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The Episode started with Suman saying this journey of 30 years will end with this night. Vividha as6ks what are you going to do, what’s this madness.

Suman laughed and said you are calling this madness, what will you call what happens next, this night is dark, it’s Amavasya tonight, this will give a new morning to my life, you want to know how.

The party went on. Suman told her plans to Vividha. Vividha held Madhav close and worried. The girl danced and Suman got a bag and pulled Madhav from Vividha. Vividha said no Madhav. Suman said come Madhav, come with Badi Dadi.

She placed Madhav inside the bag. Vividha shouted no. Atharv and Guddi danced at the party. Vividha shouted for help. She asked someone to save her son. Suman left with Madhav.

Suman went with the bag and thinks to cross hall, reach the room, then everything will be fine. Vividha asked someone to open the door. Atharv danced with the girl. Vividha shouted for help. Suman took the bag. Atharv collided with it and fell over it. Suman and everyone became shocked. He asked this bag!

Suman said there is something important, it’s important papers, I was taking it to my room to check. Atharv said you arranged this party and you are doing this work. Suman said you enjoy the party, I got a call from the organization, I have to do work. He said I will come along. Guddi said Maa arrange party for you. Guddi asked the servant to take the bag.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday, 26th July 2021

Thetantric lady added something to the milk. She signalled Suman. Suman signalled Guddi to watch there. Guddi turned and saw the milk glass and she left. Vividha tried to free herself. Guddi got the milk glass for Atharv and he drank it. Suman stopped the servant. She said the bag is not heavy, I can take it. She sent the servant. Vividha opened the ropes. She heard the anklet sound. She turned to see. She saw Kajri and became shocked. She recalled Kajri’s death news and became afraid and she moved back.

Suman took the bag to the terrace. She saw the sky. She kept the bag. Atharv became dizzy. Guddi held him. Vividha said I don’t know you, I just know that I have to save my son’s life, please help me, my son’s life is at risk. She held Kajri’s hand and asked her to please help her in saving her son. She became shocked seeing Kajri’s hand bleeding. Suman said my life’s hardwork will succeed today.

She called Guddi. She asked did he faint or not. Guddi said no, he is dizzy. Suman said get him upstairs in whatever state he is. Guddi asked what are you doing. Suman said you just do what is told of you. She ended the call and said every person’s time will come, today it’s my time.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday, 26th July 2021. Guddi said I think Raghav is feeling cold. She took him upstairs. Vividha saw Kajri. Suman recalled Kajri’s death and shouted Kajri, I waited for 30 years, today I will end Sujata’s family, your soul will get peace, you will leave me to live in peace.

Suman asked the tantric to help her. She got out shocked seeing Ravish and everyone. Ravish said Maa. Atharv said she is my mum. Vividha said she is not your mum Atharv. He said my name is Raghav. Vividha said you are Atharv Sujata.


The Episode started with Suman shouting out to Kajri, asking her to take revenge from Sujata’s family and leave her to live in peace. Guddi took Atharv. She covered him with a coat. The tantric lady looked on and called Suman. She asked Suman to be ready, Guddi was getting Atharv.

Suman said I did wrong, you fell down there, but it was not my mistake, you have the blood of Sujata’s family and get peace. She saw Madhav and got him out of the bag. She asked him to come. Guddi got Atharv. Suman asked Guddi to come. She said great Guddi, you did what I told you to do, you will be given the price and Guddi left.

Suman made Madhav stand on the railing. She saw the sky. She said I am giving blood prasad today, accept this and leave me. Vividha said you are not dead, you are alive. Madhav shouted out for Vividha. Suman pushed Atharv. She became shocked seeing Vipul. He asked what are you doing. She asked what are you doing here, how did you come here. He said Guddi got me here saying it’s a surprise, it’s some game.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday, 26th July 2021. Guddi was shown making Atharv rest and thinking Suman will hurt Atharv. Vipul said you called me. Guddi said it’s good you came here, Suman kept surprised for Raghav, he was unwell, please wear this jacket and come with me, don’t ask anything. He agreed and wore the jacket. She said just come silently.

Suman said shut up and go away from here. He asked what’s happening. She said just go. She shouted Guddi angrily. Madhav said leave me and shouted Maa. The tantric lady came there. She asked what happened now. Suman said Guddi got Vipul instead of Atharv, maybe she got to know everything.

The tantric lady said so Guddi fooled me. Suman said I will not leave Guddi. The tantric lady said see her lady, sacrifice had to happen without Atharv. Suman said the sacrifice will happen one by one, if not together, first I will kill Madhav. Madhav said I have to go to Vividha, leave me.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday, 26th July 2021. Kajri showed Vividha the way to leave. Vividha thanked her and went out of the ventilation outlet. Atharv woke up. He thinks what happened to me. He tried to to get up and became dizzy The tantric lady asked Suman for what is she waiting, push him. Vividha came there and became shocked seeing Madhav.

She shouted Madhav. Atharv came near his window and saw Suman with Madhav. He became shocked. The tantric lady said this is your last chance, you were waiting for it, push him. Atharv run.

Suman pushed Madhav and looked down. Atharv and Vividha run to save Madhav. Atharv catched Madhav on time. Suman became shocked seeing them. She moved back seeing Atharv.

Atharv saw Vividha and became shocked. Ravish and Sujata came there. Vividha said Madhav fell from the terrace. Ravish hugged Madhav. Atharv got memory flashes and recalled Vividha. Sujata saw Atharv and held him. She cried. Guddi came there and saw them. She held Atharv and asked what are you doing here Raghav, come. Atharv went with her. Sujata became shocked.

Suman asked the tantric lady to help and do something. The tantric lady said you can’t do anything, Maha Amavasya eclipse has ended, I can’t help you, leave me. Suman said listen, help me, I will be ruined. The tantric lady said it’s all over, you love your life or not, come with me, we will leave before anyone sees us.

Suman said wait, you can’t go this way, help me and the lights were turned on. Suman became shocked seeing Ravish with Madhav, Vividha, Sujata, Atharv, Guddi and the entire family.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Monday, 26th July 2021

Ravish said Maa. Atharv said why are you calling her Maa, she is my Maa. Vividha said no, she is Ravish’s Maa, she is not your mum Atharv. He said Raghav, my name is Raghav and she is my mum Suman. She said your name is Atharv, this is your mum, Sujata, you are Atharv Sujata.

Atharv said she is my wife, she is my mum and this is my family, what are you saying. Vividha said your senses are locked, I understand everything, truth will come out in front of everyone, Suman is behind ruining many lives. Suman asked what did I do, this woman did this. The tantric lady said she is lying, I am not part of all this, I am not related to this house, sorry, I have to go.

Atharv said why is she running. Vividha said he is running, it’s a man, not a woman. She lifted the ghunghat and showed Chintu. They all were shocked.

Ravish said you pushed Madhav. Suman said we have curse on us Ravish. Vividha said she is saying about the 30 year old curse of a dying woman.


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