Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Monday, 9th August 2021 Episode started with Ravish asking Kangana about the cut. Kangana said while chopping onions. He asked her to take care. Vividha and everyone smiled. Atharv asked Ravish to come. Kangana wished all the best to Ravish. He thanked her and left.

Vividha saw the file on the table and asked Kangana to give it to Ravish. Kangana went out and stopped them. She gave files to Ravish. Atharv said sorry, I forgot. Vividha got a phone and wallet and gave it to Atharv.

Vipul asked did anyone see my mum, she is nowhere. Vividha said Kangana told me yesterday that Kalindi was resting. Bhoomi said she told me that she was going to take a nap, maybe Kangana has seen her. Kangana said I am so sorry, I forgot to say, I woke up early.

I heard Kalindi talking to her friend, she went out of town to meet her friend, don’t know her friend’s name. Sujata said how did she go without saying. Bhoomi said maybe she went to Rekha aunty. Kangana said yes, sorry I should have told you before. Vividha said call once and see where is Kalindi. Kalindi’s phone rang.

Kangana recalled burying Kangana. Ravish said the phone ringing sound is coming from here. They all went into the garden and checked. The ringtone ended. Ankit said there is nothing here. Ravish said there is nothing here.

Vipul called again. He could not connect. Kangana became relieved. Sujata said maybe she forgot her phone in a hurry. Ravish fell down. They all held him. Ravish said why is this land so uneven. Ankit said the gardener was planting here, so its like this. Kangana smiled. She acted to faint. They all became worried.

Ravish said I will call the doctor. Kangana said no need, I just fainted by heat. Vividha asked them to go for the meeting, I will call the doctor if it’s needed. Ravish and Atharv left. Sujata said I will get lemon water for her and left. Vividha said Guddi, we will go out, let her rest, she will feel better. Dadi asked Kangana to take some rest. They all left. Kangana smiled.

Madhav came to her and said you lied, right? She became shocked and saw him. She said its nothing like that, you acted to faint, I will tell mumma. He run. She asked him to listen. He called her liar. She asked him not to tell anyone. He said I will tell everyone how you made them april fools. She caught him and took him away. Vividha looked around.

Kangana apologized and convinced Madhav with her lies. She said we are best friends, we will have fun, you won’t share our secrets, promise me. Madhav promised. She asked him to go and play. She thinks I can’t let Vividha doubt on me, I have to settle real scores with her.

The man liked the presentation. Atharv thanked him. The man said we should meet personally with families, are you both married. Atharv said I am married. Ravish said I am single. The man joked how lucky you are. Ravish and Atharv left. Ravish said family will be happy.

Atharv said I think you should marry now, atleast for client. Ravish asked what are you joking. Atharv asked him to fill the lonely place in his place, do you like Kangana, Vividha felt so there is something. Ravish refused and asked what do you think.

Atharv said I can’t say now, but if you like Kangana, you can marry her, that girl’s memory is lost, person always finds the memories, then person knows love and past, it can be anything, she behaves well, if you both like each other, it’s not bad.

Ravish said I think she is a nice person, she is finding her own identity, we should not burden her mind, else I will feel I am misusing her, we don’t know if she loved someone or if someone loved her, I want to maintain distance till she gets her memory. Atharv said you are right and they left.

Vividha checked some old stuff and talked to Sujata. Sujata looked at her. Vividha asked what happened, why are you seeing me this way. Sujata said I am happy seeing you happy, this should have happened much before, when you and Atharv fell in love, but and she cried. Vividha saw Kailash’s pic. She recalled Kailash getting Atharv beaten up.

She said if Kailash did not separate me and Atharv, everything would have been fine, Ravish’s life would not have been complicated. Sujata said forget the past, you have all the happiness, the past should not affect you and Atharv. Vividha said I always hope so, I am scared, if the foundation of present shakes up, then present and future will shake up. Kangana heard them. Vividha saw her. Kangana said sorry, I just came here as I was feeling lonely. Atharv asked them to come, there is a good news. Vividha and Sujata go. Kangana smiled.

Kangana met the guy and asked why did you come here. The man said I came to take money, think what you want to do. She injected poison in his feet. Vividha looked on from far.


