Jaana Na Dil Se Door 5th April 2021 On Adomtv- Episode 74-75

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

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The Jaana Na Dil Se Door 5th April 2021 On Adomtv episode started with Vipul touching Vividha in a very bad way. Atharv sensed Vividha’s presence and Vipul ran away when Vividha woke up. Atharv said, Vividha saw someone and ran outside. Vividha collided with Ravish and hugged him for being scared. Vipul jumped from the balcony and said, the program was going to be good but Bhabhi ji spoiled everything. I wish you better luck next time.

Atharv didn’t collide with anyone and left there. Ravish asked, what happened? Vividha said, there was someone in our room when I was sleeping. She got away from Ravish and Atharv came there but Ravish saw Atharv.

Ravish didn’t allow Vividha to turn and hugged her tight. Vividha asked Ravish, what are you doing? leave me alone. Atharv passed by and Vividha got away. Ravish saw Atharv going and left her. He said, I am sorry, everything is fine now, come with me.

He took her to his room. She said there was someone here, I saw the person. Ravish asked her to calm down and have a rest. He told Situram to grab Atharv. She apologized to Ravish. He said, don’t worry, it ok, it is a new place and me adjusting to it will take time,so rest now. She asked do you have work?

He answered, soldier’s work never has an end. She asked, what work does he exactly do and He replied, you know I am a soldier. She said, yes I know, but you are not guarding the border now, so what is the urgent work now? He recalled his duty and how sometime ago he interrogated a terrorist and caught him alive.

He said, you know the terrorist activities going on in the country. She asked what? He replied, don’t worry. She said, it is not about me, many innocent people die in such things. He said, I will try my possible best to stop it. She said, it means you are ever ready to fight and protect the country, it going to be tough. He said, it is not tough when your work becomes the motive of life.

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She said I think we the civilians don’t fear and worry. He responded, no, everyone has his/her own way of life, look at yourself, you are married and staying here with unknown people, maybe I wouldn’t have been able to do this. She answered no, you are all so good, it has gotten easy for me. He said you are becoming an army man’s wife to talk about the country and army life.

She said, you have to leave early for jogging. He said, I have some work to do, so sleep now, sorry I will turn off the lights, she rested and thought someone was there, it was someone else, not Atharv, I don’t have to be afraid of feeling that Atharv is here and she slept. Ravish shutted the laptop and silently left.

Sujata told Ravish that, Atharv always run whenever I she falls asleep.We tried almost everything than just tying him up. Ravish sat close to Atharv. He said, I thought i told you not to go out, I myself will take you out, why don’t you want to understand that it is not safe for you to go out my yourself.

Sujata asked Atharv, what are you hiding? Ravish answered, I am your best friend, show it to me. Atharv showed the calendar. Sujata said, you are now stealing things? this is very bad. Atharv said, it is already taken, it is the 16th October, Happy birthday.

Sujata said, give it to me. Ravish asked whose birthday is it, tell me. Sujata responded no one, he is just saying it, so he can keep calendar and Ravish laughed. Atharv remembered Vividha. Ravish said, let him keep calendar if that is what will make him happy. Atharv said, Happy birthday to you.

Vividha got ready in the morning and recalled Atharv singing a happy birthday song for her. She asked, do you remember my birthday? He responded, did you ever let me forget it, you keep telling me about it many times. She asked, then where is my birthday gift? He said, I don’t believe in gifts, you can feed grass to a cow and she called him khadoos.

She asked, how could that happen, he didn’t do anything for me on my birthday. Atharv was busy decorating the stable and giving a surprise to Vividha. She was very happy and hugged him and he gave her a rose and they both smiled. He then took her to the cake and they hugged again.

He said, you have to live for yourself, not anyone, nothing can come between us, and now it has become shameless in front of everyone. She called him mad and asked him to stop and she runs away. He caught her and they fell on the grass and they had a talk. He said, I can forget myself, but not 16th October and he kissed her and they smiled.

Vividha was crying and Ravish came into the room. He got ready. He asked her, what is the matter? you look lost. She replied,it nothing, shall we go out today? and he became surprised and looked at her.

Vividha requested that Ravish take her out anyplace for a change. Ravish says I’m sorry, I have some work. She says that is OK, no issue. He looks on. Suman asks Sitaram does he not comprehend. Ravish comes. She discloses to Ravish that she got utensils with dust, its like the storeroom didn’t get perfect for years, he isn’t releasing me there and clean the utensils.

Ravish says Situram will oversee. She says he is assistant, not a worker, I will clean the things. Ravish asks how might you do alone. Vividha comes and says I will help Suman and work will complete without any problem. Suman says we both will complete it well. Ravish requests that they go out, Situram will do. Vividha says no, we both will do it. Suman and Vividha leave.

