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Suman is scared of the anonymous lady in the house, she tells Guddi what that means, saying if Guddi wants to stay alive, she must do as she says. She tells Guddi that she is going to find a solution to the impending predicament.

Atharv looking at the facial expression on Guddi’s and Suman’s faces asked if they had seen a ghost.

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The Episode started with Suman and Guddi getting shocked knowing about the anklet. Atharv asked what happened, did you see a ghost. Suman said I had to call the organization and left. Guddi said I will go and see Suman and she did. Suman packed her bag. Guddi asked where are you going.

Suman asked did you not hear what he said, Atharv is also hearing the anklet sound, you won’t understand this, you just have to know that you have to do what I say if you want to be alive, I am going, tell him I had important charity work, call me if he asks for Vividha. Guddi asked what will I do, who is this anklet woman, tell me. Suman asked her to just do as she said and left. Guddi worried.

Vividha went to Madhav and gave pulao. She saw him having fever and asked him to have food. She saw his drawings, of some lady sitting in a dark scary room. She asked Madhav what’s all this. He ate the food. She said good boy, you have having food yourself, I will get juice for you and she left.

Ravish asked did Madhav’s fever get down. She said no, it the same. He said give him the medicines, I will call the doctor again, the doctor said he has stress. Vividha said he was making strange drawing, he has eaten food himself and did not talk to me.

I am scared. He said please relax, he is a little kid, he got kidnapped and got away from us, so maybe he got scared, kids don’t understand what they feel.

Vividha said he has seen something in Raghav’s house. He said you are thinking that, he was happy meeting us and made fun of Raghav, he was in good mood, maybe he is stressed now, I am sure he will be fine in some days. Madhav resumed the drawing. Madhav recalled and drew a the anklet wearing girl behind Suman.

Guddi got some files. She said I am troubled by these riddles. She checked Vividha’s sketches. Atharv came there. She hid the sketches. She said I am just cleaning Suman’s room. He asked where is Suman. She said she had to go for charity event. He asked how did she go without meeting me. She said she was in a hurry. He said I will help you. She said no, I will manage. She acted being dizzy.

He asked are you okay and took her to their room. He said it’s just one month now, take rest. She said I have to make dinner. He asked her to just rest. She said fine, we will order dinner. He said no, outside food is not allowed for you, I will cook dinner and he left. She said if he saw Vividha’s sketches, Suman would have killed me, I have to sit here, he may come back. She sat reading the magazines.

She heard the anklet sound and said what’s going on in Suman’s mind, where did she go. Suman came to Madhav’s room and added something to the water in the jug. Madhav woke up and shouted. Vividha called him out and came there.

Suman hid. Vividha asked what happened, did you get any bad dream. He said Suman. She said Suman is in ashram. He said there, behind the curtains. She checked and said there is no one, now sleep like a good boy. She gave him water and made him sleep.

She thinks, what did he see that he is so scared and left. Suman looked on and thinks he has drunk water, now it will happen as I want. Someone came to Atharv and kept the plates. Atharv said Guddi, you won’t listen without working, if you have come, come and cut tomatoes and coriander. The lady did as he said.

Guddi heard Atharv and woke up. She kept the tomatoes and coriander. Guddi came there and asked did you ask me to do anything. Atharv asked do you want to work double, you have already done it. She asked did I do this, I just came to the kitchen, I slept in the hall. He said you have done this, I have seen you, go and rest. Someone was seen behind them. Guddi got tensed.

Suman said now Madhav will be affected. Madhav woke up from sleep and left. Vividha called him out and saw something. She was shocked…..

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