Jaana Na Dil Se Door 30th March 2021 Pt2 On Adomtv- Ep67

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 30th March 2021 Pt2 On Adomtv

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In the beginning of this Jaana Na Dil Se Door 30th March 2021 Pt2 On Adomtv episode, Vividha goes to that room hearing some sound. maybe he is hiding here, and then she calls out, who is here? She thinks to herself. my eyes are cheating me, I’m seeing Atharv, but he is in Himachal, it can’t be him. Atharv comes towards her as she was speaking. 

Kalindi holds her and she screams. Vividha says so it’s you?  what are you doing here, this breakfast tray was made for Ravish, to whom did you come to feed the food here? Vividha replies, I heard some sound and came here to check what it is.  I will clean this. I will get that cleaned, Kalindi said. 

come and I will show you the way out, we can’t afford to lose our new bahu. Kalindi goes. Vividha reads her name on the mirror and turns to see it. She asks, who wrote my name Vividha here? Kalindi asks her, did you stop again? Vividha goes.

Vividha makes tea for Ravish and wakes him up.  I got your breakfast and tea for you here, she said. will you have something first or tea? He replies, I will have tea, but I will first have to freshen up. Vividha asks him how much sugar will be required in his tea. He goes from there. Vividha turns and gets shocked seeing Atharv. 

Vividha drops the spoon in shock and looks at Atharv. no, this can’t be you Atharv, she said.  I’m just imagining this. Ravish calls out to Vividha and said, I ‘m coming in two minutes. Vividha worries.  no, this is not you, she said and rushes away. 

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Atharv looks at her. Vividha sees Atharv not disappearing as he used to and worries. Ravish comes out of the bathroom when Vividha was crying seeing Atharv. Meanwhile, Ravish came back and was on her other side. Ravish gets shocked too seeing Atharv in his room.

are you okay? Ravish asks him. This made Vividha gets shocked the more. He asks, what is the matter?  She gets dizzy and faints near Atharv.  Ravish calls Vividha, and holds her. Atharv gets angry seeing Ravish holding Vividha. 

Ravish makes Vividha lie on the bed. Atharv goes to Ravish and holds his hand. Ravish then asks Atharv to relax. Atharv leaves his hand. Ravish holds Atharv and tells him not to move from there till he says so. And asks him to stand here.

Atharv holds Vividha’s hand and the beads she wore falls there. Ravish comes and pulls him away. He gives him injections on his neck. Situram comes there. Ravish aks him to take Atharv away. Ravish wraps  Atharv  in the blanket and takes him away. 

They take Atharv to their secret room. Ravish asks Situram to be alert. He takes cares of Atharv. He recalls Ramakant’s words, that “Sujata and Atharv will be his responsibility after Ramakant’s death, you have to see that they get their rights, respect and status, this won’t be easy for you, I could not do this, but I’m sure you can do this, I did not have the courage, I know you will fulfil my wish”. Ravish hits his hand on the wall and said. this will be getting tougher for me each day. He goes from there.

Vividha remembers seeing Atharv and shouts.  She wakes up from sleep. Kalindi, Suman and Bhoomi come there. Suman asks her what happened, why did you shout? They asks.  Vividha replies, he was in my room, standing here. Ravish comes and tells her that there is no one except us.

 Vividha asks him, didn’t you not see anyone here?  I  just saw you, he said. you fainted when I came out of the washroom. I thought it was stress or something, and I made you rest and then I left. I came here when I heard you scream. Suman added. there is no one, it’s just us, you are safe here. 

He tells her, I think Vividha should rest, she will feel relaxed. Kalindi and Bhoomi leaves. Suman tells Ravish, I need to talk to you. She asks Vividha to take care of herself and they left Vividha keeps thinking

there is something wrong with Vividha, Kalindi said. Bhoomi replies, Ramakant chose her. Kalindi added, he could not make Sujata his wife, how did he choose her neighbour as a bride? there is something wrong, I have to find the meaning to this.  its not a small thing, Suman said. there is some problem. Ravish replies, maybe she is feeling weak or some reactions by change of air and water, she will be fine.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 30th March 2021 Pt2 On Adomtv

 She still insists that there is something, Vividha stays scared, I noticed it, Kalindi and Bhoomi leave no chance to point at her, I don’t care what they say, I’m ready to become a wall to protect Vividha, but there is something.

Vividha holds her head and shouts, no. I have seen Atharv, he was right here. She then gets the Rudraksh beads of his wrist band. She gets shocked seeing it.  Atharv used to wear this Rudraksh in his wrist, she said. it means Atharv was here. Vividha cries.

Precap: Vividha hears the sound from the cupboard. She opens the door and finds Sujata there in the room.

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