Jaana Na Dil Se Door Monday, 30th August 2021 Episode started with Atharv and Vividha seeing the girl and asking her to listen. The girl run to the room and saw herself in the mirror. She got on the table and sat. She threw things at Atharv and Vividha. They asked her to listen and come to them.

The girl run and threw pillows at them. Atharv said if we run after her, she will get scared. Vividha said if she goes out then. He said no, the doors and windows are shut. She asked why is she behaving such, what’s the problem.

Everyone sat thinking. Ravish said I checked all the doors and windows, she can’t go out. Sujata asked how can any child be like this. They heard the girl breaking things. Atharv said she is much scared and feels this house is a cage. Ankit asked why is she scared of us. Sujata said we have to find who took her.

Guddi said why is she behaving this way. Dadi said maybe Kailash scared her. Ankit said he did wrong with a the little girl. Vividha said her behavior doesn’t matter to me, she is my daughter, I got her after a long time.

Sujata said we all understand your pain, we are happy for you, but we should find out, is this your daughter or not. From where did she come, who got her, we have to find out. Dadi agreed. Vividha said there is no sound now, how did she get calm, I will go and see. The girl saw a toy plane and checked. Madhav came there and saw her. He said it’s a plane, I will fly this and show you.

They fought for the plane. Madhav shouted Mumma. Vividha came there and asked what happened. Madhav said she has pushed me. Vividha said it’s wrong, and saw Madhav if he is fine. Kangana came and said hold Madhav, saying I will see him, you have a bigger problem to see and she left.

Doctor checked the girl. He asked her to sit quiet and have chocolate. Everyone looked on. The girl tried to run. She bit Ankit’s hand and run. Ravish stopped her. Ankit asked Guddi to catch her. Atharv took the girl and said nothing will happen to you.

The doctor took blood sample of the girl. Atharv said it’s done. The girl run upstairs. Doctor said don’t worry, I will call you and give you the entire info.

Kangana took care of Madhav. Everyone sat awake. Vividha came downstairs. She said the girl was not sleeping on the bed, she is sleeping under the bed on the ground, she was much comfortable there, she behaved strange. Atharv talked to the doctor. Vividha asked what did the doctor say.

Atharv said the DNA test result is positive, she is our daughter, her age is nearly 6 years like Madhav, she is the girl who was swapped with Madhav. They all smiled. Sujata said we should thank the Lord we got her back. Atharv said the doctor observed and said she was kept away from humans, she was not taught anything, she doesn’t know how to behave with anyone, she was kept like an animal in a cage.

Vividha cried and said why did he do this with my daughter. Atharv said no, he did this with me, he took revenge with me, not my daughter, he has tortured me this way, we had a fight about society and customs, I said father’s name was not necessary to make a name.

he has given an animal’s identity to my daughter, he died and took a big price from me, anyways we have our daughter now, she is fine physically, we can make her human from animal, we did not lose.

Atharv saw the girl sleeping under the bed. Vividha asked for Madhav. Ravish asked will it be fine if he sleeps here. She said yes, he is my son. He said I mean this girl attacked him in a day, it’s not just about Madhav, it’s about the girl too. Atharv agreed with Ravish and said both the children can fight, this world is not of this girl.

we have to understand her world. Kangana said Atharv is right, give her some time to understand herself, she will make her relations, just concentrate on her, don’t worry for Madhav, I am here, I mean I will take care of your Madhav well and She left. Ravish took Madhav.

Vividha said we will make her sleep on the bed. Atharv said if she wakes up, she will be scared. Vividha said I won’t feel good if she sleeps on the ground and we sleep on the bed. He hugged her and said we will also sleep on the ground. They lay down near either sides of the bed and they slept. The girl woke up and saw them.

She went out and checked a vase. She went to the dining table and sat to have salt. She recalled Atharv’s words and checked for food. She saw a kerosene bottle and recalled Kailash getting such bottle and igniting fire, cooking food over the fire.

