Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

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At the beginning of the Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th March 2021 Pt2 episode, Vividha calls Uma. Guddi asks whose call it is. It’s Vividha’s call, Uma replies, what shall I say if she asks about Atharv again? Guddi tells her to answer the call. Uma answers the call. Vividha tells Uma that she has again seen Atharv the previous night. 

Uma gets shocked and says no, you an never see Atharv, this is just your illusion. Vividha says no, and insists on seeing him.  I was going to call you, Uma said. I got to know about Atharv.  really? Vividha asks, and where is he?

 Atharv and Sujata shifted out of the city, Uma lied. he is fine, and he opened a small stable.  did he ask anything about me? Vividha asks. Uma replies, do you want him to be suffering in your sorrows? stop asking for this, you are married now. And  your family is so loving. such a loving and responsible husband is difficult to come by. 

 learn from my lifestyle. And you must learn to respect your husband. why are you saying this? Vividha asks. shall I show you I’m not worried. Uma tells her you accepted the deal for this marriage.  Ravish is now your husband and you must learn to respect that family, will you perform your duty? Vividha cries hearing this.

 fine Maa, Vividha said, I accepted this deal to save Atharv’s life, and I will keep on with this deal just for him. anyways it’s not the mistake of this family. they are so good and do not know what’s happening to me.  I promise I will try my best to keep them happy and understand them. She cries. 

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th March 2021 Pt2

 how would I tell Vividha that Atharv died, Uma wonders  I had no option than to lie. She cries. Vividha thinks she was feeling all of that about Atharv. Ravish comes from the washroom. She wipes her tears.  you are still here? Ravish asks. She replies yes. I was just leaving. The door gets stuck and she pulls it. Ravish sees the door and asks her what happened. I don’t know why this door is not opening, she said.

Ravish also attemps to open the door but he couldn’t.  I think it jammed, he said. The door is locked from the outside. Kalindi tells Bhoomi that it’s not just a coincidence that Ramakant chose the girl to be his bahu who was Sujata’s neighbour.  did you see Uma’s behaviour?  she was scared as if she was hiding anything. Bhoomi replies, I don’t know.

  We know what Ravish likes and dislikes, but Suman does not know. Suman overhears them. Kalindi and Bhoomi stops talking when they saw Suman.  Suman questions Kalindi. how can you judge Vividha like this? how could you think she does not care about Ravish?  you have no right to speak about their relationship.

Kalindi replies, I feel Vividha does not want  this marriage. You and Bhoomi have no work to do than to poke noses into people’s matters. . Kalindi replies we speak what we see. Suman tells her that every marriage is kept by both the husband and the wife’s trust and love. 

Ravish and Vividha will know how to keep their marriage, you did not keep your own marriage. Kalindi gets shocked by Suman’s words.  every marriage relation is not the same and, Kalindi says and goes. who is she to speak about my marriage, Kalindi threatens. Ramakant did not love Suman ever, and I know eVividha does not love Ravish too. Her son hears this and thinks, if Vividha and Ravish are not on good terms, then I can wipe Vividha’s tears. He said and smiles.

Ravish pulls the door close. The door opens. Ravish and Vividha falls down. He asks her if she is fine? She nods in consent. They both smile. Ravish gets up and lends his hand to her. Vividha holds his hand and gets up.

Vividha goes to take breakfast. Everyone teases her and laughs.  if Vividha’s family and Sujata were neighbors, Kalindi said. there is some connection, she added. Ravish sits to take his food also. Vividha serves him food. Ravish gets a call and excuses her and said,  I have to leave. I have some urgent work to do. Kalindi thinks Suman taunted me, let’s see what I I will do now.

Someone goes inside Ravish’s room and sees Ravish and Vividha’s wedding photo. Ravish talks to someone and tells him, uncle, I’m leaving, I can’t hide all this from my family, my wife has all the rights to know about this matter. Vividha comes there and Ravish ends the call. 

your wallet, you forgot this. Vividha said.  Ravish thanks her. I seriously want to help you, vividha said.  I know something is troubling you. The person breaks their marriage picture by throwing the frame on the ground.

Vividha offers to  help Ravish. The person/Atharv breaks the picture frames into pieces and leaves. you have the right to know everything, Ravish said. And I promise I will tell you everything  when the time comes.

Kalindi passes by their room, and sees the picture frame broken. Kalindi gets shocked seeing this.  Kalindi takes the broken picture frame and rushes to show it to Suman. who did this? She asks. this is their first marriage picture. this abshagun is made. Vividha comes there and asks, how did this happen?  Kalindi replies, outside your room in the corridor. 

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th March 2021 Pt2

where you have broken and thrown this, I know you don’t like Ravish, now you also have trouble with the picture? She taunts Suman and tells her, I knew Vividha does not love Ravish, she stays in her own separate world.  tell me, Vividha, do you love Ravish or not. She tells Vividha to say she doesn’t love Ravish.

Precap: Suman asks Kalindi if she hates Ravish that much.  They hear a sound and rush to check the kitchen.  everything messed up, when they got there. Ravish makes Vividha lie down on the bed, while she sleeps. She talks in her sleep and holds his hand, saying please don’t leave me.

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