Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday, 21st June 2021 Pt2, Episode 183

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday Pt2, 28th June 2021

The Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday, 21st June 2021 Pt2 Episode started with the ambassador telling Vividha about her divorce with Ravish. He asked, why are you creating issues without any reason? She said it’s my personal matter, but kidnapping a soldier like this is a public matter for all indians.

you won’t do anything as you don’t want to, remember one thing, I will not go without taking Ravish home, whatever happens and this is a promise of an indian, Jai hind and she left.

Vividha landed in Kashmira. Curfew announcement was made. A goon saw her. She walked on the road. She saw a man and said I am looking for Ravish Vashisht, see his pic, did you see him anywhere? The man said, don’t you know about curfew, go home. She recalled Suman’s words. She looked for Ravish. She checked a map and thinks whom to ask, how to start finding Ravish. She walked to some distance. She turned. The goon hid.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday, 21st June 2021 Pt2

She walked ahead and felt someone is following her. She turned again to see. She started running. The man run after her. She hid. She heard a baby cry from a house and knocked the door asking someone to open the door. The man came there and till then she entered the door. He saw her and informed someone that Vividha has entered a house, if I enter the house forcibly, army will know it, she will come out, I will wait.

Vividha said sorry to knock door this way. The lady said it’s fine. Vividha introduced herself and said I came to find Ravish. The lady said I know, I have seen on tv, you are his wife. Vividha said, no one is doing anything, Indian army is trying, don’t know how much will it take.

Pakistan ambassy refused to help, so I came to find Ravish, don’t know from where to start, a man was following me. The lady said go back, the men are very dangerous. Vividha asked, do you know them? The lady said no, your fear is right as your husband is in danger, go back, Lord will protect your husband.

Vividha said I can’t go back. The lady asked, how will you find him alone? Vividha thinks I am a culprit of many people, but I will prove myself innocent. She said I don’t know how, but I will not go without Ravish, everyone doubts on me here, how to start.

The lady said don’t worry, everyone is not wrong, army takes care of us, have courage, you will get your husband. She gave her a taweez and asked will you feel bad, shall I make you wear this, are you hindu. Vividha said indian from Ajmer, I have prayed at Ajmer dargah always.

The lady asked her to believe the Lord, this taweez will give you courage and strength. Vividha thanked and hugged her. The lady asked her to go by backside door, be alert, find some place to spend the night, you won’t be able to bear the cold and Vividha left. The lady prayed for her.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday, 21st June 2021 Pt2

Vividha run to the main road. She saw a temple and went downside area. She prayed and said Ravish has done a lot for family and country, and also for those people who is not his family, for me, for Adaa, he has always loved everyone.

he did not ask anything in return, today he is in problem, I don’t know from where to start finding him, but I will return with Ravish, bless me, it’s about Ravish. She prayed and broke a coconut. Some men found her and aimed guns at her. She looked on shocked.

Vividha run and said there is no security at the border, I did not know crossing border is so easy. She went towards the border, and saw some militants firing.


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