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This is exactly what will happen on jaana na dil se door 6th january 2021, wednesday on adomtv, stay tune and read

The Episode started with Atharv asking if there was anyone else remaining, who he hadn’t yet apologized to. Just then, Vivida came there. But nobody was aware of her presence. Kailash got excited, yes, he said. the loyal dog felt so bad after his misbehavior and could not sleep. you should lie down and apologize to me, he said to Atharv. Meanwhile, Vivida got shocked seeing all this. There, Atharv saw her. So he said to Kailash, I would have done anything else too, as I can’t see loved ones getting hurt. Kailash hadn’t noticed her yet, so he got shocked upon seeing his daughter. He then asked Atharv to leave immediately.

But Atharv just wouldn’t listen. no, he said. I have apologized to everyone, dogs are more loyal, so I will apologize to her. I don’t want anyone to have tears in their eyes and pain in their hearts. But Kailash insisted he left as soon as possible because he forgives him. Nevertheless, Atharv went ahead to apologize to Vivida. Vivida, Atharv said, this was a big mistake. I have hurt you a lot, which I never wished to do. Your forgiveness is important than everyone’s. So please forgive me. Am sorry. This made Vivida cry. Meanwhile, Kailash was still insisting, I said I have forgiven you so leave. what’s the difference in my forgiveness and her’s. leave now. So Atharv folded his hands and moved backwards.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door 6th January 2021, Wednesday Update On Adomtv

Kailash then asked everyone to get back to work. Auntie Sujata had seen everything, so she smiled seeing Atharv apologize. She then asked Atharv to come and take Prasad from the temple. Just then, Kailash gargles and spits infront of Sujata. this is my house, he said. But Sujata reminded him that She was just going to the temple. But Kailash didn’t agree, saying that the temple was in his area. don’t dare to go there, he said. But sujata didn’t want to offend him. The temple is for everyone i guess, she said. But Kailash replied, this area is mine. He then spat water to make a line infront of her. Just then, Dadi, Uma and everyone come out to see Kailash. Atharv also came there to ask what was going on. this insult, what do you mean.

Kailash says, I’m showing you your place. So Atharv got angry but Sujata stopped him from further reactions. Kailash continued to insult then, I’m showing the line which makes your stable separate from this house. Sujata says, but this temple. I also belief in Lord Krishna, Kailash cut her words short. that’s why I did arrangements to get this temple relocated in your area. He then asked the men to do the necessary work as per Shastra. He asked them to reinstall the Lord idol. But Sujata objected to it, saying that Kailash was committing a sin, by moving the idol from that place. Kailash says, I told you I have devotion too, we pray to Mata Rani and Shiv ji, we won’t like it if Krishna is not served well. I won’t be part of this sin, so I’m giving the Krishna idol to you, you take care of it. Immediately, the cow started getting restless. So Sujata asked Kailash not to move the idol.

But Kailash insisted, I’m not breaking any idol, he said. I’m only giving Lord Krishna to you with total devotion, you can keep the idol in your area, you should be happy. There, Guddi asked Dadi to stop Kailash. Kailash is wrong, Dadi added. So She also asked Kailash not to move the idol. But Kailash replied that he knew what was right and wrong. don’t create a hurdle in whatever I’m doing, he said. He then asked the men to not damage the idol, and that it belonged to Sujata. There, Sujata tells Atharv to do something, your Nani founded this idol here and prayed all her life, she said. But Kailash scolded Atharv and underestimated his status. If you cross this line, you will be arrested for getting inside a private property, Kailash told him. this time I won’t let you get a bail, I’m returning the idol, else your mother will sell this idol too, together with the land. So if you cross this line, I will make such a huge wall, that you can’t see your idol and this haveli, so think well.

Atharv couldn’t agree more, so he consoled Sujata. But Sujata says, your Nani did not give me birth, but gave me much love, it was her last wish to light diya in this temple everyday. And now I can’t fulfill her last wish, please do something to stop them. She cried and hugged him. Dadi says, only Vivida can explain this to Kailash, where is she? I haven’t seen her since morning, Guddi replied. So Uma agreed to speak to kailash. Just then, they saw Vivida approach with a Mata Rani idol. So Dadi got happy and asked her to see Kailash. Vivida then placed the idol and sat praying. She also did puja there. There, Kailash came to calls her out.

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what have you done? He asked. you placed Mata Rani and Shiv ji idol here? I was doing this for your puja, vivida replied him. But Kailash said, no, we have to place this Krishna idol somewhere else. it will get inauspicious to place the Krishna idol away now. Auntie Sujata added her voice, this temple is yours, but don’t move the Krishna idol. Vivida says yes, you told me Janmashtami story of Krishna’s birth and Shiv ji coming to see him, why can’t three Lords stay together, they have love between themselves.

Kailash says, Krishna ji’s rituals are different, if we make a mistake, it will be bad. So Vivida took responsibility of doing the puja. There, Sujata tells Atharv that she had taken all the responsibility even before becoming her in-law. I did not have doubt on her smartness, but what to do of her father. Sujata tells Kailash that maybe their god has this wish to keep both families Lords together. so that both families can stay happy. But Kailash still asked her not to step a foot on his land, just my family will do prayers here, he concluded.

Precap. Sujata prays and keeps flowers plate there. Vivida slips and the flowers fall over Sujata and Atharv.


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