Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 108

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Beginning of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 108

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 108 starts with Guddi, who was recalling Ravish and hugging his shirt in the process. Just then, Vividha comes there and gets shocked upon seeing her reaction. Guddi what are you doing? She asked. What’s the problem? I was just arranging clothes. Vividha says, but these are dirty clothes. Guddi replies, anyways, I will wash it and help you. No don’t worry I will do it myself.

Suddenly, Guddi’s eyes fixes on Ravish and Vividha’s picture on the wall. So she takes it. She then goes to her room and dashes the picture frame angrily. How can Vividha do this to me? I was just taking a shirt, can’t I take it? I love Ravish. And very strangely, she took a match and lit the picture into flames, and then sat crying. Meanwhile, Atharv was in the house, so he quickly rushed in, only to get shocked at what was happening.

Guddi what is going on? He asked. why are you burning this? Go away from me Atharv. Nevertheless, Atharv quenched the fire with his bare hand and sees Vividha’s picture. Guddi why did you burn this? Atharv pursuaded her to speak up but she didn’t answer him. Atharv, who let you come inside here? Just get lost!

She shouted at him and then took the picture off his grip. Guddi finally managed to send Atharv away, sitting tensed afterwards. Next, Vividha sees Atharv coming from Guddi’s room. Atharv what happened? She asked. So Atharv shows her his burnt hands. But how did this happen? She quickly took him in and gave an aid. Just then, Ravish also comes and looks on.

Atharv, how did this happen? Vividha had asked again. So Atharv says, I quenched a fire with my bare hands. What do you mean Atharv? Guddi is very bad, he said. She was burning you, so I stopped the fire. This makes Vividha cry. So Atharv wipes her tears and says why are you crying, I wouldn’t let you burn.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 108

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 108 continues where immediately, Vividha rushed to Guddi’s room. Meanwhile, Guddi had taken scissors to cut the picture into pieces. Vividha instantly calls out, Guddi! So Guddi hid the picture from her, not knowing Vivida was already aware of her intentions. Guddi what are you doing? Vividha asked. This pic, this picture got burnt so I was just trimming it, she answered. Look Guddi, you are my sister okay, and I know you very well.

What were you thinking? This makes Guddi ask, why? You said you and Ravish don’t have any relation, so what’s the problem? You two don’t sleep in one room, so I’m not coming between lovers. Your relation is a drama. Vividha says, try to understand Guddi, we shouldn’t complicate relations, else this family can get hurt.

Don’t worry sister Vividha, I’m solving this puzzle to make your way clear. And that is, if Ravish and I get together, then you and Atharv will get together as well. Vividha says, how to explain this to you is difficult Guddi. You should only love such a man who loves you, but Ravish does not love you. Guddi replies, Atharv used to love you when you did not love him. but he convinced you enough, same way I will make Ravish agree.

I know Ravish and I are made for each other. But Vividha still insisted, you don’t know Ravish that well Guddi. You only met him 2 days ago. Guddi also says, one moment was enough, you got two lovers. The one I loved tried to rape me sister Vividha. No Guddi, you did not love him. Guddi says, Chintu tried to kill me, but I love Ravish instead.

Vividha says, you are young and do not understand anything. Am not young! Guddi shouted, and then says, I always heard Vividha is perfect and am bad. I did not complain and thought good for your happiness. But you did you not think so for me.

I did not know you think so about me, Vividha replied. Next, Guddi still argues as Vividha tries to explain to her. Guddi says, love is never wrong, I learnt this from you and Atharv. I strongly feel for Ravish, I love him and want to live with him. Enough! Guddi. You will leave this house early tomorrow morning.

End of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 108

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 108 ends with Guddi calling out Vividha so loudly. See, you can’t even think to make me leave this house, else you will regret it a lot. Vividha suddenly slaps her. Your mind is not sound, Vividha said. I am your elder sister and am showing you the right thing. She said and then walks away.

Guddi then burst into tears. Over from there, Vividha suddenly collides with Vipul in hurry and apologizes. No worries Vividha, but why do you look worried? Yes Vipul, my mood is upset. Well then, I can help you in making your mood better, Vipul offered. No you can’t help it, Guddi is going home tomorrow. so am very upset. Vividha replies and then leaves from there. So Vipul thought it wisely to meet with Guddi.

Guddi was in her room crying and complaining, I will not let Vividha snatch my love. I am sure he is made for me, Vividha can’t stop me, if she comes in my way, then I will not leave anyone. I will forget I have any sister. Meanwhile, Vipul had reached his room, listening to everything and begins to smile. Just then, Guddi spots him.

