Jaana Na Dil Se Door Monday, 4 October 2021 Episode started with the inspector coming home and asking Atharv how did this happen. Vividha and Atharv sat in between the debris of the bomb blast. Police checked the house. Atharv signalled the way to the inspector. The Inspector checked the blast affected portion. Kangana sat dizzy. Uma and Dadi get conscious.

Uma said where did Kailash go. Inspector asked Atharv and Vividha to sit. Vividha said my dad is inside, I have to see once. Atharv held his bleeding head. Everyone came and was shocked. The bomb squad guy came and checked the place for any other bomb.

Inspector asked Atharv how did this happen. Atharv told them everything. Flash back showed Atharv cutting the wire. Vividha said Atharv, you have cut the wrong wire. Kailash said good bye Atharv Sujata and pressed the remote button. Atharv said wrong wire, run…. He saw the timer stopped.

He said if I have cut the wrong wire, this bomb would have blasted, the wire was right. Kailash saw the bomb did not blast and pressed the button again. Atharv asked Vividha to get water fast. Atharv took Kangana. Kailash said this is called misunderstanding, it’s not called getting saved, my many years of wait will not end.

He picked the bomb. Atharv said your bomb, your planning and you are waste, now waste time in jail. Kailash said fine, then go, I told you this is not a kids play, when I play the game, it doesn’t end anytime, till someone dies, the game doesn’t end, you will die in this game Atharv Sujata. Atharv said none will die now, just you will die.

Kailash said listen to me, I don’t play any game half and incomplete, you have to die in this game, and I will die along with you if needed. He fixed the bomb wires again. He said this is your death weapon, the man who can make something can repair it too, look. Atharv got shocked.

He asked what are you doing. Kailash said preparing to win. Atharv said you will also die. Kailash said I don’t lose in game and Vividha came there. Atharv asked her not to come there, go. He took Kangana and Vividha and left, shutting the room’s door and the bomb blasted. Inspector asked why did Kailash make a bomb.

Atharv said to hide his crime. Inspector asked which crime. Atharv gave the pendrive and said you need to watch it, it has proof against Kailash, it’s proof of Vividha’s innocence. Constable said we have to take them to court for hearing. Sujata said but that camera had that video recording. Vividha said Papa had broken that camera.

Atharv said Kailash tried, but I transferred all the data onto this pendrive. He recalled the transferring data onto the pendrive. He asked the inspector to check it. Inspector said then I have to see this instantly, constable get the laptop. Atharv asked Ankit to take the kids away.

They all saw the video. Kailash accepted his crime in front of Ravish. Everyone saw Kailash killing Ravish and they cried. Vividha said he did all this, what happened in the end, he won’t be saved now. She asked the inspector to check it once again, maybe he got under something.

Inspector said I will ask my team, don’t have any hope, it’s impossible to get saved. Atharv got the aid done. Vividha said we did not get Papa’s news, I guess we should go upstairs and see. Atharv asked her to wait, they will tell us if they know anything.

Atharv asked Vividha is she fine. She said I did the same mistake again, I trusted Kailash and kept him here, thinking he will change, if he gets fine, I will tell him all what all did, I wanted to see shame and regret in his eyes and make him apologize to everyone, see what state he made of my house, we can’t expect anything from him. Constable asked Atharv to come. Inspector said there was no one in that room.

Vividha said maybe he got under some thing. Inspector said I mean there is no one under the debris. Vividha said I worshipped his face all my life, today I want to spit on his face. Inspector said try to understand, there is no one alive or dead.

Atharv said it means Kailash is not dead. Inspector said the blast radius is checked, they said one thing can happen. Flas back showed Kailash keeping the bomb and running away. He went to the lawn and blasted the bomb. Inspector said Kailash is alive, I can guarantee this. They all became shocked.

Kangana asked where did Madhav go. Vividha and Kangana worried seeing a red colored/ hand impressions.


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