Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Thursday, 1st June 2021: Episode 198-199


The Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Thursday, 1st June 2021 episode started with Atharv saying I have seen love for Ravish in your eyes. He stopped himself from holding her. He said for my misunderstanding and vows, don’t break the relation with Ravish, think of him, you will see yourself and Ravish’s love, you love Ravish.

Vividha shouted get out from here right now. He tried to explain. She pushed him away. Ravish said, he will not agree this way, give me a chance to explain. He asked Atharv to come with him. He held Atharv and took him out. The vases fell down. Vividha heard the sound. Ravish scolded Atharv and asked him how many times should I explain.

Atharv asked what happened. Everyone looked on. Ravish asked do I need to explain from the initial point, till when will you ruin my life, my life was ruined when I knew about your existence, I have left it as your birth was not your mistake, then after that, the girl I love, I got to know she loves you, till you came in my life, everything was fine.

I had hope that Vividha will love me, you ruined my life, I moved back so that you both can stay happily, you did not bear that, I think you decided to hurt me, you say you don’t want to marry and give Vividha to me, right. Atharv said you love Vividha. Ravish said yes I love Vividha, but does she love me, she doesn’t love me.

till when will you sprinkle salt on my wounds, you think you are helping me doing this, you are finding a place in my heart where you can give me new wounds, I will tell you one thing, I don’t express, but it hurts a lot. Vividha looked on.

Ravish said you won’t marry but send problems to my home. Vividha asked Ravish not to say anything. Atharv said if you have so much pain, why are you getting us married, why are you becoming Lord. Ravish slapped Atharv and held his collar. Ravish said I am not Lord, you are not letting me become human, what do you think of yourself. Vviidha asked Ravish to leave Atharv.

Vividha pulled Ravish away and slapped him. Everyone became shocked. Vividha asked, how dare you touch my Atharv in front of me. Ravish said don’t misbehave with me else I don’t know what I will do in anger, you are not good, all this is happening with my family because of you, you are equally responsible for ruining my life, when you did not love me and could not love me, when you loved just Atharv.

why did you ruin my life by marrying me. Atharv said, Vividha did not do this intentionally, she was helpless, her father and Ravish said what shall I do, what to do if her father did this, did I do anything to you and Vividha, why should I pay for this, I don’t have anything to do with this, Vividha intentionally married me and could not become my wife, her one decision ruined everything.

He hurts her hand in front of Atharv. He said, it’s not your mistake, it’s a fault from your upbringing, the small people like you stay under parents’ pressure all life, you keep your mind and thinking mortgaged to parents, you people head anywhere they say like goats and sheeps, even like you, I gave you respect and freedom, what did you give me in return, I can’t count how much you have hurt me and Suman.

you don’t have any regret on the face. You know why, I did not see anyone selfish person like you, you just see your happiness, it’s good you did not love me, you are a selfish girl who can give happiness to just yourself, not anyone else, I did not see such selfish and foolish girl in my life, I don’t want to see anyone in future. Atharv shouted enough Ravish and slapped him.

Ravish smiled and said, did you see or not understand anything even now. Ravish got a tearful eyes, after doing all this intentionally to make them realize each other’s love. He said, you both can’t hear a word against each other, if I beat Atharv, Vividha gets hurt, if I insult Vividha, Atharv gets angry, if this is not love.

I would like to say that I don’t know the meaning of love, Vividha doesn’t want to see Atharv’s face and Atharv doesn’t love her, but the thing is you both are made for each other, accept this, till now you both thought by mind, I had to do all this to make you feel by heart.

He folded hands and apologized to Vividha and Atharv for insulting her and slapping Atharv. He said, we get words for free, but after using it, we get to know we have value for it, and do we have to pay for value, don’t get annoyed with Atharv, he is my elder brother, he loves you a lot.

we did not know each other for many years, so he tried to give me all that love wrapping in his sacrifice, it was his foolishness but also his love, he doesn’t know he can live without breath but not without you, don’t get your ego between, you said you can’t live with Atharv, did you think will you live without Atharv. Vividha cried and hugged Atharv.

Everyone looked on. Sujata held Atharv. Suman cried. Atharv got in a dilemma and didn’t hold Vividha. Sujata recalled Atharv’s words. Uma and Dadi made Vividha ready. Dadi said your eyes got swollen after crying so much.

we will make you princess today. She asked Vividha to say the truth, will you run from mandap again. Vividha said this time, I won’t let Atharv go anywhere. Uma said, my life will be blessed if I see you and Atharv happy.

Atharv got thinking. Sujata came and asked what’s this bag. Atharv said I am leaving, you would have cursed me if I did not tell you. She said you won’t go anywhere. He said you know the truth, I have few breaths to spend, I can’t marry Vividha, how to give her widow clothes along with bridal dress. Vividha thinks of Atharv and smiled. Atharv thinks of her.

