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JAANA Na Dil Se Door EPISODE 222

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday, 19th July 2021 Episode started with Ravish and Vividha getting Madhav to hospital. Vividha said someone has fed something to Madhav. He asked what are you saying.

She said he was playing well, how did this happen. He said relax, we don’t have such beliefs, don’t let this pressure get on you. Vividha said I know it.

Nurse asked them to get toys for Madhav, he will feel good when he gets conscious. Vividha said he hasn’t gotten conscious till now and is worried. Ravish said I will get toys. She said no, I will get them and left.

Sujata said we should go the hospital, they did not come till now. Vividha came. Uma asked how is Madhav. Dadi said what did the doctor say. Vividha got Madhav’s toys and felt sad. She thinks of him. She got a thread on his bag. She saw some powder in the glass and smelt it. She recalled Madhav’s reaction on seeing Suman. She saw Madhav’s drawings.

Uma and Sujata came there. Vividha said where is Suman. Uma said Suman went to do puja for Madhav, why andVividha left. Uma, sujata and Dadi went with her. Ravish asked what happened. Vividha said you were saying about logic, see this, where am I wrong, this glass has something.

I told you someone did something on Madhav, see this black thread on his school bag, see this black powder in the milk glass, someone did black magic on my son. He asked do you know what you are saying, who will do this. She said I know who is doing this. He asked who, and why.

She said there is just one person behind this, that’s your mum. They all became shocked. He asked what’s this madness. She said try to understand. He asked her to rest. She stopped him. She said you won’t go without listening to me. Dadi said try to understand Ravish.

Vividha said Dadi, don’t talk in between, it’s about my son’s life. Ravish asked do you have proof, did you see Suman trying black thread, or adding black powder in glass, it’s chocolate, Madhav liked it. She asked why does Madhav not like Suman, even when she got the toys for him, there would be some reason for this.

He said you are saying nonsense. She said no, why did Ramanand ji leave seeing Suman, why did he warn me to get saved by Suman, whenever she comes home, Madhav falls ill.

She said Madhav said he has seen Suman at Delhi house, why did he not take mention any other name, he is sleepwalking since Suman came home, she is your mum, but I know she is doing all this.

Ravish shouted enough, I know you are worried for Madhav, it doesn’t mean I will agree to your nonsense, do you have proof against Suman. Madhav asked for Vividha. Nurse called them to meet Madhav. They rushed and met Madhav.

Madhav said mumma cried a lot. Vividha said you scare mumma. Ravish asked what happened to Madhav. Doctor asked can I talk to you in private. Ravish asked him to come. Madhav asked for his toys. Dadi gave him the toys. Doctor talked to Ravish, Vividha, Sujata and Uma.

He said we have to do some tests to confirm, if we see symptoms, its uncommon disease, it’s genetic, I know its hard to hear this, but its my duty to say the truth, Madhav has a dangerous disease symptoms, which makes person lose immunity. They became shocked.

Vividha asked will he be fine. Doctor said it’s complicated, you can go to big cities for treatment, we want kid’s father’s DNA sample also. Sujata said Ravish is here, do any test you want. Vividha looked at Ravish. Sujata asked Ravish to go for the tests, we should know if Madhav is fine. Ravish and Vividha worried.

Suman met Atharv. She said my work ended soon, so I came back, now everything will be fine. Everyone at home saw Madhav playing. Sujata said you did not say anything all these years, our Madhav is my Atharv’s son. Uma said you have hidden such big thing from us, why.

Dadi said Madhav is Atharv’s son. Sujata asked Ravish did you know this. Ravish said yes, I got to know this on our marriage day. Ravish was shown coming to Vividha. He complimented her. She asked do you want to say something. He said we have seen a lot in last few months, if I did any mistake.

I am sorry, I can’t think to hurt you intentionally, you are going to start new life, I want to give you best wishes, I want you and Atharv to stay together always. She said I told you, I will always be your friend, how did our ways get different.

