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Jaana Na Dil Se Door Friday, 10th September 2021 Episode started with Madhav showing Kailash’s room. The goon saw Khushi. She threw marbles. The goon fell. Madhav asked the goon to leave him. Goon said there is nothing here, he lied.

Atharv and everyone were on the way. Kailash looked on. The goon scolded Madhav. The goons saw Kailash. Kailash saw the knife and talked mad. Goon asked him to stand with Madhav, else he will stab him.

Kailash asked what did you say, tell me, you guys have no knowledge of proper language, what did you wear, what did your parents teach you. He asked them to have shame.

They understood he was mad and said we are hungry. Kailash asked them to go to the kitchen and come back to learn maths tables. Madhav asked Kailash to call his mum and save him. The Goons took him.

Kailash said I am a king. Khushi run and made the goon fall down. She taught him a lesson and run away. Goon caught her and said you have made me run a lot. Vividha called home. Goons took Madhav and Khushi. They scolded Madhav for lying about the cash.

Madhav said if my Papa come, he will beat you all. Goon asked him to call his Papa. Kailash asked did you get food, is the kid sleeping, I am also hungry, I will go and get food. The goons were about leaving. Kailash saw Khushi beating the goon’s back.

He shouted and stopped them. Khushi looked at him and smiled. Madhav bit the goon. Khushi run to Kailash. Khushi and Kailash went back. Kailash threw the fruit and hits the goon. Madhav looked on. Kailash and Khushi tackled all the goons.

Kangana came and found the door locked. She became worried. The goon caught Kailash. Khushi saw the ropes. Everyone came home. Kangana asked who is inside, Madhav. She told Vividha that the kids are inside and the door is not opening.

Vividha asked Atharv to do something. Atharv checked the windows. He broke the door. They went inside and saw the kids sitting on the goons’ back and having fruits. They became shocked. Kailash said I have failed britishers, now we are independent, my two new ministers failed enemies.

He tied and hanged the the goons. Police came and tokk all the goons. Madhav said the goons have scared uncle and Khushi gave the rope to uncle and he hanged them, uncle has beaten all goons. 

The Inspector said great, the kids and this man have caught such a clever gang. Kangana said I should have not left the kids alone. Ravish said they have done an amazing job. Sujata said this happened twice, we should be alert. Dadi said the Lord has protected us.

Sujata said I will go and attend to the kids. Atharv said we have to increase the security. Ravish said I will install alarm systems. Kailash said dohas. Dadi Bua said our children did great work. Dadi said our Madhav is brave.

Madhav said no, I did not do this, uncle and Khushi did this. Kailash and Khushi talked in their code language. Vividha looked on. Sujata got food for the kids. Khushi refused to eat. Vividha said I will feed her later. She went to get milk for her. Kailash fed Khushi.

Vividha looked on. Atharv asked Vividha to make Kailash ready, we have to drop him to Guru ji’s ashram. Vividha became sad and recalled Kailash. Atharv and Ravish ask Kailash to come. Kailash refused. Ravish said you have to go. He refused to go.

Guddi took him and Vividha stopped him. Everyone looked on. Vividha signalled no to Guddi.  Precap:Kailash took a knife. Uma became shocked seeing him.

Everyone heard Uma’s scream and rush to see. 


The Episode started with Vividha stopping Kailash. Vividha went to his room. Vividha said I know you all are thinking about Kailash and want to take him to a good place, I want him to stay here with me.

Atharv said you said yes some time back. She said I did not think well, there is a reason for him to stay here. Atharv said I don’t want to know it and left. Later, Atharv asked Vividha the reason. She asked him to see what she is seeing. He saw Kailash playing with Khushi.

She said I did not see Khushi so happy before, she is listening to him and doing what he said, we can’t ignore this. It’s night, Kangana complained to Ravish about Kailash.

She said I lost my child because of Kailash, how shall I keep quiet, I remember everything seeing her. He said I understand, we have to find some way. She said we know the way, but Vividha…. He said there is one more way, Vividha wants Kailash not to go from here, fine, we can leave this house.

She became shocked. She asked will you leave your family for me. He said if our family is not standing for us, it’s better to go away. She said I understand well, when I had to decide to leave my child and go, it was tough for us, how will you leave everything and Madhav.

She stopped him from saying anything and said I won’t let you do this, I won’t let you give a big sacrifice. He said Vividha is not listening to us, how can she be so selfish. Vividha said I know you would be feeling I am selfish. Atharv asked do you think Kailash will make Khushi fine.

She said I am trying to make Khushi happy. He said we will see her, we are her parents. She said we could not make her talk, she is connected to Papa, she is happy. He said he made her stay as an animal, you say clearly, you want to keep him here.

Everyone heard their arguments. She said we need him now, if anyone has objection, I will explain to them. Dadi, Guddi, Ankit and Sujata recalled Kailash’s tortures and misdeeds. Atharv said you will regret a lot.

Vividha said I won’t regret. He said you are supporting him, who tried to kill me, if someone tried to harm you, I would have not let that man come close to us, even if he was my dad. She said what would you do if Sujata came back in this state, would you leave her on the road.

 She said I know he did wrong with us, I did not forget it, now Kailash has changed. Atharv said snake can leave it’s skin, not poison. Kailash took a knife and acted mad. Uma came home. Vividha said you are scared that he will harm us, I am worried he can harm himself. Kailash said this sword will help me.

Vividha said I won’t let him hurt himself. Uma entered the house and went upstairs. She became shocked seeing Kailash. He waved the knife towards her. She screamed. Everyone went to see. They all became shocked seeing Kailash stabbed. 

Vividha asked Uma how did this happen. Kailash opened his eyes and smiled. He got up and said I fooled everyone. He showed the tomato ketchup and licked his hand.

Sujata asked Uma when did she come, why did she not tell anyone. Atharv said yes, how did you come here, we would have come to pick you. Uma said my train got late, how is he here. Kailash talked mad. He shouted. Vividha asked everyone to go to their rooms.

She asked Uma to leave. Vividha asked Kailash not to shout, wash your hands. Uma asked what happened, tell me the matter. Sujata told her everything. Vividha kept sharp things away from Kailash. She said now no wrong thing can reach you, I won’t let you get harmed and she left.

Uma said so much happened behind my back, Khushi is ours. Kangana and Ravish’s marriage, what’s happening, why did this man come back in our lives. Vividha said because he needs us. Uma hugged her.

Vividha said you did good to come. Uma said but all thi, Vividha said yes, you had to hear many things in one day, some time will pass to understand everything, we can’t leave Kailash, he is my dad.

 Precap:Uma asked Kailash what is he doing, go to sleep. Kailash said let me make boat, else I will throw you in the sea. He scolded her and twisted her hand. She became shocked.


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