The Episode started with Ravish telling Sujata that he will come along with her to the temple. Sujata said no, Ravish will have work. Vividha said Ravish has no urgent work, he can come with you, what happened. Sujata said I will go and come Ravish and she left. Someone was in the temple, doing some puja.

Atharv comes there with his wife and Chintu. He said don’t know why, but I don’t feel the need to come here. He said sorry Maa, I got late, will you sit sad and stay annoyed with me, forgive me. He hugged her and said sorry. She turned and smiled. It was Suman.

Pandit asked Sujata, by what name do you want to do the puja. Sujata replied, my son’s name. Pandit asked of the name. Ravish came and said, Atharv Sujata. She saw Vividha, Ravish and Madhav. He said, you kept puja for Atharv, what’s there to hide. Vividha said, Atharv is in your heart.

Ravish said truth is you are his mum and he is your son, relations don’t break like this, he is Atharv Sujata. Atharv said, who needs father’s name, my identity is by you, Suman’s son Raghav, Raghav Suman. Suman smiled and asked them to come and sit in the puja. Atharv sat in the puja.

Ravish asked tge pandit to do the puja. Both Suman and Sujata did the puja. Vividha thinks of Atharv, and thinks I have gone through a lot, but the Lord did favor on me by making Ravish my support, thanks Lord. Atharv thinks.

I don’t know how my life started and where am I now, I have just these four years memories, I am lucky to get such family, they supported me in getting such memories, they gave me love and had patience, thank God I just lost memories, not family.

He got a flower from Devi idol and went to Suman, saying whatever is given to me is by you. He gave her the flower. Suman said don’t give this flower to me, give this to your wife. He said, you are everything for me and my wife, keep this flower and Suman smiled. He got laddoo prasad. Suman said, I kept fast for you, give it, I will have it later. He smiled and held his wife. Suman looked on.

Uma and Dadi cut vegetables. Ravish, Vividha and Madhav came home. Uma said food is ready. Vividha asked Madhav to stop having sweets, his teeth will get bad. Ravish said it’s fine, I am there for him. Ankit came home. Uma said you had to come back in 3 days and took 3 weeks. Dadi taunted Ankit. Vividha scolded Ankit and said Ravish lined up your interview, and you ashamed us by not coming.

Ankit said it was my friend’s marriage. Everyone scolded Ankit. Ankit argued. Ravish said calm down, I will schedule the interview again. Uma said leave it Ravish. He said he should get a chance to change. Ankit went to freshen up. Some people came to meet Ravish.

Suman, Chintu, Atharv and his wife came back to Vashisht house. Kalindi, Bhoomi and Vipul looked on and left. Atharv asked Suman, are you fine. Suman said yes. Atharv took water for her. Suman drank the water and said, I will go and rest, I will feel better. Atharv asked, did Suman always stay weak. His wife said yes, her life was tough, she raised you all alone, you know him, she doesn’t like showing herself weak.

He said, I can’t imagine how many problems she has faced and how many sacrifices she gave, I just want old sorrows to get away. She said, I know you love Suman, what’s that surprise. He said, let time come, I will say, have patience. He went to change.

The people argued with Ravish over dairy business. Dadi asked the man to talk with manners. Ravish said kid did mischief, I am sorry. The man said no kid doesn’t do mischief, you taught him to ruin our stable. Madhav said, Papa did not tell me anything, I am enough for you all. He starred at the men.

The man said wow, you gave great values to your son to talk like this. Ravish said I can’t hear a word against my son. The man asked, what will you do. Vividha stopped them. The man provoked Ravish. Ravish asked the man to talk peacefully. Madhav pushed the man and said it’s my stable. The man pushed Madhav down. Ravish angrily held the man’s neck.

Atharv came to Suman. He asked what happened, are you unwell. He checked and said you have no fever, why are you feeling cold. She said cold doesn’t suit you. He asked her to come, we will go to the doctor but she refused.

His wife came and said you know Suman feels cold, I will get soup for her, you had to do work, come, let her sleep. Atharv said tell me if you get unwell. Suman said fine, go and do your work and Atharv left. Suman called out his wife, Guddi and asked her to shut the door and Guddi smiled.

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The Episode continues with Ravish getting angry on the man for pushing Madhav. Vividha held Madhav. Dadi hits the man and he fell down. Dadi scolded the man. Madhav asked them to beat them. Uma also beats the men.

