Jaana Na Dil Se Door Friday 1 October September 2021 The episode started with Atharv beating up Kailash and they fought. Atharv took the remote from him. Kailash stabbed him on his neck and Atharv fell down. Kailash took the remote. He looked at Atharv and left there. Vividha and Sujata did not see Atharv. Vividha said we will check the basement.

They found Atharv unconscious. Sujata said we shall call doctor. They all worried for Atharv. Vividha asked him to open his eyes. Atharv became conscious. He asked what happened to me. He asked, where are the kids. She said they are with Bua Dadi in the room, what happened to you.

He asked what the time. Vividha said leave the time, you sleep, you are not well. He got up and asked the time. She said where are you going, it’s 5am. He said three hours left. She asked for what, you won’t go anywhere, Ankit help me. The light went out. They all became worried.

Atharv asked Sujata for a torch, get the mobile, please. Sujata lights the candle. The candle was blown off by the air. Sujata said why is the candle blowing off when the window is shut. Guddi said maybe there is gap between the window and casing. Atharv recalled Kailash’s doings.

Kailash said Atharv is not a kid, I have faced a lot for many years because of him, I have become an animal. Uma and Dadi came to Kailash’s room and looked at him. Dadi asked him what did you do with Atharv, tell me. Kailash acted mad. Uma and Dadi took a case to beat him and Kailash run out.

He said why don’t they understand and hid in the lawn. Uma and Dadi run to lawn to found him. They looked for him. Dadi said don’t know where he hid. Dadi was hit to the wooden pole and fainted. Uma went to help Dadi. She slipped on banana pile and fell. She also fainted.

Kailash said you did not understand since long, now rest here and dream and He left. Sujata lights the candle. Atharv said Kangana….. Vividha asked Ankit to hold Atharv. Atharv and everyone went to Kangana’s room.

Kailash looked for Atharv. He said Atharv will not listen. He realized he lost the remote and looked for it. Atharv tried to open the cupboard. Vividha asked what is he doing. He said Kangana is inside, we can’t break this, she will get hurt. Vividha got the keys and said how can Kangana be here.

Atharv opened the cupboard. They found Kangana inside and got shocked seeing the bomb tied to her. Kailash looked for remote in the lawn. Vividha asked Atharv to be careful. Atharv said there is still time for the bomb to blast. He made Kangana sit. Vividha said how do we remove this bomb.

Atharv said I need something to cut the wire, you all go. Vividha sent Guddi and Ankit. Atharv asked her to go as well. She asked him to defuse the bomb, she won’t go anywhere.

He became tensed and asked her to move away. Guddi and Ankit took the kids and elders out. Kailash saw the remote and smiled. Atharv cut the wire. Kailash said goodbye Atharv Sujata and pressed the remote.

Kangana asked where is Madhav. Vividha asked did you find everyone. They saw red hand prints on a paper. Kangana and Vividha got worried.


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