I heard you are going home tomorrow, why so soon? He asked. There is a night between today and tomorrow, Guddi replies. And much can happen in one night, anyways, who has seen tomorrow? All the while, Guddi was thinking to get rid of Vividha before the next day.

Guddi gets Vividha and Atharv’s picture on a laptop and smiles.

Beginning of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 109

In the start of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 109, the episode begins with Guddi thinking about the slap Vividha gave her earlier. Vipul asks her, why are you going so soon?” Guddi answers, there are many things that can take place in one night. Vipul begins to flirt with her. Bhoomi comes there and overhears them.

Vipul tells her, we will meet late at night. He goes. Bhoomi starts thinking about this. Meanwhile Atharv was in the kitchen watching Suman cooking. He comments on her cooking saying. Is Suman mad to put chilli in the food?

Sujata comes to take Atharv away. Atharv notices that Suman is cooking the food so well. Suman eyes Atharv. Why are you angry? He asks. Sujata tells him, I got good colors, come, we will draw. Atharv asks Suman to cook the food well. He goes along with Sujata. Vividha recalls Guddi’s words. Suman notices the worry on her face.

Aditi chats on her phone and then goes. Kalindi keeps an eye on her. Suman calls out to Vividha. Vividha is lost in her thoughts. Suman asks her to come. What happened? She asks. Are you thinking anything?

Vividha replies, no, can you arrange a car tomorrow morning that will be going to Ajmer? Suman asks her, why? Have you miss your mum? Guddi overhears them. Suman says fine, I will arrange the car. for how many days are you going to stay over there?

Vividha answers, not me, but Guddi. She will leave from here tomorrow. but Guddi just came, let her stay, Suman said. Vividha lies that her college semester started and she has to leave for studies. Suman says fine, and asks, but are you okay? Vividha replies, yes.

Suman asks again, are you sure? Vividha says sure. She goes. Guddi gets angry recalling Dadi’s words. Guddi checks her mail and gets Atharv and Vividha’s photos. Guddi recalls Vividha’s words. She smiles seeing the pics.

Still on Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 109

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 109 continues where Kalindi checks Aditi’s phone and smiles seeing Aditi and Avinash pictures. She sees Aditi coming and quickly leaves. Guddi also gets the photos and recalls the moment Vividha said she has many pictures of her and Atharv, and she doesn’t want to delete it but her phone has run out of space.

Then Guddi asks her to send the photos to her by mail so that she can save it on her phone. I will make an album of my photos after our marriage, keep it safe, Vividha tells her. Guddi jokes and asks her to think of her secret treasure, which she can use to blackmail Vividha. Vividha laughs. The flashback ends. Guddi smiles seeing the pictures.

Suman sees Ramakant’s pictures and begins saying, when you were alive, I felt life is testing me, but now I understood that life was preparing me for a bigger test, I’m tired of giving tests of patience, I want to live with peace. Someone knocks.

Suman turns and finds a letter. She reads it. its time to know such a secret which was hidden from you, the letter said. Daddy ji also reads the same letter, if you want to know the secret, come out to the hall. Vipul reads that same letter which also added that everyone has to know this secret.

Vividha reads, this secret is important to know. what’s this secret? She asks and who wants to reveal the secret? Aditi looks for her phone. But she isn’t seeing it. I have kept it here. She worries. Vividha recalls Guddi’s words.

Atharv was looking at something with the binoculars. I know Guddi did this, Vividha said. but why did she forget the difference between right and wrong. Kalindi plays Aditi and Avinash pictures on a projector, and smiles. Suman, now I will show what your innocent daughter is doing, She said. And you will be embarrassed in front of everyone.

Ravish is at the workplace. Suman calls him and tells him that she is sending the note pictures. come home fast. Ravish reads the note also. He thought to himself, who can do this? and what’s the secret. Guddi goes and removes Kalindi’s pen drive and replaces it with a different pendrive which has Atharv and Vividha’s pictures. I will not go so soon, just watch and see, she threatened.

End of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 109

In the end of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Episode 109, Ravish is rushing to the house. Avinash asks, why are you worried? Is everything alright? Ravish replies, yes. I have to reach home for an important work. Avinash sees the note with some pictures on Ravish’s phone and checks. Ravish takes his phone and goes.

Avinash thought to himself, whats going on in his house? And why that note? Aditi calls Avinash and tells him that her phone is missing. He tells her, relax. you can get a new one. She tells him, the phone has our pictures, which can create many problems for you and me.

Vividha goes to Guddi’s room. She calls out to Guddi and goes to the hall. She calls out Guddi and asks what’s all this? come out, I know you have sent the notes to everyone, please come out. Everyone checks the notes.

Vividha shouts to Guddi and says if you don’t come out, I will never see your face. Everyone hear the clock sound. Vividha turns and sees Guddi injured severely.

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