Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th March 2021 Pt1 On Adomtv- Ep 62

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In the beginning of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th March 2021 Pt1 Episode, Vividha tells Uma that she has seen Atharv. Uma gets shocked hearing this and asks what? you have seen Atharv? Grandma gets shocked and asks Uma to keep the phone on speaker.  I have seen him, vividha said again.  he was here, are you listening? She said.

 maybe you had some illusion, Uma said. you may have seen someone else. Vividha still insists on seeing Atharv.  he has come back, she said. Dajid and Uma cry.  I wish he came back, Dajid said. Vividha asks but why can’t he come. I’m saying he has come back. He gave me his word he will come back. And you know I  sense it when he is around. I’m telling you. He was here but why didn’t he come to meet me?

listen to me, Uma said. he can’t be Atharv. Vividha asks how can you say this? Uma replies. I’m sure because…. Uma start crying. Vividha asks her, what did you get to know about Atharv?”

Dadi takes the phone from Uma and tells her, if he was really Atharv, he would have met you. And probably spoken to you, but he did not talk to you, so maybe you saw someone else. take your rest for some time, we shall talk later. Ankit worries.

Uma asks Dajid why she has to say this to vicidha.  Dajid replies, yes he was Atharv. Uma gets shocked. Uma asks her, what are you saying? when anyone’s wish is not fulfilled, his soul wanders in the world, and  if the person loved someone truly in his life, he surely comes back. Vividha has seen Atharv’s spirit, she said.

Ravish gets a bath and comes out. He sees Vividha in the room and tries to go back to the bathroom. Vividha turns away. He takes his clothes and tells her, I will change inside, you relax please. no all this is nonsense, Ankit said. Dajid says no, this is true. That’s why I told you I feel Atharv’s presence around me, the idol got missing, the door opened.  Uma gets thoughts.

Vividha goes downstairs and sees the family. Kalindi’s son stares at Vividha and then Suman tells Vividha to sit, I was talking to Uma, she said. I told her you both will go for patphere after Karwachauth. She gives the tea to Vividha. Suman tells Vividha not to be surprised because it’s Sunday today. 

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They tell her no one  takes a bath except Suman and Ravish before noon, we all did not had bath because we were waiting for you. Vividha asks, why.  to play Antakshiri, they said.

till when will we hide the truth from Vividha, Uma said. we have to tell her, if she gets to know the truth from someone else, she will never forgive me. Uma get worried as she has hidden because she had hidden this big secret from Vividha.

Vividha plays Antakshiri with Ravish’s family. Ravish smiles looking at Vividha. Suman asks Kalindi to sing. Kalindi sings and it was the turn of Ravish but he begs that he can’t sing.  They all ask him to sing. when you sing by heart, it touches the heart, Suman said. They all insist on  him to sing for Vividha. Ravish agrees and sings a song for vividha.

it seems sad, sing something great, his sister said. Kalindi’s son says I have that song for the new bride and sings Mehendi song. Ravish smiles again looking at Vividha, while all his family members dance. Ravish’s sister tells them, we will make this Sunday special, by Ravish and Vividha’s dance.

 I will talk to Suman, Uma says. Vividha can’t refuse her. Dajid replies, yes. if Vividha comes here by listening to Suman, do you think she will go back to her inlaws after hearing this bad news. Uma replies, we can sit her down and  explain things to  her. It’s wrong to lie to her. Vividha herself will decide if she wants to go back or not. I don’t want her to stay in a forced marriage.

Ravish and Vividha refuse to dance. but They all insist they dance. Ravish agrees and asks them to make Vividha agree.  I don’t know dance, she said. Suman replies, no one is an expert here. not even Ravish, just dance as much as you can. Ravish forwards his hand to Vividha.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th March 2021 Pt1

She holds his hand and one the vase breaks. He holds her back, and sparks light in the switch box. Vividha and Ravish go for a dance. They dance and the chandelier starts falling. Suman smiles seeing them.

Everyone smiles and claps. Vividha stumbles but he holds her. Ravish sees the chandelier falling and gets away along with Vividha. Suman and everyone gets shocked.

Precap: Suman was talking to Ravish when she tells Ravish that such things happened the moment vividha stepped foot into the family for he very first time. Ravish tells someone that he can’t hide this matter and has to tell the family.

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