I just had Guddi, now she is no more, you are my best friend, our relation is not breaking, it’s getting more stronger. He made her wear the bridal dupatta and said come. She became dizzy. Ravish held her. He asked are you fine, will you sit. She said no, I am fine, don’t know why is this happening since morning, I had food. . Everyone looked at Ravish.

Uma said if Madhav has disease, we have to do the tests, for this, we want Atharv’s DNA, but we don’t know where is Atharv. Vividha said I know where Atharv is. Sujata became shocked.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: 19th July 2021


The Episode started with Ravish saying I knew this. Vividha said I did not know this, but Ravish knew this, even then he married me, I felt I took marriage decision with Ravish being emotional, but it was not wrong, it was the best decision of my life. She cried and said my son would have not gotten a better father than Ravish.

Sujata said such a big favor on us. Ravish asked favor? I have just gotten you all and Madhav, what can I ask from life, I feel I am very lucky. Dadi asked what will we do now. Uma said we have to do Madhav’s test, we will need Atharv’s DNA, but we don’t know where is Atharv.

Vividha saw Ravish. She said I know where Atharv is. The old lady said you are very happy today, I see excitement in you. Suman said yes, now I will start Maha Amavasya preparations, it will happen as I want.

I will end this curse, my new life will start. She smiled. The lady told her what happens on Maha Amavasya night, it will have death, sorrow and bloodshed. Suman said I don’t care of anyone’s death. I want to win, my dream will turn true that night.

Sujata asked do you know where he is, is he alive, is he fine. Vividha said he is fine. Sujata got relieved and cried. Uma said he is fine, calm down. Vividha said he is better than fine, he was happily dancing and playing holi.

Sujata said you did not find it important to tell me. Vividha said he is not Atharv whom we knew, he changed completely, he has a new life, big house, a wife who is expecting a child. Sujata thinks Atharv married, his wife is having a child, how did he do this, no he can’t do this.

Vividha said he has forgotten us, even his memories have no place for us. Sujata said if we did not need Atharv’s DNA for Madhav’s treatment, you would have not told me about him, why. She said Ravish why did he hide truth.

Vividha said you are feeling this by just hearing, think what I went through, I have seen love in his eyes for someone else, he left us and ran away, he did not call you, you are his mum, I have hurt you as I did not wish to give you more pain. Uma said I can’t believe he can do this. Dadi said he has thrown his own name, relations, life, like old clothes.

Ravish said you got hurt hearing this, Vividha did not wish to hurt you, Atharv is very happy in his different world, our lives are different. Sujata said no, our lives can’t be different now, it’s about Madhav’s life, we need Atharv, maybe that’s why fate got him in our life again. They all saw Madhav.

Suman appeared happy and told Guddi that they will have coffee, our plan succeeded, it’s a matter of some days, everything will be fine, you will get money which I promised, then you can start a new life, we can start our new lives by our wish, go and rest. Guddi smiled and went.

Atharv came from the bathroom and looked for clothes. A girl wearing anklet got him his clothes. She held him. He said you are getting much romantic today. She disappeared. He wore his tee. Guddi came to the room. He smiled seeing her and held her. She said I am very tired and feeling sleepy. He said but you, its fine, come sleep and they slept. Some shadow was seen.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: 19th July 2021

Vividha made Madhav sleep. She recalled Atharv. Ravish said I will meet Atharv and get his DNA sample. Vividha said you think you will interfere with his new beautiful wife, and he will give what you ask. He said why not, it’s DNA sample to save Madhav’s life, how can he refuse.

She said he moved on in life, he cheated us till now, he did not think to come and talk to us, why will he help us, you won’t go to ask his help, we have to think of what to do. He said please let me go, it’s about my son’s life. She said it’s about my son’s life too, so I will go to take the samples.

He asked what, why do you want to go to him. She said it’s about our son, it’s my responsibility. He said I can also go. She said Madhav is Atharv’s son, I will go. He said no, I can’t risk Madhav’s life, I will go, I decided, I will talk to him. She said you can’t decide anything about my son, he is my son. He became shocked.

Atharv asked the guard who is she. Guard said she was roaming here like a thief. Vividha was in disguise of banjaran covered her face with ghunghat. He held her hand asking who is she and sensed something.


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