Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

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Vividha has met with Atharv, and what she saw with her naked eyes is nothing to write home about. She found out that Guddi is the reason why Atharv has not returned to her.

Suman goes to meet her magician lady, and was confident that Vividha didn’t talk with Atharv or was not in good terms with him so therefore, their meeting will not happen.

But her sorcerers made her believe that this is not the time to rejoice because the situation can change. Atharv and Vividha has a strong Aura

Madhav gets scared and falls off his bicycle after seeing Suman, why is that? Comment your answer below..

Meanwhile, a certain mysterious lady is haunting Atharv and his household. Could this be the curse? who is this mysterious lady?

The full update of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021 is finally here..

Beginning Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

The Episode started with Suman acting to do dhyaan and talking to a tantric lady. She said Vividha and Atharv came in front of each other, whatever Vividha has seen and understood, she will not try to meet Atharv, her pain and sorrow will do my work, that will keep her away.

The lady said yes, you think so, but remember accidents happen when people are not alert. Suman said Maha Amavasya is close, till then all ways of their meeting will end, I will do some arrangements. She got some powder and added it to the milk. She said now Vividha will be busy here, and Atharv will be lost there. She smiled.

Atharv asked Guddi what is she making in the food. She said just 2 mins. Servant said this box was fallen outside. Atharv checked the gift. He saw the musical dancing dolls. Guddi thinks of Vividha. She said leave it, have food. He asked did Madhav’s mummy got this. She recalled seeing Vividha and diverted him. He said I think maybe she got this. She said leave it. He said no, let this be with me please.

It’s night, Atharv saw Vividha’s gift and got up from the bed. He got some flashes and heard Vividha’s name. He said what’s in this name, why do I think of this. He recalled Madhav’s words and said why does his mum’s thought pull me, I did not meet her till now.

He went out of the room. He saw someone’s shadow. He entered a room and Vividha’s drawings fell down. He heard the anklet sound and turned to see. Some girl was shown standing in the darkness. It’s morning, Ravish began his regular work of filling milk cans and watering the cows. Vividha looked on and thinks Ravish is right, why should I care, I have a good loving family and loving son.

Vividha asked Sujata to have tea. Uma signalled Sujata to ask. Sujata asked about the trip. Vividha recalled Atharv. She said I met Raghav and his wife Gargi, they are good people, I gave them gift. Sujata said you wanted to see if something wrong is there. Vividha said no, it was just my fears, Madhav was afraid to get away from us.

She asked Madhav to drive the bicycle slowly. Suman came. Madhav saw Suman and fell down from the bicycle. Everyone called out Madhav and rished to him. Ravish said it’s not a problem to fall in life, it’s a problem to not get up after falling, Madhav is my son. He will get up. He called out Madhav. Everyone asked Madhav to get up.

They became shocked seeing foam expelling from his mouth. Suman thinks now I don’t try to worry, Vividha will be trapped in Madhav’s worry. It will be very late till Vividha comes out of this matter.

Guddi came to Atharv and saw the drawings on the floor. She said it’s your workout time. He asked do you know this face. She recalled Suman’s words and denied them. He asked her to see carefully, does Madhav’s mum look like this by chance. She said I don’t know her, what’s this issue, have milkshake. He refused and said I won’t die if I don’t drink shake for a day, think again, did you see her. She said no.

He said you dropped Madhav and met his mom, maybe she is that lady. She said I went for some time, I could not see her well, you were unconscious and I had to take you to the doctor. She argued. He said such face troubles me every night, I heard a sound yesterday, someone’s name, Vividha. She became shocked.

He said Madhav said his mum’s name is Vividha, maybe it’s a coincidence. She thinks where did Suman go. She asked what do you mean, stranger kid came and you think you have relation with his mum, do you want me to help you in this.

She acted to be in pain. He asked are you fine. She said such things happen in this time. He said sorry. She said no need to be sorry, I am your wife, how will I feel if my husband talks of some lady, your dreams have no connection with real life, it’s not reality, trust me. He said no, it’s not my heart’s illusion.

Vividha got some powder in Madhav’s glass and some thread in his bag. She thinks I have to find out what’s going on.

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