Madhav threw chilli on the men. The ladies and everyone beat the men. The man held Ravish. Madhav asked him to leave Ravish. Sujata came and beats the man. The man warned Ravish and left. Madhav danced and said we have won. Vividha scolded him.

Ravish asked Madhav not to raise hand on anyone, why did you beat him. Madhav said he was going to beat you. Ravish said I know, I can protect myself. Madhav said, I am also brave. Ravish said I know, if you got hurt, your Papa. He stopped him and asked him to say sorry to Vividha. He asked Madhav to promise, he won’t go to the man’s stable and create fights. Madhav promised.

Guddi madde Atharv leave. Suman asked Guddi to shut the door. She looked at her allergic hands. Guddi asked, what’s this. Suman said Atharv gave me prasad and flowers in the temple, so that happened. Guddi asked, why did you take it. Suman said its good I just took it, and not eaten it. Guddi taunted her for paying a price in life to get something. Suman asked her what price will she pay. She counted favors on Guddi for planning her death drama and giving her this life.

Vividha was shown asking Guddi to come down. Guddi fell on the table. Guddi said I know, your planning was so good, you made doctor say I died, the medications were amazing, which stopped my breath for some time, I got death certificate in the hospital. Suman reminded how she got her out of the burning pyre. Guddi said how can I forget that. Suman was shown using a remote.

She thinks, why is the remote not working. She pressed the button and made Guddi’s body down the woods. Doctor took Guddi. Suman asked, is Guddi fine. Doctor said yes, she is alive, her nerve started running, she is unconscious now, but trolley took time to get down, so her face got burnt. Suman became shocked seeing Guddi’s burnt face.

Suman said your real face got burnt, but I contacted best cosmetic surgeon, see you got new face and life. Guddi said such fool proof planning can’t happen even in films, like you planned to separate Atharv and Vividha. Suman said that was important to do, I paid the doctor to tell Atharv that he is going to die and the doctor was shown lying to Atharv. Suman said Atharv left Vividha.

I did not know Vividha is so adamant, I hired a professional shooter to get Atharv killed, but Vividha came in between, the shooter got exposed by Ravish and Atharv, Atharv went but he met a foolish doctor, who told him he is not dying, I had plan B ready.

Atharv was shown saying Vividha I am coming. He called Sujata to stop the marriage. Someone hits his head. Atharv asked, who are you. Kailash attacked again. Atharv tried to defend. Kailash gave him some injection and Atharv fainted. Guddi said, if Atharv recalled his old life and everyone, what will happen.

Suman said don’t worry, nothing will happen, I did all the arrangements, he will always love you, he will be in my control, I gave him new name Raghav, because he liked this name. Guddi said, you gave him new name and life, and separated him from Vividha, but why. Suman said a mother has to do a lot for son’s love. Guddi asked but so much? Suman asked why are you worrying, let it be, I am there to think of all this.

She gave some tablets and said, you know what to do, go to Raghav and tell him I am fine. She asked, did you tell him about my trip. Guddi said yes I told him and she left. Suman said, why did I do so much, Guddi can never realize the true reason. It was morning, Suman was leaving.

Atharv said you should have stayed back for one more day, you were unwell yesterday. Guddi said Maa is going for charitable event. Suman said some responsibilities are such, to which we can’t turn away, I will come back soon. She hugged Guddi and Atharv and she left.

Atharv said, there is a surprise for Maa once she comes back. Guddi asked what is it. He asked her to wait for some time.

Vividha told Uma about the order delivery. Ravish brought the milk man. Suman came there dressed as a helpless widow. Everyone was surprised. Ravish asked her to come. Ravish and Vividha took her blessings. Suman met everyone. Uma asked her to take some rest. Ravish said, this time your trip was much long, did you not miss us.

Suman said no, I miss you and will always do. Sujata asked, how was your yatra. Suman said like always, it was good. Ravish asked about her health. Suman said I am fine, I went Haridwar this time. She lied to them and talked like a Sanyasi/jogan. She said, I will spend my life in praying for my children. Suman smiled.

Madhav came running and talked to Vividha. Suman asked him to come to her. Madhav looked on annoyed and did not go to her. Suman thinks his behavior is spoiling with time, I have to handle him.


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