Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Friday, 6th August 2021 episode started with Ravish asking you all are asking me to calm down, knowing what this woman did. He asked Kalindi does she think it’s easy to return to family after doing all that. Kalindi said I did a big mistake and got greedy, now it’s enough, forgive me.

I have changed, my guilt is eating me within, this was always my roof, where will I go, please let me stay here. Ravish said if you believed this family as yours, you would have not thought of doing all this, I lost my mum, I was losing my only brother, just because of you, your crime list is too long, it’s impossible for me to forgive you.

Kalindi asked Vividha to explain to Ravish to forgive her. She said I am alone, just give me a corner to stay. She asked Vipul to forgive her, she has changed now. Vipul said what can I do, you have done much wrong with them.

Kalindi begged them. Ravish asked Kalindi to just leave. Kangana apologized to Kalindi, and stopped her. She said I have no right to talk in this family, but none knows loneliness better than me, I was lucky that I got you all, a family can be big or small, but everyone wants a family.

Vividha agreed and said we have seen a lot, we have to think of the future, not past, forgive Kalindi, let her stay here. Ravish left.

Everyone did arrangements for the party. Kalindi came there. Sujata said its good you made this plan, Ravish’s mood will be good. Vividha asked Kalindi did she like spicy kababs or shall I make normal one. Ravish saw Kalindi and left. Atharv came and asked what happened.

He saw Kalindi, and asked Ravish to have grilled food, we will teach you how to make barbecue. Atharv and Ravish cooked. Kalindi said I got tired, I will take a nap and come. Kangana saw Ravish and said I hope Ravish agrees soon, he doesn’t look good in anger.

Ravish said this looks wasting food than barbecue. Atharv said tell me if you want to have food raw. Ravish said I will show how to make grilled food. Vividha said thanks for convincing Ravish about Kalindi, Ravish listened to you.

Kangana smiled. She said no, do you really think so. Vividha said I am saying what I have seen, he agreed when you said, Kalindi should be here, her son and bahu also stay here, she will be glad, thanks.

Kangana saw Ravish. Atharv said see Ravish is making grilled food. Ravish said paneer tikka is ready. Madhav said I am feeling sleepy. Kangana asked if you don’t mind, shall I make him sleep in my room. Vividha asked her to take Madhav.

Kangana made Madhav sleep. She saw everyone and said they are so shameless people, they don’t care for Madhav. She said Madhav don’t worry. I have come, I will punish them for their doings, why shall I waste my time, don’t worry.

I will punish them in such a way that they will be scared of it. She kissed Madhav and smiled. She became shocked seeing Kalindi at the door.

Vividha, Atharv and Ravish had a talk. She asked them not to compete to make barbecue, we kept this to eat. Dadi said why are you asking these kids about enjoyment, ask me, I will tell what is enjoying, it used to happen in my times. They all smiled. Sujata asked her to tell them. Dadi Bua said as if you won’t say if we don’t ask. Dadi said Antakshari.

Kalindi smiled. She said I was looking for Vividha, sorry I had come here, I will talk to her, thanks and she left. She said this girl is very dangerous, I should tell everyone. Kangana smiled. Dadi began the Antakshari. Everyone sang. Kalindi run. Kangana followed her.

Sujata asked Guddi to sing. Everyone clapped and enjoyed. They all asked Dadi to sing and danced. Dadi said fine, I will sing if Atharv is saying. She sang and danced on Ainvayi ainvayi. Dadi danced with Atharv. Sujata asked where are Kangana and Kalindi. Kangana followed Kalindi.

Kangana smiled seeing Kalindi running. She took a hair pin and got poison from the bangle. She injected poison in to Kalindi’s neck. Vividha looked on shocked.


The Episode started with Sujata asking for Kangana and Kalindi. Vividha said I will go and see. Sujata sings. Everyone smiled. Kangana calmly went after Kalindi. Kalindi rushed. Kangana got the pin from her hair and smiled. She got the poison from the bangle’s inner side. She injected it into Kalindi’s neck.

Vividha came there. Kalindi held her neck. Kangana hid her. Vividha asked her did he see Kalindi. Kangana said I was just coming to you, Bua was resting, I was saying a story to Madhav. Vividha said come, everyone is waiting and they leave.

Ravish had to sing. Everyone started counting. Atharv asked him to sing, game rules won’t change for anyone, think and sing. Kangana came and sung Humko humi se churalo and everyone smiled. Vividha got Kangana to Ravish, and joined their hands. Atharv and Vividha danced. Kangana danced with Ravish. Guddi looked on.

Everyone slept at night. Kangana dressed as a bride. She walked in the corridor. Vividha woke up and saw a shadow. She got up. Atharv woke up and asked did you see the dream. Vividha said no, I thought I have seen someone in bridal dress. He joked that she is seeing such as she wants to get Ravish married. He shut the window and asked her to sleep.

Kangana went and digged in the soil. Vividha heard the sound and went to see. Kangana buried Kalindi. She sat there and said you were lying to me after hearing me, what did you do, you died, you did not do good, I am upset. Vividha looked in corridor.

Kangana said I know how much hurt I am, I m so sorry Bua ji, you died and my heart broke. She sar talking madly. She said I have killed you by hurting you by a small pin, I can’t see others in pain, take rest now. She threw the soil on Kalindi by saying mantras.

Vividha came out. Kangana hid. Vividha said the sound was coming, maybe it’s my illusion. She saw the shovel. She kept it aside and left. Kangana looked on and said your time is going good, so it did not get over, countdown begins. She acted mad.

It’s morning, Vividha asked Madhav to come and have breakfast. Atharv took Sujata’s and elder’s blessings and said it’s an important meeting, Ravish hurry up. Ravish said I am ready. Sujata asked them to have food. Atharv said we are getting late, we will have food later. Vividha insisted Atharv to have food.

Sujata asked Ravish to come. Vividha said Ravish, you can’t go without having breakfast. She asked Kangana to take Ravish’s breakfast responsibility. She smiled. Kangana served him breakfast. Ravish saw a cut in her hand and asked her. She thinks of burying Kalindi.

Vipul asked did anyone see Kalindi. Sujata said maybe she went to the market. Kangana said she went to meet her friend. They call Kalindi. The phone rung. They all saw the resettled land.


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