The Episode started with Atharv saying you know the bigger truth that I have less breath to spend. Uma said, Vividha I want to see you and Atharv happy. Atharv said I will go, you will stay here. Sujata asked, what will I do here, my life is with you. He said when I leave, they will try to find me, you have to stop them. She said are you mad, I am your mum, why are you taking my test.

He said it’s our test, which life is taking, we have much pain, we will share our pain, we are one team. She said no, you won’t leave me, don’t do this, I am going from here, I can’t leave you. He asked her to go and see. Sujata saw Vividha and told him that they are taking Vividha, they will not let you go.

He said I have to leave. She said promise me you will call me and I will come there, I will not tell anyone. He became sad. Vividha came downstairs. Ravish held her hand and took her to mandap. She sat. Atharv cried and said I am not crying, you have to stay here, I will not share my life’s last breath with anyone, not even you. Sujata cried.

Vividha said our destination is close Atharv, a new life, a new start. Sujata said why are you making me away, don’t do this, I am your mum. He said you are my mum, so you can’t stay with me, I can’t see you breaking, I can’t give you pain. She asked what are you saying. He said I can’t make you see me death.

She asked, will I have life after you go. He said you have to live for Ravish, Vividha, give them love. Ravish came upstairs. Sujata said no Atharv. He said, you gave me life, now I am giving you some duties, I will call you before dying, come there and you have to do my last rites. She said don’t do this. He said promise me you won’t tell anyone about my illness, my life or death, none will know of it.

Sujata cried. Ravish came there. Atharv asked Sujata to wipe her tears. Sujata opened the door. Ravish asked, where is Atharv. Atharv left the window. She thinks, my Atharv left me forever. Ravish asked why has he not gotten ready.

She said he went to get something. He asked, at this time. She said, he said he will come soon. Ravish worried and asked Sujata to come downstairs. She said you go, I will come and he left.

Sujata shuts the door and cried. She went to the window and said, if this is the case, I wish I never get your news Atharv, so that I get hope you are fine and alive. Atharv was outside the house and recalled Vividha. He got dizzy and held the tree. He thinks of their old moments.

Vividha asked, where is Atharv. Ravish said he is coming. Ravish played dhol and smiled. Suman looked on. Vividha saw Ravish was worried through his face. Atharv sat somewhere. Kalindi said, Ravish is declaring Atharv’s marriage, is this comedy or tragedy. Vipul said, it’s tragedy for us.

Atharv said forgive me Vividha, I broke my promise. He recalled their vows. He sat crying. Someone asked him, are you fine. Atharv said yes. The man said, your face is showing something else, what happened.

Atharv said, I am fine, leave me alone for some time. The man said, I don’t like to leave anyone worried, I am a doctor, what’s your story, did your girlfriend leave you. Atharv said, I left my girlfriend. The man asked, what’s the reason, why did your love expire, did you not love her. Atharv said I loved her a lot, my expiry date has come. Ravish said I am tired playing dhol, where is Sujata.

Kalindi and Bhoomi think what’s happening, it’s one hour now. Ravish said maybe he planned a surprise for Vividha, he will come. Dadi said the marriage mahurat is passing, what was the need for him to go. Uma said Vividha called her and asked. Ravish said, don’t worry, I will call him. Atharv said, death wins over life, you are wasting your time, go and check those patients who have hope to live.

The man said I won’t go till you tell me why did you left Vividha. Atharv got shocked and asked, how do you know Vividha. The man said, for half an hour, you cried and mentioned her name many times, I can see you can’t live without her, why did you leave her, sit and tell me your story. Ravish called Atharv.

Atharv did not answer. Atharv said everything to the doctor. Ravish said, I am sure he is on the way, he would be reaching. Doctor said, your head has nail? Atharv said, it’s taking my life. Doctor asked are you sure. Atharv said yes. The man said you should tell everything to Vividha, what’s your name. Atharv said Atharv Sujata. The man said true life is time spent with true love.

Atharv said, I don’t want her to live life with my memories, I want her to live with love, she would get someone who loves her, why am I saying my boring story to you. The man said, I am not Neurosurgeon, but I would like to see your report once. Vividha asked, where is Sujata.

Atharv asked, what will happen. The man said nothing to lose, show me the report. Atharv showed the report. Sujata came there. Atharv showed the xray. The man checked it. Vividha asked Sujata, where is Atharv, why is he taking so much time. Everyone looked on. Doctor checked prescription and other reports.

Ravish said don’t let your belief break, Atharv will come back. Vividha said a doubt has made our love fail, Ravish answer me one thing. Doctor said,the xray and reports are not matching, your reports are wrong, you are absolutely fine. Atharv got shocked


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