Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 106

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Beginning of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 106

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 106 starts with Guddi looking at Ravish. Vividha looked for Guddi and called her. Ravish said, now this man can never harm you. He answered Vividha’s call on Guddi’s phone. Vividha asked, where are you Ravish, how did you get her phone? Ravish said, Guddi was attacked by Chintu, she is fine now, I will not let anything happen to her. Guddi smiled.

Ravish asked Vividha to open the door, he was getting Guddi inside. The Police came and arrested Guddi. Ravish held Guddi and took her. Guddi cried and hugged Vividha. Vividha asked are you fine? Ravish said, we will go to the room and talk, come Guddi. She stumbled. Ravish held her and took her to the room.

Guddi told Vividha that Chintu was kidnapping her, if Ravish did not stop him, he would have killed me, Ravish saved me. Ravish held her feet and cleaned the wound. Guddi smiled seeing him and thanked him. He said it’s okay. He applied ointment to her foot and went away.

Guddi told Vividha that Chintu was following her. She went away being worried. He followed her. Guddi came home and hugged Uma. Guddi said, Maa decided to send me here for safety, Papa is missing. She told everything about Kailash. Guddi said, don’t know how Chintu managed to come here. Vividha said, don’t think anything about it, we all are with you, if anything such happens again, you will come to me and tell me.

I will always stand with you, don’t think now. Ravish got milk and asked Guddi to have it, she will feel better. Vividha took the milk from him. Guddi looked on. Ravish asked Guddi to sleep well, and left. Vividha said, I am close to you, call me if you need anything. Guddi thanked her Vividha and left.

Guddi said, what happened to me, did I go mad, how can I think so about Ravish. Suman asked Guddi to cut onions and joked. Vividha signed Guddi and left. Atharv came and asked for sweets. Suman said, I will make suji halwa. Atharv said, I want it now. Vividha said, I will make it now. Sujata came and said, why trouble her, I will make it. Suman stopped Sujata from entering the kitchen.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 106

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 106 continues where Suman asked Sujata to ask anything she wants, but not enter the kitchen. Daddy ji came there. Suman said, the kitchen is of this house’s woman and this is my house, I hope you understand this. Daddy ji said, Suman is right, you can stay here Sujata, but don’t think this house is your home, this is Vashisht’s family house. Suman said, some people don’t have habit to show tears, it doesn’t mean we don’t have any pain, you have shared even my pain, leave something for me. Sujata took Atharv and they left.

Ravish looked on. Suman said, this woman is trying to get rights on everything. Vividha said, I can understand it’s tough for you, just think about Sujata once, she got just one room in this house, she would be feeling like she is in jail. Suman left without listening to Ravish also. Guddi askee, why was Suman talking to Sujata like this? Vividha said, come with me, I will tell you everything.

Ravish asked Suman, will you not listen to me? Suman replied no, I have shared the roof, what else will I have to share. Guddi said what, Atharv and Ravish are half brothers. Ravish said, life gets easy when bitterness ends. Suman said, life was never easy, so bitterness filled. Guddi cuts in, Ravish will have so much pressure on him. Suman said, I am a human, whenever Sujata comes infront of me, I think of Ramakant, whose eyes had love for her, he stayed with me but couldn’t become mine, he used to love only Sujata. Ravish recalled Vividha.

Suman asked, is it easy to live seeing love in life partner’s eyes for someone else? it’s tough, you can’t understand, can you see love in Vividha’s eyes for someone else? She said, sorry, I should have not told you this. He said, it’s okay, if I did not apologize to Dada ji for speaking the truth, why will you say sorry, I know it’s tough. Suman said, I just got cheated nothing else.

Ravish said, Sujata was part of Ramakant’s life, trust me, she doesn’t want to hurt you, she just loved, no one got anything, everyone lost. She hugged her and said, you are a soldier’s wife and mum, you know never to lose hope when facing situations.

Vividha said, I just see the turning in life, not the way. Suman said, what shall I do? She blessed him. He said, nothing will happen. Guddi asked Vividha, why is she taking Atharv and Sujata’s side, if Suman hates them? there will be many problems. Vividha said, Atharv is in my life, and will always be there.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 106

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 106 ends where Guddi asked, what are you saying, if you have the same feelings and love him, what is yours and Ravish’s relation?. Vividha responded, Ravish is a great man, he has a big heart, I couldn’t do anything for him and his family, Kailash got me married to Ravish, but couldn’t make me go away from Atharv, my love with Atharv did not break.

