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Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday, 30th July 2021 Episode started with Sujata sitting in lockup. Atharv and Vividha came to her. Sujata held his hands and said you came back to mum, you got fine. He said my mind buried the memories, but my heart knows you are my mum. He called her mum. She cried. She said I snatched a mum from such a son, who gave me much respect.

He said Suman tried to kill Madhav too. She said she did this for her son’s love, I also took this step of killing her for my son. Vividha said you did this by intention of saving life, not taking someone’s life, you saved Atharv’s life. Sujata said Suman was not bad. She told them something.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday, 30th July 2021. Atharv said we will wait for Ravish’s statement, his statement is very important for us. She asked will he give statement, his anger is justified, mum is mum, I want to tell you, whatever the court’s decision, I don’t want anything, you are all fine, I am content, take care of Ravish, he needs you both.

Atharv said but court decision. She said it doesn’t matter to me. He said it matters to me, I lost Suman who I assumed to be my mum, I don’t want to lose you. She blessed him and cried.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday, 30th July 2021. The court hearing started. The Lawyer said Sujata shot Suman in all senses, Atharv and Vividha gave statements, but they are her family, we can’t give it weightage, I request court to strictly punish Sujata.

The judge said this does not prove the crime done by Sujata, that Sujata planned to kill Suman. Lawyer said I want to call Ravish into the witness box to prove the plotting. Ravish came. Everyone looked at him. Ravish swore to tell truth.

The lawyer asked him to tell who killed his mum and by what plotting. Ravish cried and said my mum was everything to me, she did not teach me to walk, but she taught me to face all problems with courage, she never got happiness in life, with her death, someone in me also died. He recalled Suman.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday, 30th July 2021

He saw Sujata and said Sujata shot my mum, but she did not kill her, my mum felt she had much pain, I could not understand it, what will anyone else understand, my mum was looking for that happiness and was losing herself.

she was going towards madness, my mum tried to kill Atharv, but Sujata shot her and stopped her from becoming a murderer, if this did not happen, Suman would have killed Atharv, she would have turned mad to guilt.

Sujata was my second mum, but she never hated me as Sautan’s son, she gave me much respect, more than her love, I am a soldier, I know it’s needed to kill one life to save other life, it needs courage, it’s story of her courage, not crime, she can’t do anything wrong, this family made me feel as outsider, I am not from their family. Everyone felt proud of Ravish.

Ravish said Vividha was helpless to marry me, she never left supporting me, Atharv faced many problems, she always tried to do good work and paid a price for it, Sujata also did such work, it’s case of defence, not murder.

He cried. Judge said it’s clear that Sujata is innocent after Ravish’s statement, so court released Sujata free of all blames. Sujata came out. Atharv hugged her. Sujata hugged Uma, Vividha, Mdhav and went to Ravish.

She folded hands. He stopped her and hugged. He said Suman will be blessing you right now, that you stopped her from leading a life of regret and sorrow. Atharv hugged Ravish and thanked him. Ravish said no thanks, whatever you got from me, just keep it as your rights.

They all come home. Ravish cried. Sujata thinks of Suman. Vividha asked her not to blame herself. Atharv asked where is Guddi. Bhoomi said she left from court much earlier. Guddi came with her bags. Atharv became shocked seeing her flat belly and recalled Guddi’s lie. Guddi said it was Suman’s plan.

I was never pregnant, forgive me, I was part of her plan, I showed we are married, I love her and I am not pregnant, it was an lie, we had no relation by heart and body, your mind was controlled by drugs, you were living a fake life, none told you the truth, I had much guilt to play with your feelings, it was much late and I could not back out, believe me, I did not know Suman wanted to kill you.

He said you saved my life twice. She said but I cheated you, I can’t blame anyone for my mistake, I am sorry. He said so why did you do this. Vividha said I will say. Everyone looked on.

Vividha said I will say why she did this. Uma asked are you Guddi and hugged her. Guddi cried. Atharv saw Vividha in flashes. Vividha saw Atharv and Ravish.

