ravish said. but my mum feels my marriage will be a success. Avinash asks him about his holiday. Ravish answers, I extended my holiday. Avinash tells him, this is the effect of a married life.  There is some work at home and it will take time, Ravish said.

Vividha sees the lights flickering and some black hood person is seen. Vividha turns but that unknown man disappears. She asks again, who is there? and cries worriedly. She hears the footsteps and drops the knife and candle, feeling very scared. Vividha sees the shadow and gets a torch. She spots someone going.

Her saree gets stuck and vividha gets tensed. please leave me, she said. She turns and sees her saree stuck. vividha  goes to the room and the Light comes. She washes her face in the bathroom. She hears Atharv calling out to her, Vividha! and stops. She responds, Atharv and turns. But did not see him. She checks the washroom if she could find him there. Vividha holds her head and cries calling out Atharv. She hears him again and checks the sink tap. She sees Atharv in the mirror and smiles. She calls  Atharv and turns but does not see him. She starts crying. Where are you Atharv? Vividha cries.

Someone knocks on the door. She cleans her face and goes out. Vividha opens the room door to check who it is. She then asks, who is it? Ravish replies, “It’s me Ravish. She opened the door and he asked what happened. Is everything alright? He asks. She answers yes.  are you sure? Ravish asks. She replies, yes. He tells her that Avinash went, I’m also going out. And I will come late, don’t lock the door please, Ravish said and went. Vividha shuts the door and cries.

Uma talks to Gajendra that we are worried for Kailash. maybe Kailash is guilty and does not want to show his face to anyone Gajendra said. Uma says no. He is heartless, my worry is what new plan he is making. something very bad  is going to happen, she said.

Ravish comes home and enters the room but does not find Vividha. He moves forward and sees Vividha sleeping on the ground. Ravish goes to her but stops himself from holding her. He opens his laptop and sits working. Ravish sleeps while working. She wakes up and sees Ravish sleeping. She asks him to go sleep on the bed. Ravish wakes up and says, this bed is yours first. you will sleep on the ground and while i  sleep on the bed? this is not possible.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 24th March 2021 Pt2

I did not feel right to wake you up from a sound sleep. sorry to misbehave with you, she said. I kept you out of your room and spoke rudely too. please I won’t like it if you sleep there. my duty, heart and values won’t permit me, he replied. Vividha says no, you sleep on the bed. Ravish tells her, listen… He keeps her pillow and sheet on the bed and wishes her a  good night.

Precap: Ravish sees  Vividha drying her hair and  smiles. She gets ready. Situtam asks Ravish if there is any problem.. Nothing. Ravish said and gave an excuse. Vividha goes to look inside that cupboard room.


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