Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday Pt2, 28th June 2021

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Beginning of Jaana Na Dil Se Door on Adom TV

Jaana Na Dil Se Door on Adom TV starts with Vividha seeing the paper burning by the medicine. She stopped Sujata and threw the medicine. Sujata asked what did you do. Atharv showed the burning mat and Sujata got shocked. Vividha said someone mixed chemical in Atharv’s medicine, someone from this house did this. Kalindi run. Vividha went to see her and missed. She just saw the watch worn by the woman. She said, who is doing this. Atharv said I will go out. Sujata said no and cried holding him. Vividha said, Atharv is fine.

Atharv said, I am strong. Vividha and Sujata cried. Vividha said, we both want Atharv to get fine and stay safe, why don’t we do this work together, our victory is in making him fine. Vividha said, Sujata has a mother’s heart, mother give sacrifices for her child, mother doesn’t take sacrifices. Sujata looked at her.

She said, the situation changed Vividha, you are someone’s bahu and wife now, you have new responsibilities now, you understand it. Vividha said, I know it well. Sujata said, you want to see Atharv getting fine, but you can’t give your life in charity, you can’t be with him all the time, you gave to take care of this family, leave my Atharv alone, so that we all can move on.

Ravish said, whoever did this, it would be for stopping your investigation or getting saved if Atharv has seen that person’s face. Vividha cried and said, I could not do anything to see that culprit’s face. He said, it’s good that we can understand the culprit is tensed and will do mistakes, you were right, we will find him easily now, we will give medicines to Atharv silently, so that no one can mix anything in his medicines. She said fine, I will need time to make food, shall I get coffee for you, you look tired. He said no, I will take some rest.

Everyone dined together. Suman asked Vividha about Ravish. Vividha said, he is coming. Suman said Abheer, it’s good you came. Atharv and Ravish came. Atharv asked, shall I sit here between Ravish and Vividha. Ravish asked him to sit. Atharv asked what’s this, who ate this and threw the bread on Abheer. Daddy ji scolded him. Ravish said, he was just… Daddy ji shouted Ravish, discipline control things.

Abheer said it’s okay. Vividha asked Atharv to sit quiet. She bent to pick the spoon and saw Kalindi and Abheer holding hands under the table. She saw the watch Kalindi was wearing. She recalled the watch and got shocked. Kalindi asked for juice. Vividha passed her. Kalindi asked Abheer to go club with Papa for breakfast. He nodded. Vividha thought, did Kalindi try to kill Atharv, is she behind all this. Kalindi gave a smile and Vividha thought.

Ravish asked, are you sure? Vividha said yes, when I bent, I have seen Kalindi and Abheer secretly holding hands, then I saw her watch, it was the same watch which I had seen on that person’s hand who mixed chemical in Atharv’s medicine, sorry, I know you are feeling bad, I am saying what I have seen. He said I promised you I will not forgive the culprit and get justice for Guddi, if Kalindi tried to kill Atharv, it means she has killed Guddi.

Still on Jaana Na Dil Se Door on Adom TV

Jaana Na Dil Se Door on Adom TV continues where she said, but I don’t know the reason, did Guddi know about Kalindi and Abheer’s affair, and Kalindi did this to shut her mouth. He said, how can Kalindi do this, can she kill anyone to hide her affair, she has to answer us. She stopped him and says don’t hurry, we have to think well, we don’t have any proof. He said, Kalindi is clever, I will see her. She said no, we have to take risk, I have an idea. She told her idea.

Atharv went to Kalindi’s room and picked her phone. She saw him and asked, why did you take my phone, what are you doing in my room. He asked shall I pick you. She asked what. He showed you the ball there. Vividha asked, what are you doing here? it’s time for your medicine. Kalindi asked them to control Atharv. Vividha and Atharv said sorry and left.

Vividha asked Atharv, why did you go to Bua’s room. Atharv showed Kalindi’s phone to Vividha and Ravish. Vividha asked how did you do this, and why. Atharv said I heard your plan that you want Bua’s phone. He recalled hearing Vividha. He said I had similar fake phone, I got Kalindi’s phone, whatever you want, you will always get it, I will get it, promised. Vividha recalled his words. Ravish looked on. He asked, how did you do this. Atharv says I was playing with ball and heard you both talking, then I went and swapped the phone.

Atharv said we won and Bua lost, she has seen me, but she did not know anything, I will tell her. Vividha said no, we are playing a secret game, be quiet. Atharv said fine, bye and he left. Vividha said, if Bua knows we have her phone… Ravish said, we will check her phone first. Daddy ji told about Abheer’s dad and his old times, how they had gone on tough mission. Atharv said its silent, I can also silently do many things which none can know. They all looked at him. Atharv said I am very smart.

End of Jaana Na Dil Se Door on Adom TV

Jaana Na Dil Se Door on Adom TV ends wherte he asked Suman to go and get coffee for her also. Suman asked Kalindi and Bhoomi to come, we will clean the kitchen. Atharv sang kahin pe nigahein…. Kalindi looked on. Atharv said, I know everything, I am very smart.

Ravish said, Kalindi called on this number many times on Guddi’s death day, and messaged too, to end the matter else they both can fall in trouble. Vividha asked whose number is this. Ravish said the number is not saved, but the display pic is there. They see a cat image.

Vividha and Ravish went to Abheer, and saw two phones with him. Vividha said, I will try his number and checked. She called on his number.

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