Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th April 2021 On Adomtv- Episode 76-77

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

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The Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th April 2021 On Adomtv episode begins with Atharv changing portion in the remedy. He sees Sujata resting. He opens the entryway and goes. Vividha emerges from her room. She asks who is it and glances around. She sees the bolts controlling her the way and strolls following it. She goes out and sees adornments. She sees Ravish remaining behind the column. Ravish comes in front of her.

Ravish says sorry, I was unable to take you outside anyplace. She thinks to advise everything to Ravish. He asks did she like beautifications. She says yes and thinks not to disclose to him now as he looks cheerful. He requests that she if it’s not too much trouble, come. Atharv emerges from the room from the secondary passage. Ravish shows the diverse assortment of food. She says this was not required. He expresses a few things are finished by aim, not need. He shows her desserts. He requests that she begin having food. He serves the food.

They eat food. He takes a gander at her. Khoya hai paake tumko… ..plays… … He gets some information about her on her birthday. She says I stay in Ajmer, I have a little family in the little city. Jaana na dil se entryway… … pays… … Atharv comes towards them. Ravish asks her for what good reason did she not have anything. She says I had it. He says fine. Atharv tumbles somewhere near slamming into a window box.

Atharv searches for the hello. Ravish serves red wine to Vividha. She rejects for it. Ravish gets juice for her. They grin and drink mango juice rather wine. They sit on the grass. Ravish requests that she see sky well by resting. She says fine, let me attempt. He says at whatever point I got break from obligation on line, we used to rests and see the stars, at that point a star used to feel sorry for on us and break, we used to make a wish. She says I read the star who is with other star sparkles and forlorn star breaks, as there is nobody to hold the star.

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Ravish says then we don’t have to stress, we are together. She says commonly I sent hand to contact the stars, at that point I comprehended my hands are more modest than the longings. Ravish says fine, lets make the hands and wants size equivalent. Ravish proceeds to get a lightning bug from a bramble. She grins.

Ravish gets the bug and hands over to her. She grins. Jaana na dil se entryway plays… … . He says now your hand and wants size got equivalent. He says the sky is the limit. Atharv at long last gets the hello paper and searches for them. He sees Ravish and Vividha gone.

Ravish and Vividha get back home and see power gone. She asks fueled go, where is everybody. Everybody come and yell shock. The lights come. Vividha gets shocked and grins. Atharv hears them. Vividha says thanks to them. Suman gets cake and says Ravish intended to praise your birthday, we likewise needed to celebrate. Vipul requests that Vividha come and cut cake. He fixes the candle and says we will set the temperament. He turns off lights, and the beautifications sparkle.

Vividha cuts the cake. Everybody grin. Atharv comes there and grins. Jaana na dil se entryway… ..plays… … .. Suman requests that Vividha feed cake to Ravish first. Vividha takes care of cake to Ravish and afterward everybody. Suman says I need to advise you, that I got a wagers blessing from Lord, that is you. Daddy ji favors Vividha. They all grin. Everybody offer blessings to Vividha.

Atharv advances welcoming. Sujata comes there and removes Atharv. Situram quiets down. Sujata requests that Atharv accompany her. Situram takes Atharv. The hello nerves there. Vipul takes care of cake to Vividha and gazes at her. Sujata doesn’t see Vividha and asks Situram is that young lady Ravish’s significant other. He says yes. Sujata holds back to see her face and couldn’t see. Suman requests that Bhoomi and Aditi let Vividha rest and invest energy with Ravish.

Ravish and Vividha come to room. Vividha expresses gratitude toward her for making her birthday so exceptional and says I didn’t figure this could occur. He says birthday didn’t end, check the presents, I will proceed to change. She checks blessings.

She gets stunned seeing Atharv’s hello, where he has drawn Atharv and Vividha appealing to Shiv ji.

The Episode begins with Vividha thinking its like Ajmer’s sanctuary. She ponders who made this card, did … .. Ravish comes there and sees the hello. Sujata requests that Atharv sit, don’t get brutal, I will get new medication. She checks solution and asks Situram is this 3 composed. Situram holds Atharv and says yes 3. Sujata gives 3 tablets rather 1 by following incorrectly portion, which Atharv changed. Atharv takes meds and gets discombobulated.

Ravish asks what occurred. Vividha asks from where did this card come. Ravish says perhaps from blessings, whats the make a difference to get strain. Vividha reviews Atharv and sanctuary second. She figures this can’t be correspondent, such countless things are going on.

Ravish asks Vividha are you fine. She says indeed, I m fine, I just thought about my home. He says alright, I comprehend. She pardons herself and goes. Atharv gets savage and tosses things. Atharv gets witnesses how the thugs have beaten him. Situram holds Atharv. Atharv pushes him.

Sujata requests that Atharv tune in. Ravish comes there. Atharv takes a jar. Vividha is in restroom. Atharv gets mixed up and his vision obscures. He drops the jar. Vividha hears the sound of jar dropping. Atharv takes his Rudraksh mala and holds it to beat Ravish. He assaults Ravish, while Ravish holds him. Vividha hears the sounds again and hurries to see.

Situram passes infusion to Ravish. Ravish infuses Atharv and controls him. Vividha gets fretful in her room and says whats happening to me, I hear sound, this card. She reviews what occurred till now. She sees Ravish’s vehicle left and says he said he is going out for some work. Ravish makes Atharv lie on the bed. Sujata says there is something incorrectly, Atharv never gets so brutal, we will take him to medical clinic.

Ravish says no need, I called specialist here. She says we need to remove him from here, we will take him once. Ravish yells will you make me work, he is fine, see I understand what I m doing, Atharv will remain here, its bad on the off chance that he goes out.

Vividha goes to that pantry room. The force goes. Atharv is alert. Ravish says Atharv is fine, I addressed specialist, he is in transit, I was advised this to do previously, I didn’t do as my heart disagreed, yet whatever happened today, I m defenseless. Sujata asks what powerlessness. Situram gets chains.

Sujata asks whats this, what’s going on with you. Ravish says I have no chance, I can’t place your life in hazard. Sujata says don’t stress for me, I will deal with Atharv, you can’t tie my child by chains. Ravish says in the event that he harms himself, how will you respond, issues will expand, attempt to comprehend. Sujata cries. Situram chains Atharv.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th April 2021 On Adomtv

Sujata reviews Atharv disclosing to her that he won’t allow Vividha to bear Kailash’s torment. He says I need autonomy, nobody can chain me. FB closes. She cries. Ravish embraces her and consoles.

Vipul draws close to Vividha. He holds her in obscurity. She takes a jar to hit, and he vanishes. She turns on the lights and leaves. Vipul grins. She hurries to her room and closes the entryway. Vipul says she doesn’t come close by effectively, its fine to get her by trouble. Ravish converses with Situram. Sujata cries and sees Lord symbol. Vividha calls Ravish. She asks where are you, there was somebody in hallway, come quick. Ravish says I m coming, don’t stress.

He requests that Situram stay here. Ravish goes to Vividha and requests that she open entryway. He inquires as to for what reason did you get frightened. She says there was somebody in the hall, he held me by my abdomen, he has contacted me. Ravish says unthinkable, I realize you are strained, this house is protected, unwind, nobody can emerge out of outside. She asks were you close, you came not long after I called you.

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