The Episode started with Guddi apologizing to Atharv. Vividha said I will tell everyone why Guddi did this, she did this as she was angry with me. She recalled Guddi’s words.

Vividha said she was so angry that she joined Suman to teach me a lesson, but she did not let Suman’s mistakes become a crime, because my mum’s values came in between. Dadi asked what are you saying. Vividha asked Dadi to say well, eyes always talk, words make noise, love is just to be felt.

Uma asked what do you mean to say. Vividha said you saw it yourself. She cried and took Guddi to Uma. Uma held Guddi and recalled her. She said you are my Guddi. Guddi nodded. Everyone became shocked. Uma hugged Guddi and cried.

Vividha said I did not know the truth before, after I came to this house, I got to know many things, I remember the day when Guddi made chocolate milk once, she used to say if anyone drinks chocolate milk made by her, they won’t have it by anyone else, she said the same thing to Madhav.

Vividha said I did not forget Guddi’s habits, and her lines, she used to make something fashionable by old things, which needs talent, she said this to Atharv. Vividha was shown hearing Guddi telling Atharv that she made a dupatta out of her old saree.

Vividha said I had doubt that she is Guddi, when I heard she saved Atharv’s life, my doubt got certain, because Guddi can never hurt Atharv. They were really good friends, right Shweta Kashyap. Guddi nodded.

Vividha hugged her. Dadi asked are you my Guddi and hugged her. Guddi said my real face got burnt with my fake funeral. She told everything about Suman giving her a new face and new life.

Guddi said it was Suman’s place, I was also a part of it, by greed and anger, forgive me, I can’t stay with you all now, you all came out of sorrow, I will remind you the sorrow, I can’t stay here.

Vividha stopped her and said you will stay here with me and everyone. Uma said after you left, we knew how we lived, don’t say anything about leaving again. Guddi apologized to Atharv. Atharv said we are true friends and friendship never breaks, stop crying. Uma prayed for the family.

Atharv and Ravish walked on the corridors and think of Madhav. They saw each other. Vividha came with Madhav. Madhav refused to sleep. Atharv and Ravish together bent to take him. They stopped.

Atharv said I will take the other room, you can take the big bedroom if you want. Ravish said I already took the other room. Vividha said Madhav and I will sleep in the guest room. Ravish and Atharv left. Atharv recalled Madhav.

Ravish recalled Vividha and became sad. Vividha thinks of Ravish. She made Madhav sleep. Ravish came there. He kept the water bottle and sat by Madhav’s side. He kissed Madhav and got up. Vividha asked Ravish to sleep with Madhav.

He said no, it’s more important that you stay with him, this strange silence between us will end soon, I know relation limits are changing, I assure you I will move away from your way. She cried.

He said so that you and Atharv can unite again, it’s just a work of mind, you both stay in each other’s hearts, when drugs effect get less, Atharv will get his lost memories back. She asked how can you be such a nice person Ravish. He wiped his tears.

He said I don’t know I am a nice person or not, I can try to become a good friend. He asked her not to cry and wiped her tears. She bent to touch his feet. He asked what are you doing.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday, 30th July 2021

She said I don’t know how to thank you, you did a lot for me and Madhav till now, you stood with me as solution to all my problems, you supported me and gave father’s love to Madhav, when Atharv came back, you are taking steps back without saying anything, no person can do this.

He said when person is left with no option, person realizes his real strength, you stayed away from Atharv and did not break, you hated him and still loved him, Atharv did not let your name wiped off from his memory.

Madhav met here with Atharv, it has some meaning, it means you were always Atharv’s, you will return to Atharv with all rights, you don’t need to think much, that’s my work, take rest and he left.

Madhav fell down. Ravish and Atharv held him. A man said Atharv’s DNA sample is taken. Ravish said it means we can start Madhav’s treatment when results come. Doctor told them that Madhav and Atharv’s DNA are not matching. They all became shocked.


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