Ravish K!ller Is Caught. Jaana Na Dil Se Door Monday, 20 September 2021


Jaana Na Dil Se Door Monday, 20 September 2021 Episode started with Vividha meeting Madhav and Khushi. She hugged them. She said I think Madhav took care of Khushi well. Madhav said I knew this, Papa promised me he will get you home back. Vividha said I had to come back to you both. Vividha asked Atharv what does he mean, someone else killed Ravish.

Atharv took her to the kitchen. He brought Khushi and asked her to bring the chip packet from the shelf. Khushi got the stool and tried to get the packet. She still failed to reach the upper shelf. Atharv gave her the packet and sent her away.

He showed the knife set and said the knife which was used to murder Ravish was in this set, Khushi could not get this, her hand doesn’t reach there. He told her observations.

He said just four people were at home, Kailash, Ravish, Kangana and Khushi, Ravish and Kangana did not need knife as they planned everything, Khushi could not get the knife, think who took the knife, Kailash took the knife to the room.

Kangana recalled Ravish’s words. She woke up from sleep. She looked at his picture, watch and a book. She recalled Kailash’s words. Atharv said Khushi was signing me about stabbing, she is an eye witness, she tried to tell us who is the real murderer.

Vividha recalled Khushi signing. She said when I asked Khushi, she first signed to Ravish and then Papa. He said Khushi was just trying to say what she has seen there, Kailash has stabbed Ravish, now the entire truth is out, what are you thinking.

She said how can Papa do this, he was unconscious. Kangana went to Kailash. He talked mad. She said I know you are acting mad, stop it now, you can’t cheat anyone now, you think you succeeded by killing Ravish, no I know your truth, I have heard you saying truth, I am still alive, I will tell your truth to everyone.

He said because you are alive, it’s good, I knew your mental state is imbalanced, you are foolish also, you are saying you know my truth, great, you will have proof. She said I heard it myself. He said everyone has seen me sleeping on the bed when Ravish died, your story has no point. He laughed.

He said I am mad, I say anything, I am the king, I did everything. Atharv said if Kailash was not unconscious, he heard everything going on. She said he can’t fool us, he is mentally unstable. He said Ravish knew the truth. She asked what will Kailash do in this state.

Atharv said Ravish understand his drama, he is mentally fine. Kailash said who will believe you, I am mentally normal, you were also planned. Kangana said I was mad that time. Kailash said Ravish was not bad, he was not a fool, but he interfered, he doubted me.

he came to my room with the stick, he did not know whom he was dealing with, he showed more courage, he gave me drugs to make me speak the truth.

Kailash recalled removing the fake skin from the hand and cleaning the truth serum. He acted to be dizzy. He said I told the truth to Ravish, he felt I am his puppet. Flashback showed Ravish asking Kailash what’s this plan to separate Atharv and Vividha.

Kailash said I have solid plan, I will murder Ravish, I had no enmity with you, how did you send Vividha to Atharv, I will kill Ravish and put blame on Atharv, I will get Vividha and my family free of Atharv, this is my plan, stop me if you can. Ravish became shocked.

Kangana cried. Kailash said Ravish could not believe a father can do this, he asked me how can I separate Vividha and Atharv, it’s impossible, I showed him, but he died.

Flash back showed Ravish crying. He heard Vividha shouting Kangana. He opened the door and looked outside. Kailash got the knife and looked at him.


Vividha said how can he do this. Kangana sat crying. Kailash said I don’t play a game to lose, now it’s impossible for everyone to get saved, because I am Kailash Kashyap. Atharv and Vividha look on shocked.


The Episode started with Kailash telling Kangana how he murdered Ravish. Flash back showed Kailash stabbing Ravish. Ravish held his neck and tried to push him. Khushi looked at what wqs happening.

Ravish fell down. Kailash cleaned the marks from the knife and placed it beside Ravish. He placed everything in place. He got the camera abd lay on the bed. Kangana became shocked.

Vividha said how can he do this with me, Kailash did this with me, he has seen me wearing handcuffs, I went tojail for his crime, he did not say anything, I did a lot for him, I went against everyone, I took his responsibility, how to believe this. Atharv said you have to believe this, he will never change.

Kailash said I have held my breath and wandered like an animal to take revenge from Atharv. Atharv and Vividha went to see Kailash. Kailash said I don’t play a game to lose, I just know winning, no one will believe you, you try your best, Ravish is gone.

I have come, none will be spared now, it’s impossible, because I am Kailash Kashyap, when I do tandav, people will get shaken in fear, they will just remember me. He looked at Kangana asleep.

Vividha and Atharv came there. They entered the room and they saw the room messed up. Kailash acted mad. He asked Vividha why is she restless, sit on my shoulder. Vividha said stop acting, why did you do this, you ruined everything again. Kailash asked what did I do. He sang a song.

Atharv looked at the blanket. He asked what did you do to this room. He signalled Vividha to look there. Vividha looked at the blanket. Kailash stopped Vividha from picking the blanket. He hid Kangana. He told Atharv that he is his enemy. He shouted. Vividha and Atharv left. Atharv said I will explain it to you, come. Kailash kept shouting and shuts the door.

He looked at Kangana angrily. It’s night, Guddi went to Kangana’s room and asked where are you, it’s time for your medicines. She asked Dadi about Kangana and she said I did not see her. Guddi said I will look for her. Dadi said ask Vividha also, if she needs anything, she cares for everyone and forgot about herself.

Guddi asked Dadi to go and see Vividha. Dadi asked what’s the matter, you look annoyed, you did not spend time with her, I know your heart pain, Ravish’s death affected you, trust me, Vividha did not kill Ravish, she is your sister, not a murderer, she can’t think of doing this. Guddi said there was just Kailash and Vividha in the room, you mean Kailash killed Ravish in this state when he was unconscious.

Vividha asked Atharv why did you stop me, I would have confronted him. Atharv said we have seen him acting, he would do something and get saved, we have to wait for the right time, he thinks you feel Khushi killed Ravish, we should find clue that Kailash killed Ravish.

She said what did he do, he has dragged my innocent children into this, you feel she has seen Kailash killing Ravish. Atharv said yes, she was in the room. She said she would be so scared. He said just she can prove Kailash killed Ravish. She said we should not involve her.

He said she wants to tell us about the real killer. She said you are saying she is the only witness, it means her life is at risk, I don’t want to lose her again, we can ask Kangana what happened, I am sure she will help us.

He said no, she is disturbed. She said we have to find the mistake done by Kailash, I feel ashamed to call him Papa, he did so wrong with me, is a father like this and she cried. He said I can understand.

he is your dad, our fight is more tough. She said we lost Ravish, I can’t bear anything else. He said we will write our fate by our courage, till you are with me, I will not lose, we will win together.


Kailash said don’t know how Atharv’s fate worked. Everyone found Kangana. Kangana was with Kailash. Atharv doubted Kailash.