Situram says there is flimsy divider between the secret room and storeroom, sounds can be heard. Ravish says I know, I need to leave for cantonment direly, you keep an eye there.

Vividha says there is a lot of residue here. Suman asks will we start. The two of them clean the storeroom. Vividha hears somebody and attempts to hear. Atharv is in the mysterious room close to the storeroom. Sujata asks Atharv what is he doing, his hand will get cut. He requests that she hush up.

He cuts a few papers. Vividha hears the sound. Suman says this utensil tumbled from my hand. Sujata requests that Atharv offer scissors to her. Atharv gives her. She requests that he sit, what will he have. She goes to get food. Suman discloses to Vividha that there is something on her nose. She snickers and shows Vividha to find in reflect.

They giggle. Atharv hears them by the divider and the photograph outline falls. He will see Vividha from the divider opening. He giggles seeing her snickering. Sujata comes and Atharv requests that Sujata see.

Ravish returns home and asks Aditi whats this. Aditi says a man came and gave this package. He asks did you let any more unusual keep this bundle and leave, there can be anything in it. She says sorry. He requests that they move away and checks the bundle. They get numerous desserts. Suman says for what reason did anybody send desserts. Vividha comes and says possibly Papa has sent this.

Suman says for what reason did Kailash send numerous desserts. Vividha says its my birthday today, Papa used to get desserts consistently on my birthday. Suman says birthday, is it your birthday, I caused you to do cleaning, apologies. Vipul says you didn’t advise us. Kalindi wishes her upbeat birthday. Daddy ji jokes Suman made Vividha work and did saas thing. Ravish reviews Vividha’s words.

Suman says I m inclination awful, we didn’t realize sixteenth October is your birthday. Ravish gets stunned and reviews Atharv. Suman says we should welcome everybody, and cooks will get food…. Vividha says no, it’s enough we are together. Ravish believes was Atharv discussing Vividha’s birthday.

Uma says its first time that Kailash didn’t wish Vividha on her birthday. She sees Kailash and Vividha’s pic. She says a dad has demolished his girl’s bliss for his pride and now he vanished. Guddi says I needed to wish Vividha around evening time, would we be able to call her now, please.

Vipul says its upbeat thing that Vividha needs to celebrate with us, similar to we are unique to her, she is uncommon for us, we should party. Vividha gets Uma’s call and goes. Suman says Ravish you ought to have known its her birthday, you didn’t wish her. Guddi and Uma wish cheerful birthday to Vividha. Uma says your Papa… . Vividha says I got his desires and desserts, he destroyed my life, he is sprinkling desserts on my injuries, reveal to him I broke this connection.

Uma says yet Kailash isn’t here. Vividha says he will be cheerful, he can never hurt anybody, he can place others in awful circumstances, I will call you later. Ravish comes to Vividha. She says it was Maa’s call. He wishes her glad birthday. She expresses gratitude toward him.

He says I think you are exceptionally famous and everybody commends birthday together, family, companions, and neighbors. She takes a gander at him. He asks right? She reviews Atharv and says no, my birthday isn’t known by numerous individuals, yet whoever knows esteems it a great deal that it gets exceptional, one of them is…. He says your Papa, he has sent numerous desserts, stunning amazement.

She says no really… . She begins sniffling. He says I think you got dust hypersensitivity, you should take medication and rest. She says I m fine. He gives her medication and requests that she rest. He leaves. She thinks to disclose to Ravish everything about Atharv and wishes he had let her say today.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 5th April 2021 On Adomtv

Atharv makes a card. Ravish comes. Sujata says Atharv is cutting papers and shading, don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on with he. Ravish says I got new drugs for him, you check this, lets see reaction. Atharv reviews Vividha. Ravish asks Atharv is he making this for him.

Atharv conceals it and says no, it’s for her. Ravish asks who. Atharv grins and says I will make it when your birthday comes. Ravish asks Sujata whose birthday is it. She says Atharv was seeing the birthday scene in PC and perhaps he is saying that. Ravish says fine. Ravish asks Atharv asks have a unique handshake. Atharv snickers and gets up. He shakes hand with Ravish.

Ravish says great, I think officer is rehearsing. Atharv says trooper doesn’t fail to remember anything, fighter’s brain is exceptionally solid. Ravish goes. Sujata helps Atharv and solution falls. She asks Atharv not to go anyplace. Atharv sees the remedy and changes the portion while playing.


Atharv sees Sujata dozing and leaves. Vividha goes following the bolt checks stuck on the floor.

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