I know I did much wrong, I want to tell everyone, but it’s not the right time to tell you, I have to solve all the relations problem, when Kailash planned to separate me from Atharv, I didn’t know he is preparing me to meet Atharv. Guddi asked, what do you mean? Vividha didn’t answer and left, Guddi recalled Ravish.

Guddi told Atharv that I got that man, I am in love, Vividha had no feelings for Ravish, I really love him, I love Ravish and Atharv looked on.

Beginning of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 107

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 107 starts with Atharv asking, shall I beat Suman. Sujata replied no, she is an elder, sit quiet, sometimes mistakes are not of humans, like it’s not Suman’s mistake now, it’s our situation. Atharv said, I have seen you hiding and crying, I didn’t feel good.

Sujata said yes, I was crying for myself. She saw Ramakant’s pic and said today I was crying for someone else, Suman stayed infront of Ramakant and was much far, she would have bear a lot. Ravish hugged Suman.

Guddi thought of Ravish and went to Atharv. She hugged Atharv. He asked do you want to play? She said, you used to say one day I will get love, the man who respects me, cares and loves me, you know I got that man, I love Ravish. Atharv said, captain saab is good. She said I know, he is very good and loves you, Vividha has no feelings for Ravish, I really love him and can make a relation with him.

Atharv took a binoculars and Sujata asked him to put it back. Daddy ji said, it’s our family’s special thing, it’s for you Ravish. Ravish said, let Atharv keep it, it’s same thing, It either I have it or Atharv have it. Guddi smiled seeing Ravish. Atharv refused to take the medicines by Sujata’s hands. Vividha came and said, she will sing a song for him, then he has to take medicines. She sang, surmai ankhiyon mein. Guddi looked at them sadly. Atharv slept in her lap by listening to the lullaby. Ravish cames and looked on.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 107

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 107 continues where Vividha saw Ravish and tried making Atharv sleep on the bed. Ravish signed her to stop and not disturb Atharv. He got a pillow and placed it under Atharv’s head. She got up and stumbled. Ravish held Vividha. Guddi said, I will take Vividha to the room and they left.

It’s was morning, Kalindi talked to Suman about an army association exhibition. Ravish came and greeted everyone. He asked Guddi, how are you? Guddi replied, I am fine. He asked about Sujata and Atharv. Vividha said they are in their room. Sujata asked Atharv to come. Atharv said, it’s very cold.

Vividha came and asked Atharv to come and have breakfast, he will feel good. Atharv pulled her and they have an eyelock. He said, I will not get up. She said, I will see and tickled him. He laughed and asked, are you mad? Sujata came and Vividha said, I got breakfast for you.

Sujata asked Atharv to freshen up. Suman came and said, no need to have food in the room, you can have food downstairs, the kitchen will have just my rights place, but I promised my son that he will get equal rights, you can have food with the entire family, this jail acting will end, I can do anything to fulfill my promise to Ravish and Ramakant.

I can’t just keeping promise, not breaking, come and Suman went downstairs. Ravish saw Sujata and Atharv coming. Atharv dined with them. Ravish asked for juice and Guddi said, I will give it to you. She poured lots of juice in the glass and it overflew. Vividha noticed Guddi staring at Ravish.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 107

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 107 ends where Vividha shouted Guddi. Atharv laughed seeing this. Guddi said sorry, and passed the juice to Ravish. Aditi got a message and left making some excuse. Kalindi thought, something is wrong. She went out and met Avinash. She said, this is too much, everyone is at home, and you called me to meet.

He said, I took this risk for you. She hugged him and said, I don’t like to hide this relation, Suman and Ravish thinks I am young. He joked. She said, you look stupid, it’s your good fate that I like stupids. He said fine, let’s see what this stupid can do. He got her close to kiss her. Kalindi came there and didn’t see them.

Kalindi went ahead and saw Aditi along. Aditi made an excuse. Avinash gave a flying kiss and left. Kalindi understood there was something fishy. She saw Avinash’s bracelet on the ground. Guddi recalled Ravish’s words and smiled. She came to Ravish’s room. She took his pic and hugged it. She saw his medals, his uniform and accessories.

Vividha saw Gudddi hugging Ravish’s shirt. Vividha asked Guddi, what are you doing? Guddi made a work excuse. Vividha asked her not to worry for these things and left. Guddi took Ravish’s pic.

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