The Episode started with Madhav sitting under a table and eating fruits. Ravish and Vividha was on the way. She cried. He signaled her to console. Madhav slept under the table. He got disturbed and went to sleep on the couch. He failed to get proper sleep. Ravish and Vividha came to the police station.

He gave her tea. She said I just want to find about Madhav, where is he. He said I spoke to the inspector, all CCTV footage is getting checked, you did not eat anything till now, you will get unwell but She refused.

The Constable said inspector called you. Madhav went and rested under the table again. Suman came there and didn’t see him. She said I have to be much alert and she went. Madhav was seen sleeping.

The Inspector showed the recording, and asked is this your child, he looked lost. They saw Madhav. Ravish said Madhav. Vividha said he is my son Madhav. Ravish asked how is he roaming alone, there was a family with him. They saw a car hitting Madhav. Vividha shouted Madhav and Ravish held her. They saw Atharv/blurred in the video. Atharv checked Madhav.

Vividha said why is this footage not clear, we would have known where Madhav was. The Inspector said he is fine, traffic police said CCTV has a problem, it gets disconnected sometimes. She asked him to check that man/Atharv. The Inspector tried to refine. Ravish said it’s unclear. The Inspector said we know the name of the area. Ravish said tell me the area name, I will find my son myself. Inspector told them the area name. Ravish and Vividha looked at each other.

Madhav woke up and roamed in the house. Suman sat doing black magic. Madhav came there. She said I will not let Atharv and Vividha meet. She heard a sound and turned, asking who’s there. Madhav hid. He runs out. He became shocked seeing Atharv. Atharv also saw him and was shocked. Suman came there and saw Atharv with Madhav. She became super shocked.

Madhav turned and saw Suman. Suman hid. Atharv held Madhav. Madhav got scared and hugged him. Atharv asked how did you come here, why are you scared, I am with you, I promise, there is nothing that side, why are you scared. Madhav hid under the table. Atharv held him.

It’s morning, Vipul said everyone keeps coming to our house. Atharv said I was going for jogging and saw him. He asked Guddi about Suman. Guddi said Suman is resting. Atharv said let her sleep, if she was here, she would have spoken to Madhav. He asked Madhav about his mummy, his house address. Suman hid and looked on. She thinks how did Madhav come here, Vividha did not tell me about her plan to come to Delhi.

Atharv said we will drop you home, tell me if you know someone.

Madhav said I saw someone downstairs. Atharv asked who. Madhav said that bad Badi maa. He hugged Atharv. Atharv went to see. Vipul took Madhav. Atharv went to Suman. Suman became shocked seeing her. Atharv asked, why is the boy reacting such seeing you. Suman said don’t know who is he.

Guddi said I think he is much scared. Atharv went to Madhav and said we will call the police to know about his parents. Suman recalled the lady’s words and thinks if police comes here, Vividha and Atharv will meet, I have to do something. She said the police will not take this matter seriously, I will talk to my charity organizations, maybe this boy has no parents. She tried to scare Madhav.

Chintu got newspaper and said no need for that, now we can contact this boy’s friend, see his picture came in the newspaper. Suman became shocked, while everyone smiled.

Suman scolded Chintu and Guddi, and told about Madhav, he is Ravish and Vividha’s son. The family members got shocked.

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