The girl poured the kerosene and dropped the bottle. She got the matchstick and tried to light fire.


The Episode started with Atharv waking up and not finding the girl. The girl poured kerosene and dropped the bottle. She took a matchstick to light. Atharv came there and stopped her. He asked what were you doing. Vividha woke up and looked for them. Atharv said you would have ignited fire in the house.

Everyone came there. Vividha asked what’s happening. The girl tried to run away. Atharv held her. Madhav came there. He asked them can’t they understand a girl’s sorrow and pain. Atharv asked what happened. Madhav said she is hungry, when I get hungry, I also come to the kitchen, feed her some food.

Atharv signalled her about food. She nodded. Vividha got food. Atharv stopped the girl and said I know you are hungry, but you can’t have food this way, you have food well if you want. He said this girl does not know how to talk, studying, having food, it’s not her mistake.

if we don’t teach her, it will be our mistake, a big disaster would have happened here today, the house would have gotten on fire, this girl was raised in such a way, if she is here, we will make her a human from animal.

He told her that this is a plate and that’s a spoon, pick the spoon and have food by it. Sujata asked why are you adamant, she is hungry, she will not learn everything in one day. He said we have to make a start to teach her something. He stopped the girl again and asked her to eat well, else they will sit and wait for her to eat right the way.

Madhav looked on and said give me that bowl. Kangana smiled. Madhav asked the girl to look at him, hold the spoon and eat this way. The girl ate with the spoon. Atharv made her hold the spoon right. They smiled.

It’s morning, Vividha and Atharv saw the girl. She said we have to take action now. They went near her. The girl played with colors. He turned away when she saw him. He signalled Vividha. He went to her and she run away. Ravish cane and run to catch her. Everyone surrounded her. She run outside the house.

Ankit got trapped inside the junk bin. Atharv and Ravish helped him. They run to catch the girl. Vividha laughed. Madhav cane there. He asked Ankit did he get hurt. Ankit said no. Madhav asked him to sit.

He smelt his shirt and asked him to go and have a bath. He opened the water tap. The water fell on the girl and The girl played in the water.

Everyone went to her. Atharv cleaned her face and plays with her. Later, Vividha wiped her hair and combed. She asked the girl is the comb hurting her, we will just do a bit today and then do the rest tomorrow, this is called a comb, we will set your hair, your eyes are like Atharv, you know I am your mum, call me Maa. The girl looed at her. Vividha said I will wait for the day when you call me Maa. The girl run.

Atharv came and asked where did Khushi/girl go, why are you crying. She said it’s tears of happiness and hope, when she came home, I was scared, I thought I can never help this girl, whatever I saw yesterday, I got a hope, I will help her. He said yes, if we don’t lose hope, destinations also make some way, children are always like hope.

they fall and then get up, if children don’t lose belief in them, how can we lose belief, and about Khushi, if I made her mum straight, what is she then. She asked what do you mean, I was an animal, you made me a human right. He said yes, how to praise myself. She asked how. He said I will tell you if you are asking. He tickled her and They laughed.

Kangana asked Vividha to come, I have made food today as you were busy. Atharv joked and said she made me work too hard, she was not letting me come downstairs, she was asking me to be with her. Vividha asked him to be quiet.

He said she was making me clean the cupboard. Sujata asked Vividha to make Atharv work harder. Atharv said see what is mum saying, you can make me work every day. Ravish came. Dadi and Atharv asked where is Khushi. Madhav went to call her. He got her. They all became surprised seeing her.

Kangana said I made sandwich for Madhav, he is fine now, he was having much pain, I made him sleep, don’t you think we should tell him the truth.

Vividha said we will tell him when the right time comes. Kangana asked do you think it’s not the right time now. Madhav said I know everything. Atharv asked what do you know. Madhav said that I am Kangana’s son.


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