Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday, 2nd July 2021: Episode 200-201


The Episode started with Vividha asking about Atharv. Sujata said he will come. Bhoomi said how can he go leaving the bride. Daid said how can he make us wait for so long. Kalindi said if the wait is over in two hours, it means cancellation, not delay. Vividha said he would have told you before going. Bhoomi, Kalindi and everyone talked.

Ravish said Atharv will surely come. Vividha said he won’t come. He asked what are you saying. She said Atharv will not come back. She recalled him and said he has gone leaving me. Everyone got ashocked.

Ravish said, it’s nothing like that, he will be reaching. She said doubt has won over love, this doubt has failed our love. Sujata cried. Doctor said your report is wrong, there is nothing in your xray. Atharv asked which doctor are you? Doctor said I am a dentist, I have taken expert opinion from my neurosurgeon friend. He clicked the xray pics and sends to his friend. Atharv recalled Vividha’s words.

Vividha said yes he loved me, but not as much that his love fails this doubt, he feels I love you, so he left. She cried. Ravish said it’s not like that. She said it’s like that Ravish, he told me that he will love me till his last breath. She recalled Atharv’s words. She said today he left me and went away. She said such big cheat did not happen with me till now, just one whom I trust more than myself can cheat like this. She recalled Atharv.

She said today I lost belief in belief and love. Suman said what else could be expected from him. Uma said this time is not to blame anyone, we should find Atharv. Dadi agreed. Suman argued and said I was not happy with this marriage, see he did not come to marriage mandap, what could we expect from him, he is Sujata’s son.

Vividha said it’s not a mistake of Sujata’s upbringing, it’s a mistake of his madness, he loved me, but did not trust me, he felt my love is weak, but his love was weak, he took my life’s biggest decision and went, he did not think about me once, he left me in this mandap. Sujata cried.

Sujata recalled Atharv’s words. Vividha said I felt he is a strong person, but no, I was wrong, love made me blind, I could not see anything, Atharv is a selfish, egoistic and a liar. Doctor got a message. Atharv asked what happened. Doctor said your reports are wrong, you are fine. Vividha said he will not come back, he left me and went forever. Ravish looked on.

Doctor confirmed with his friend and asked are you sure, no doubt. He told Atharv that your xray and reports don’t match, you are not dying, report is a bad joke with you. Atharv asked what are you saying, are you sure. Doctor said my neurosurgeon friend said same, you are fine, you should go back to Vividha soon, she is waiting.

Vividha said waiting limit is not more than tolerance limit. Doctor asked Atharv to run and gives his back. Vividha said today, I can’t tolerate it. Atharv thanked the doctor for the favor. She asked Ravish to answer. Ravish asked her not to lose hope, Atharv will come back. She asked do you love me. Atharv was the on the way.

Atharv saw a bike and drove away. The man called him out. Vividha asked Ravish again. She asked him will you like to spend your life with your friend. Everyone became shocked. Atharv was on the way and recalled Vividha. She asked Ravish, can you try to change that friendship to love.

Atharv hits a car and fell down on the bricks. He got injured. She asked Ravish will you marry me, I was never too sorrowful, you will never see me such sorrowful again. Ravish thinks of their moments. She asked Ravish to say, is he ready for this marriage.

Atharv called Vividha and others. Ravish said, I will marry you. Atharv said I will come Vividha. He tried calling and got all the numbers unreachable. He called Sujata. Sujata answered the call. Vividha asked the pandit to start the rituals. Sujata asked them to stop.

The Episode continues with a leap of four years. Vividha shouted Madhav and run after a little boy. Madhav threw the dry grass on her. He run and freed the buffalo. She asked him to stop. He did a mischief and got on a buffalo. He called out mummy. She took him and pulled his ear.

She asked, why did you go to the stable, what was this game. He said, it was business, I thought how can their stable be better than us, if their cows/buffalo run away, our stable will become best, even kids know this, you are mummy. She said sorry. He blessed her and run.

She said, I will complain to your dad. They came home, Ajmer’s house. Someone was seen feeding the cows. Vividha came and complained about Madhav. Ravish said he is not just my son and took Madhav in his arms. She asked Ravish to ask Madhav what did he do.

