Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

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At the beginning of the Jaana Na Dil Se Door 2nd April 2021 Pt1 episode, Ravish was trying to get friendly with Atharv. He gets his laptop and keeps it. He switches it on and tells him, we will play a song on it, and we both will dance together. Atharv gets glad and turns the laptop towards Ravish. Meanwhile Vividha’s picture is on the screen. 

Vipul jokes that Bhoomi was afraid of Situram. Daddy ji tells them she wants to have ginger tea. Vividha offers to make it. Suman thanks her. Vividha says don’t say thanks for tea. you worked hard for all this preparations, Suman said and  thanks her.

Sujata asks Atharv, what is this bad behaviour? Ravish stops her. He does not see Vividha’s pic. Atharv says I want to go out, I don’t like staying here. Ravish tells him, we will go out, two friends trust each other, I promise you. I will never harm you. Atharv smiles.

we will learn a new thing today, Ravish said.  He shakes hands with Atharv and plays a game. Sujata laughs. Atharv likes it. Sujata tells Ravish, I’m sorry for what Atharv did, he has become like this, he never harms anyone. Suman tells Vividha, you made the evening memorable. Vividha replies, the idea was of Daddy ji. Suman added, he always takes care of me, but I’m glad you respected his words, what could I expect more from my bahu. She said and hugs Vividha.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door 2nd April 2021 Pt1

Ravish asks Sujata not to cry or have any feeling of guilt. Atharv asks Sujata to see the game. Ravish said, no one has seen Atharv, he was in my room. Sujata asks did your wife not see him? Ravish replies no, she was not in the room. Sujata asks him, what’s your wife’s name? Situram calls Ravish, left without mentioning his wife’s name. Sujata plays with Atharv and hugs him.

Ravish enters his room through the window. He asks Situram to talk. He sees Vividha coming. Vividha asks, what happened? And he replied that it is nothing, I thought it was Situram. She then asks, will he take the ginger tea? He replies, sure, thanks. Vividha asks,  s if everything is alright. He answered yes, I think I’m much tired. Ravish looks at her and smiles.

Vividha  turns and sees him smiling, Ravish then goes on to look for his clothes. That’s my wardrobe, vividha alerted him, and what are you finding? She asks, my maroon shirt, he said. Kalindi and Bhoomi hear them.

Vividha tells him, I have kept it. He asks, did you keep this? Vividha replied yes, I arranged the wardrobe, sorry, if you feel bad about that but Ravish said he has no problem with that. Vividha then gives him his shirt. His hand touches her hand, but she draws her hand away. I’m really very sorry, Ravish said, but vividha replies, no need to say anything. I know there is much speaking and listening in between us.

I will go and change. Bhoomi takes away Kalindi hearing some footsteps. Situram passes by.  I feel all these things are connected, Kalindi said, but how? the distance between Vividha and Ravish, Vividha being Sujata’s neighbours. Uma getting tensed. She asks Bhoomi if she is listening.

Bhoomi shows her Atharv’s pic. Kalindi asks who what, he was in the picture with Sujata, she replied. Bhoomi says he is Atharv, Sujata’s son. Kalindi shouts. Atharv? This means Sujata and Ramakant’s son? Bhoomi said to her. I did your work, have these nuts. Kalindi says this news is great and smiles.

Sujata asks Atharv to sit here and have food. I want to have that dish, he said.  Sujata asks what? He points at the jackfruit. Sujata cries and tells him, I will make that tomorrow, how do i get it today? tell me. She asks him to call her Maa. but atharv laughs. She makes him drink the glass of water and asks him to sleep. Atharv turns on the laptop and sees Vividha’s picture. she is here, he said. Sujata gets shocked. He tells her again. Sujata thinks everything changed, but it just your love that did not change.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 2nd April 2021 Pt1

She recalls Vividha and thinks, how do i tell you? Vividha is just a picture, just a thought.  she is gone, very far.  But Atharv kept saying she is here. Sujata says fine, I made a big mistake, she is here, forgive me, calm down, be quiet, and sleep now. She calls Vividha, I don’t know where you are. it’s all because of you that is why my son is in this state. the Lord is seeing everything, and the Lord will make you pay for your deeds. Atharv recalls Vividha and says Vividha….

Precap:  we were going to meet Vividha’s neighbours, Sujata and Atharv, Kalindi says. Suman asks, how dare you say Sujata’s name? Vividha comes there. Kalindi asks, did Ramakant recommend this girl to be our inlaw? Suman replies, Vividha does not know Sujata had a relationship with Ramakant. Vividha gets shocked.

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