Jaana Na Dil Se Door Monday, 11 October 2021 Episode started with Kailash blackmailing Vividha. He introduced Vivek and his family. They complimented Vividha. The lady made Vividha wear the shagun bangles. She said this looked like it’s made for you.

Vividha recalled Sujata making her wear the bangles. Kailash said we will check the preparations for the wedding rounds, why wait if the bride is ready, get ready, then we will meet. Vivek and his family left. Vividha thinks where are you Atharv.

Kailash took Vividha to the mandap. She sat and recalled Atharv. Pandit asked them to do the rituals. Vivek looked at Vividha and took her name. Pandit asked Vividha to take the groom’s name.

Kailash asked her to take Vivek’s name, while she was saying Atharv. Madhav was tied somewhere. Kailash asked pandit to leave some of the rituals. Pandit asked the groom and bride to stand for varmala. Vivek found it strange. Kailash blackmailed Vividha.

They exchange garlands and sat. Kailash did the ghatbandhan. Vividha thinks this can’t happen, I am just for Atharv. She heard the bike sound. Atharv reached there.

Atharv was shocked seeing Vividha’s marriage happening with someone. Kailash became shocked seeing Atharv. Vividha smiled and removed the garlands. Vividha run to Atharv and hugged him.

Vivek and his family became shocked. Vividha cried. She said I knew you will come. Vivek asked who is he. Atharv said I am her husband. Vividha said he is my husband, Atharv, I am married.

Vivek’s sister asked what’s all this. Vivek asked Kailash why was he getting remarried. Atharv said he has to answer everyone, he cheated his daughter too, he got her married to someone else but fate got her to me.

none can separate us, this man is not just a cheater, but a murderer as well, he has killed my brother, he has done many crimes, he is not a good man. He scolded Kailash. Vividha became dizzy.

Atharv fed her some medicine and said Kangana gave this to me. Vividha was fine. Flash back showed Atharv falling down. Kangana said I know what happened to him, when he sent me here, he gave me snake poison, he said about some slow poison, don’t worry, I know making it’s antidote, I will make it and she left.

She made the antidote and fed Atharv. Atharv became fine. Vividha told Atharv about Madhav. Atharv got Madhav and asked are you fine. Madhav said Kailash said he will kill mumma. Atharv said nothing will happen to your mumma. Vivek’s sister asked about the cheat. Kailash held Vividha at gunpoint. Vivek and his family became shocked.

Kailash said she is my daughter, I have right on her fate, I will write her fate. Vividha said please leave me. Kailash said don’t come ahead Atharv, I will not let anyone ruin my daughter’s life, there are many guys in the world, I will get her married to a big family.

Madhav asked Atharv to save Vividha. Atharv said leave Vividha. Kailash asked him not to come ahead and took Vividha into the jeep. Atharv followed them on the bike. He came in front of the jeep. Kailash asked Vividha to get down the bike. Vividha said he will never kill me Atharv.

Kailash asked Atharv not to come ahead, else he will shoot her. Atharv said let’s see, shoot. Kailash scolded him. He said I will end my hatred here.

your love made her blind, you snatched my Vividha, I will not leave you today, Vividha has my blood in her. Atharv walked to him. Kailash said stop, else I will shoot Vividha.

Atharv said a father is trying to kill a daughter. He walked to him and shot. Vividha was shot and they became shocked.


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