Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 114

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Beginning of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 104

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 104 starts with Ravish scolding Situram. He said, I left everything on you, my life and secrets, what did you do this?. Situram said, I know many secrets and Ravish punched him. Vipul came with police and got Situram arrested. Ravish apologized to Vipul. Vividha cried and said sorry. Suman said, I can’t believe Situram was doing this, I thought he was loyal, we can’t believe anyone else.

She looked at Sujata, apologized to Vividha and said I am really sorry, you had to bear all this here.Vividha said no, everyone has to bear for thier deeds. Suman said, I lost trust on my judgment, I found Situram loyal, he did this, if anyone else comes, how will I believe. Guddi came there and greeted Ravish. She hugged Vividha and asked, how are you? Vividha said fine, how are you too, how did you come suddenly.

Guddi said, I wished to meet you and but you came here. Suman said, you did good by coming here, it’s your house too. Guddi saw Sujata and cried, she took Sujata’s welfare and asked Atharv, how are you and hugged him. Atharv pushed her away and asked, who are you? Vividha said, she is our friend Guddi and He asked who? Guddi replied,it me your friend, Guddi.He liked the shades and asked shall I take this? and he wore the shades, Guddi cried. Suman asked Vividha to take Guddi to the room, Vividha took Guddi and asked her to take some rest.

Guddi said I didn’t know Atharv’s state was so bad, will he be fine? Vividha said, we all are trying, Ravish arranged a good treatment for him and said, lets hope for the best, how is mum and Dadi? Guddi said, they are fine,there is no news about papa. Vividha asked, did I ask you about him? Guddi said, there was a time when he was your Lord and today you are behaving as if he was nothing to you. Vividha said, cheating is like termites, which can end any relation from life. She asked, are you fine?.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 104

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 104 continues where Guddi replied, yes, I will freshen up and meet you.It was morning, Suman and Bhoomi made breakfast. Atharv came and greeted them. He took a knife and Suman asked him to be careful. She said, give it to me, it will hurt you. He called her mad.

Sujata came and stopped Atharv. She asked him not to trouble Maa. Suman said, I am not his Maa and got angry. Ravish looked on. Atharv asked Suman, why does she get angry? Ravish asked Sujata to take Atharv and she took Atharv. The Doctor treated Atharv and said, now Atharv will get injection to get fine. Atharv refused and run to the top of the sofa. Everyone asked him to come down.

Atharv asked Suman to see, they are asking me to take injection. Suman said, take it, it will be better for you. Atharv said, I don’t want to, you take it and he pushed her. Sujata asked what’s this bad behavior? Vividha and Guddi came. Atharv said, Vividha, I don’t want the injection and he hugged her. Everyone got shocked. Kalindi and Bhoomi smiled.

Atharv refused to leave Vividha. Suman got angry and looked at Ravish. Vividha moved away from Atharv and Suman went away. Kalindi asked Bhoomi, did you see Atharv’s hug? Vividha asked the doctor to give the injection to Atharv.

She told Atharv that he was brave and can take the injection. He looked at her, and the doctor gave him the injection. Vividha said, the injection is given, you did not realize, I will get you a chocolate and she went away. Sujata went to Suman. She said Atharv is not in his senses, you know his mind is like a kid, don’t feel bad, did you get hurt.

End of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 104

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 104 ends where Suman said, this wound is very old, just manage your son and keep him away from my son. Guddi talked to Uma on phone. Uma took care of Ankit. Guddi said, I am fine, you also take care. She saw someone and ended the call. She saw Kalindi and Kalindi said sorry and asked, are you fine?

I am happy you came here, Vividha needed someone close, there can’t be anyone better than sister. Kalindi talked sweet and said, it will be of help for Vividha, about her and Ravish’s breaking the marriage and Guddi got shocked. Ravish talked to Vividha.

Guddi came to them. Guddi greeted them good night and asked them to sleep and she went away. Ravish said I will leave, you sleep. He left from the room. Guddi got shocked seeing this.

Beginning of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 105

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 105 starts where Guddi was saying that they are sleeping in different rooms, Vividha’s life has problems and now my life too. She saw someone outside in the lawn and got scared. Vividha came there and saw Guddi.

She said, I got fresh towels for you, maybe you will need it, it gets cold in the night, take the blankets. She asked, what are you seeing outside. Guddi said, nothing, sit here. Vividha said, thanks for coming here and hugged Guddi. She said, I was in tension and could not call Maa and Dadi.

Guddi said, they are in pressure. Vividha asked, what’s the matter, tell me, why are you worried? Guddi said no way, why will I worry, I am just tired. Vividha asked her to sleep. Guddi asked, did Ravish sleep? Vividha replied yes, he slept and went away. Guddi went into the hall and sat reading some magazine. Atharv came to her and she got scared. He asked why did you get scared? He said, I am hungry.

She said come, I will give you some food. He sat in the kitchen. She made him eat apple. She recalled Atharv’s words and said, you saved me and told me that the person I love, how he should be, now who will save me. He said, I will save you, I am much stronger.

Guddi said, Vividha is lucky to get two loving men, you and Ravish. Vividha saw Atharv and smiled.She asked Atharv, did he get hungry again? She asked Guddi to go, she will drop Atharv to his room and Guddi went. Vividha took Atharv. Guddi stopped and saw them. Atharv showed everyone’s rooms and showed Vividha’s as well. Vividha looked at him and cried. Guddi saw Vividha crying and got a tearful eyes.

Atharv and Vividha held hands and Vividha took Atharv. Guddi went to the room and said, don’t know when anyone comes in my life, who reads my heart by, my eyes, whose hand I hold and feel like life’s all wishes got fulfilled, with whom I feel to give my life. She rested to sleep.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 105

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 105 continues where she saw someone and asked, who is there? She looked out of the window and turned. Chintu stopped her mouth and took her out. She got shocked seeing him. He said, even if you were in Paatal lok, I would have found you, I will not forgive you. He slapped Guddi hard on her face and shuts her mouth.

He said, you trapped me in love and broke my heart, then blamed me, i can forget love, but not insult, you have sent me to jail, see where I will send you. He got a knife. She hits him and run away.

He catched her again and took her to the car. Vividha thought, Guddi looked much worried today, it was not good to leave her alone today. Guddi said, let me go. Chintu said, I have to complete a work which was not completed last time. Ravish came and hits the car window to break it. He catched Chintu and got him out of the car.

They both fought Guddi looked on. Chintu’s knife fell. Ravish beat him. Chintu picked the knife and went to attack. Ravish fought well and Vividha looked for Guddi.Ravish said, this house is of soldier, soldier can protect country and knows to protect his own house too. Chintu laughed and said, I will complete my revenge. He eyed Guddi.

Ravish beats him and asked him to shut his eyes. He said, don’t even think of Guddi, Guddi is not alone, I am with her, you can’t even touch her by your thinking, understood and Guddi smiled.Ravish called the inspector. Vividha called Guddi.

End of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 105

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 105 ends where Ravish removed his coat and covered up Guddi. Guddi smiled. She said, Chintu is Papa’s friend’s house, I thought he loves me, but no, he tried to molest me, Atharv has beaten him a lot and saved my life, we had done police complaint and sent him to jail, so he came back and did this. He consoled her and she looked at Ravish.

Precap: Vividha asked, how did Chintu come?. Guddi said, Chintu was trying to kidnap me, if Ravish did not save me, he would have killed me. She thanked Ravish and smiled seeing him. Vividha saw Ravish and Guddi looking at each other.

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