Madhav told something in his ears and they laughed. Vividha said both laugh, when does a teacher beats Madhav, you answer her. Ravish said, when he does a good thing, he is your son, when he does bad, he is my son. She said, yes and went to Uma and Dadi.

Bua Dadi asked, what happened. Vividha asked where is Dadi number 2. Dadi came and said I can see some people jealous by my beauty. She argued with Bua Dadi. Ravish and Madhav came inside the house. Vividha asked Bua Dadi and Dadi not to argue. She called Uma. Uma asked, what happened.

Vividha said I am shouting so that you can hear me, why is the order not delivered, our business is running well because of quality and timely delivery. Uma said we will pack pickles and papads and send on time. Bua Dadi said no, four papads are less, Dadi has eaten this. Dadi said, Indumati is still young, I did not get old.

Dadi boasted of herself. Uma said delivery would have happened today, but the delivery boy got ill. Vividha said there is no excuse in business. Ravish said don’t worry. I will go and give the order.

The man came and said, I have come from Mishras, he got the order, he has sent a gift for your wedding anniversary, it’s a holiday package to Shimla. Vividha said today? Sujata said yes, it’s 23rd February, wish you happy marriage anniversary. She asked Vividha and Ravish to hug. Dadi asked them to kiss and laughed. Bua Dadi asked Dadi to take pics.

Dadi asked Ravish to smile. Ravish and Vividha took pics with Madhav. Sujata did their aarti and blessed them. Uma and Dadi also blessed them. Sujata went to the room. She became sad and recalled Atharv’s call. Atharv said Maa, Vividha, marriage. Sujata said I can’t hear you. She misunderstood his words and thinks how did you keep a stone on heart and called, you could not say what I understood, I will fulfill your wish, I will keep Vividha happy, the way you wanted.

Vividha came to Sujata. She saw Atharv’s pic. She said you should have thrown this years ago, like he threw us and went, the more you recall him, you will be hurt, it will just hurt you more, he used to talk aboutbig things, none would have thought Atharv Sujata will hide this face like a coward and leave, by hurting you and me, he left me alone in the mandap, if you were not with me, I don’t know what would have happened, I could marry Ravish by the courage you gave me.

Sujata stopped Vividha. She said, Ravish you have to promised me, before marrying Vividha, you have to promise that you will always keep her happy, you won’t hurt her, you won’t let tears come in her eyes, Vividha has lost a lot, you will give her everything, without any condition, you will love her a lot, more than her hopes, Atharv did wrong with her, I have no relation with Atharv from today. She cried and asked Ravish to promise her, that Vividha’s past will not come between him and Vividha. Ravish said I promise.

Vividha said he did not just cheat me, he cheated you, that mum who made him Atharv, he did not value you, no need to remember him, forget him and she left. Sujata said you are not along Atharv, I am sure you are there, you would think of me.

Atharv worked out in a gym. The girls looked at him. Atharv saw the girls staring at him. He asked them to work out, no pain, no gain. He greeted Sneha. Sneha told him about meeting postponement. He said there can’t be any delay in health club branch, it’s my wedding anniversary today, and my wife is waiting for me.

He got his mum’s call and said I am leaving, I am outside the gym. He sat in his car and asked the driver to drive fast. He reached home and rang the bell. Chintu opened the open and hugged him, calling him Bhai. He wished Atharv happy wedding anniversary.

He said these roses can help you, she’s been waiting for long and is upset. Atharv asked, are you helping or scaring me. He went to wish his wife and said, baby happy anniversary. He gave her roses. She became annoyed and threw it away. He said, I am sorry.

I am just late by one hour, it’s our anniversary, forgive me for our baby’s sake. The lady was pregnant. She said fine, I have forgiven you for the coming baby’s sake. He thanked and hugged her. He asked where is everyone. She said wow Raghav, you forgot, Maa kept puja for you, she will be annoyed. He said I remember and smiled.

Sujata said I kept puja in the temple, I will go alone. Ravish said I will take you. Vividha said Ravish has no urgent work, he can come along. Sujata told the pandit that she wants to conclude puja by her son’s name. Pandit asked, what’s son’s name. Atharv reached the temple and said sorry Maa, my identity is by you, Suman’s son Raghav, Raghav Suman. Suman smiled seeing him.


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