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In this Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th March 2021 Pt2, Vividha sees something at the beginning of this episode and gets shocked. She asks, what’s happening to me?” And why am I having this feeling? I have to talk to Maa. Uma recalls Ankit’s words and cries. Uma receives a call from Vividha but doesn’t know how to answer so she tells Dajid.  Why is Maa not answering? Vividha thinks. Uma hung up on vividha. What shall I tell Vividha? She asks. she calls 20 times a day  asking about Atharv. what shall I say? And where did Atharv go?

Ravish comes out from the cupboard. Situram sees the blood on his neck and hand. Sitaram asks Ravish, what’s this Sir? I will not leave him. we are soldiers and these are normal occurrences, he replied. I think you did not explain to him your ways, situram said. Ravish replies, I don’t raise hands on defenceless men.

I think madam is doubting you, Situram says. I don’t think so, Ravish replies. she is entangled in her own problems, you are here to help me in keeping this secret. He goes to the room. Vividha comes and tells him, I know everything. Ravish turns and looks at her.

He asks vividha, how did you know? I did not have any military training, vividha said. but I can see you are hiding something. He smiles and says yes, I’m hiding something, but just as I can’t ask you what you are hiding, you also can’t ask me anything. The rules are the same for both of us.

He asks her to promise. I promise, she said. good, he says. I just came to take this. He takes a first aid box and goes. Dadi cries at home. Someone calls her. She answers the call. It’s Vividha who was calling. Vividha asks if everything is fine? I want to talk to Maa, she said. she went to the neighbor’s house for some function. 

Did you find anything about Atharv? Vividha said. Dajid replies, we are trying. we will tell you when we get to know anything. whenever you get to know anything, call me at any time. Dajid says sure, and ends the call.

Vividha cries and wipes her tears. She sees someone outside on the lawn. Vividha stands in the window again. Vividha sees Atharv. Atharv! She says and runs to him. Vividha goes out of the house and smiles. But she didn’t see anyone and cried. Ravish comes and looks at her.

 What are you doing here at this time. He asks.  I just felt.. she said reluctantly. He asks what, are you fine? She replies, I have seen someone here. He asks, who did I see? there is no face of illusion, she said. you may be hating me, I behave so rude and say anything, but I’m sorry.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th March 2021 Pt2

there is nothing in the world without a reason, he says. everything has a reason. How did you say yes to this marriage? Vividha asks. He replied. I did not have  a reason to say no. It was my dad’s last wish that I accept this marriage. I respected him  a lot, but I was afraid of marriage. Vividha asks,  fear?

He replied. I have seen many marriages breaking in my life, don’t worry, I’m not telling you about our marriage. He smiles.  I want to tell you something Ravish, vividha tells him.  He replied, not now. Because you felt bad for me, wait until you don’t have any reason and under no tension then you tell me anything.

 when you don’t have any reason and without any pressure, I will feel better that time, till then if you want to stay rude, you can stay that way. Vividha  smiles. Ravish asks, do you smile also? You look good when you smile. shall we go inside the house? It’s very late. She goes. Ravish goes with her and opens the door for her. He then asks her to sleep. 

Ravish asks for a pillow. She passes the pillow over to him. He thanks her and rests to sleep on the couch.  if he was really Atharv, where did he go? She said. Ravish thinks, once Vividha sleeps, I will go and check up on him. I can’t call Maa till Ravish sleeps, vividha said too. They both wait for each other to sleep. Vividha falls asleep. Ravish sees her and goes out of the room silently.

this can’t happen, Situram said. I was here on duty. Ravish asks, how did Vividha see some man outside? Situram replies, I’m sure there was no one. Who can it be? I don’t know why madam like roaming around. Ravish tells him to mind his work and be careful, it’s not a small thing. many things are at stake, if anyone has doubts. it will be a big problem. Someone hears them and goes.

It’s early next morning, Vividha recalls Atharv. She hears Atharv telling her, get up Vividha, I have come, as I promised you that I will come back. She shouts, Atharv and gets up. But she doesn’t not see anyone and cries.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th March 2021 Pt2

Dadi asks Ankit, why did you kill Atharv? what shall I tell Vividha? Uma asks. Vividha calls her again.  I can’t tell her what happened with Vividha, Uma said.  I have to tell you something, vividha said. Ravish comes and then vividha stops talking and holds the call. Uma says maybe Ravish has come, she held the call.

I don’t know what Vividha will do hearing this bad news. And what will I tell her? she will break down completely. Vividha talks to Uma.  I want to tell you something, she said. I have seen Atharv, she said. Uma gets shocked.

Precap: when a person dies before time, his spirit has unfulfilled wishes, when that person loves someone from the heart, he comes back. Ankit worries. Ravish and Vividha dance and the chandelier falls down. Suman calls Ravish.

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