The Episode started with Atharv telling everyone about the new client. He feed sweets to everyone. Dadi asked him to get new saree and make up items. Atharv said it’s coming, have sweets. Ravish saw Kangana and gave her sweets. Guddi looked on. Kangana congratulated him. He thanked her.

Atharv feed sweets to Vividha. She congratulated him. He kissed on her cheek. Madhav said I have seen. Atharv feed him sweets and asked him to be quiet. Madhav said I won’t be quiet. Atharv asked why, are we not in one team. Madhav said no, I am in Kangana’s team, it’s a secret.

Vipul said you said Kalindi went to Rekha’s house, she is not there, either you are lying or Rekha is lying. Kangana became worried. She said I did not understand what name she said. They all look at her. Bhoomi said maybe you heard something else. Kangana said sorry, I forgot the name, call others and check. Vipul says I will call everyone and find out. Ravish said relax, she doesn’t know her own name, how will she remember our relatives name.

Vividha said Kangana doesn’t remember, we should not give her stress, if Bua went in hurry, she will call us once she is free. Bhoomi asked Vipul not to worry. Kangana said sorry and Vipul left. Vividha asked Kangana to go and rest. Kangana smiled and thinks it’s easy to fool them, if I act to faint, they take care of me, they all are big fools. She saw a goon outside the window. He signalled her to come out.

Atharv went to Vividha and held her. She got scared and said I would have gotten a heart attack. He asked how, I have your heart. She asked for Madhav. He said he is sleeping with mum, we are alone now. She asked him to go, I have work. He said you did not say you are alone in the kitchen. She said Kangana came to help me, I asked her to help. He said you work a lot, I will help. She said no, it’s less space here, go. He held her.

She said anyone can come. He wiped the plates. They had a romantic moment. Kangana went and met the goon. She asked why did you come. He said I came to get money, I helped you to get entry into this house, I acted and told the bride’s story. He laughed and said I got beaten up also. She said but I paid you money. He said yes, I did not know this family is so rich, I want more money. She asked how will I get money, I can’t ask them for money. He said you have to give me money, else I will expose your truth in front of them tomorrow.

Vividha asked Atharv to go, she will end the work and come. He left. She looked out of the window and saw Kangana. Kangana asked the man not to do this. She removed a pin and got poison from her bangle. She injected the pin to his feet. She said I will arrange money, what will you do with money now, why did you do this.

Vividha went to see. Kangana pushed the man and he fell down. Kangana turned and saw Vividha. She said I was just getting bored here and came. Vividha asked who was that man. She said someone was asking for address, I said I have no idea. Vividha asked why did you wear this bridal dress.

Kangana said I have worn this, thinking I will get my memory back, I am trying to recall who I am, but I am not able to recall. Vividha asked her not to worry. Kangana saw the man. She said my pin is lost, I will just get it.

Vividha said leave it, it’s just a hairpin. Kangana said I will just come. She took the hairpin from the man’s feet and said I will come to see you dying. She came to Vividha and said come, we will go and sleep.

Atharv said why did Kangana go out wearing bridal dress. Vividha said to have fresh air, you are reacting as if she is mad, I told you the reason. He asked how can anyone do this. She said I found it logical, you should understand this, you went through this phase, the girl is trying to discover herself, if her family is worried.

I don’t understand. Kangana saw the man dead. She said I did not do anything, greed is bad, see what you did with yourself, you died on your own, don’t cheat anyone in hell, keep everyone happy I will miss you and she left.

Vividha said you are doubting on her. Atharv said I am not. She said you are not supporting her. He said she is strange, I am not able to explain. She said relax, Kangana is a nice girl, she has no wrong intentions, stop doubting her. Kangana went to her room and called someone. She asked why did he ask for more money, I had to kill him, don’t know why people have greed. She saw the poison liquid bottle. She took the liquid in an injection. She filled the poison in her bangle. She checked her bangle and wore it and smiled.

Inspector said we got this dead body outside the house. Ravish said we don’t know anything. Atharv said Kangana was outside at night. Kangana said I don’t know anyone. Inspector said this man died by snake poison.


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