Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 9th July 2021 Episode started with Ravish asking inspector to find Madhav, Vividha had seen a guy taking him, take army’s help if you want, just get my son. He consoled Vividha and said we will find him some way, I will find out where is Madhav and who is behind this kidnapping, when I find out, that man will regret to take birth.

Ankit was worried hearing him. Dadi cried and asked him to get Madhav. Ravish hugged her and said I will get Madhav at any cost. Aditi said we should inform Suman. Sujata said no, she is alone in ashram, she will worry, we will find Madhav. Vividha prayed in the temple and cried. Sujata asked Ankit to call someone and ask about Madhav. Ankit said what will happen if I call, Ravish called police, we can just wait.

Vividha cried and prayed for Madhav. Everyone cried. Atharv saw a car in front of the house and thinks who parked this car here. He went out to see and saw the car dickey open. He saw some shoe popping out and lifted the door to see. He saw items kept. The man came and covered the door.

He asked Atharv what happened, do you have any problem. Atharv said this is my house, your car was parked here, so its my problem. The man apologized and said we went out for dining and did not get proper parking. Atharv said no problem. The man drove the car fast. The lady asked him to drive slowly. Madhav is in dickey and woke up.

He said I think that bad uncle is taking me somewhere, how to get out. He thinks of Vividha’s words and prayed. The children asked for red water bottle. Lady asked her husband to get the bottle from dickey.

The man said this dickey is not working well, it doesn’t open easily. He went and took the bottle from the dickey. Madhav saw him. The man was irritated and didn’t see Madhav. He went back to the dickey to shut it well. He got an umbrella and said I got it finally and left.

Madhav came out of the dickey and the car left. Vividha and everyone prayed. Vividha said many problems came in our life, you can’t snatch Madhav, he is the connecting link of all of us, please return me my son. Ankit smiled and thinks you made me cry, I made everyone cry now, this is called revenge. Vividha said it’s your responsibility that my Madhav comes back to me, protect him. Vividha prayed.

Madhav walked on the road. He came in front of Atharv’s car. Atharv saw him suddenly and applied the breaks. Madhav fell down. Atharv got down the car and run to Madhav. He asked are you fine, did you get hurt. Madhav asked can’t you see me, is your brakes not working. Atharv saw his attitude and smiled. He said sorry. Madhav argued with him and called him mad.

Atharv asked where is your dad, I will complain about your mischief, and you have no manners to talk. Madhav said my mummy will beat you. Atharv saw the wound on his leg and said show me the wound. Madhav threw soil on him and run. Atharv said ill mannered, wait and run after him. Madhav hid. Atharv said was this a kid or a bomb ball and he left.

Ankir and his friends laughed. Sujata saw them. Ankit argued with her. Sujata said your 4 year old nephew is missing and you are laughing, don’t you worry for him. Ankit said yes, I worry, what can I do, police is doing it’s work and she left. Atharv asked Suman and Guddi to come and have food. Suman and Guddi came.

Suman signalled Guddi and gave her drugs. Atharv made Guddi sit and served food. Suman said you sit and have food. She signalled Guddi. Guddi said I will get water. He said sit, I will get it, you need rest and he went. Guddu added drugs to his food. Atharv got water and sat to eat food.

He saw some box and stopped.. He asked, Chintu why did he keep this study items here. Chintu said I was busy. Atharv said its fine, I will keep it and come. Suman asked him to have food. He said just 2mins and went. He came back and held a plate. The drugged curry fell down by his hand. Suman and Guddi became worried.

Ravish cames home. Vividha asked did you find out about Madhav. He said no, but I got call from police station, they got a CCTV footage, where a little kid was put in car a dickey, police thinks maybe that boy is Madhav. Ankit worried.

Inspector showed the footage to Ravish and Vividha. Vividha said he was that man. Ravish asked the inspector to zoom.


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